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Monday, May 21, 2012

What a ride this adoption thing is! It's still a "go" to adopt little Israel but there has just been a "glitch" in the works lately. Since this is not really an international adoption (although he is originally from Africa) we have to go through a lot of red tape to get the states to agree to everything. Our state also requires that custody be given or relinquished to an agency instead of given directly to us...so that is one headache we are enduring. We also were just told that our homestudy has to be updated before the states can move forward. Yuck.

We were supposed to go get our little boy next week but now it looks like it will be a bit longer. But you know, as anxious and excited (and slightly overwhelmed and really nervous) that I am, God knows what is the very best thing for our little guy. Maybe he needs a little more time there.

We will plan to go visit him next week regardless of not being able to bring him home. That is really exciting to me. I think possibly this is the best way, anyway. That way, he is able to prepare a little bit more than just meeting us and then the next day we take him with us. How scary that might be for him!

Anyway, we are busy getting the house ready for a new member of our home.

Jennie's graduation party (very small party...she has only invited family...) is this weekend. We are also working on a garage sale to help us with the expenses of our adoption and are planning to have it Saturday.
Yeah...not much going on here!

Today was the last day of classes for Becca's homeschool "co-op." It's not really a co-op but it is too difficult to explain in any other term!

I hope God's blessings are falling all around you now and that you enjoy Memorial Day weekend. It is a big weekend here in central Indiana, with the 500 Mile Race. (Yikes...I don't even know who is racing!! I don't get a lot of news now that we don't get television anymore!!)


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