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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yawn!! It's almost time for a quick nap before heading back to church tonight...I'm on the schedule to work in the nursery so I have to be there a bit early.
We actually went out to eat today after church...there were only 4 of us and we ate fairly cheaply at a local pizza place. We hardly ever all go out so it was a nice change of pace!
We talked to the two younger ones about cooperating with each other more and being joyfully obedient. I think that is a foreign concept to most 12 and 13 year olds but I hope to make it more important in their lives! We're also trying to get back to "game night" with the kids. We figured out that it will have to be Monday nights so tomorrow will be a good time to start!

We then went to Walmart!! I haven't been to Walmart since (I think) before Christmas! In fact, the only place I really ever shop at anymore is the Goodwill Store! It was kind of fun and I was able to get a birthday present for Rebecca and some new inexpensive food storage bowls. However, I couldn't find paraffin and I wanted to try out a candy recipe that I copied from the Duggar's book, "Twenty and Counting". I guess I will have to go to a different store! The people at Walmart had me going in THREE different places! Finally, one guy directed me to the FURNITURE department...where I found CANDLES! Not exactly what I was looking for....

We went to Michael's craft store and bought two more birthday presents...I had two 50% off coupons and bought things for Rebecca for $5! I can't wait to give them to her!

THEN, we went to the bookstore where Marci works and picked out a few presents for her to buy with her discounts! All in all, so far, it has been a money saving day! (Of course, if we had just come straight home after morning church, we would have saved MORE!)

By the way, we are almost in "BIRTHDAY MONTH" in our home! Four of my five children have birthdays in March! Three are in the same week and if Becca hadn't been TERRIBLY, life threateningly late, they would have all been in the same week! So it's almost like Christmas here in March...and expensive! I have a few projects to work on...I hope to post them after the birthdays because Little Miss Nosy reads my blog! (Not you, dear Erin...your little sister in law! A.K.A. Becca!!)
We are planning to have a big family birthday party on March 7th right after church with a brunch! (And Roger's famous cake!!) Marci's birthday is the 7th, Jennie's is the 12th, Danny's is the 14th and Rebecca's is the 27th!!
Have a lovely day!
Beth ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Virtuous Woman

I went to a ladies Bible study last night at our church. I've only been able to go to 2 of the 6 weeks we've been studying Ruth. It is hard, I think, to get out at night when you have a family to tend to. However, my husband made a special effort to get home in time for me to leave so I thought I should at least make my own effort to be there!

There was a point that my pastor's wife mentioned that made me stop and think. (And go off on my own little bunny trail in my mind....)
Ruth was the only lady in the Bible mentioned BY NAME to be a "virtuous woman." There were many many virtuous women in the Bible, Mary the mother of Jesus, is the very first one I think of. But Ruth was called a virtuous woman by Boaz...her kinsman redeemer.

If you aren't familiar with the story of Ruth, she was married to Naomi's son who had died. Naomi now had no men left in her own family since she was a widow and both her sons had died. Her other daughter in law went back to her own people but Ruth loved Naomi and insisted that she stay with her. They travelled back to Bethlehem to Naomi's people.

It is in Bethlehem that people recognized that Ruth was an outstanding young woman. They knew that she was a "foreigner" to them and that she left all that she knew to stay by her mother in law's side. THAT'S THE KIND OF MOTHER IN LAW/ DAUGHTER IN LAW RELATIONSHIP THAT ANY CHRISTIAN WOMAN WOULD DESIRE! (I am blessed to have precious daughters in law!!)

Ruth started having a reputation! A WONDERFUL reputation! Boaz asked his men who the young woman was picking up leftover grain in his field. They told her that this young woman was the one who had returned with Naomi to be with her and to take care of her! Boaz was impressed! He made sure that Ruth was given privileges and no one was to bother her. When Ruth asked him "WHY?" he told her that he had been told what she had done in leaving her home and forsaking all to stay with her mother in law. HE KNEW WHAT KIND OF HEART RUTH HAD! Hers was the kind of heart that a man could fall in love with. She could also be trusted with HIS heart!

He later told Ruth that everyone knew that she was a VIRTUOUS woman!
Can you imagine that? That is the kind of heart I want my daughters to grow! I want a young Godly man to fall in love with her heart!

Eventually Ruth and Boaz marry and she gives birth to Obed. (She also honors Naomi even further by allowing Naomi to have a major role in little Obed's life! That's the kind of daughters in law that I am so blessed to have!)
Obed grows up and has a son named Jesse. Jesse in turn has a son named David...the future KING of Israel! David's son was King Solomon!
So, now I'm taking you to Proverbs 31...written by Solomon. He is retelling the words spoken to King Lemuel who some scholars think was also Solomon. He said, "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her..."
No doubt Solomon grew up learning about this virtuous great great grandma of his!
He also grew up knowing that Boaz's own mother (Solomon's great great great grandmother)was a harlot but by God's incredible grace was used to save the Israelite spies when the men of Jericho were trying to get them. Rahab was given a place of honor with the Israelites regardless of her past! She is even mentioned in the "Faith" chapter, Hebrews 11:31! Our amazing God used Rahab regardless of her past! She was willing to be used of Him!

Studying these events give me HOPE as it should to all women! (and men...) I went through a time in my life that I thought my usefulness to God was over! I thought my life had been ruined by my divorce and that God was going to "put me on a shelf" as the pastor I grew up with used to say. Nowhere does God say he can't use someone! He used so many "unworthy" men and women in the Bible! It is by His Grace that we are SAVED not by our so called righteous lives.

Taking the Biblical genealogy of Rahab the harlot and Ruth, the "virtuous woman" a little further, from being David and Solomon's grandmothers and looking down the line into the New Testament, we find that there is ONE perfect person related to them! Our Savior, Jesus, is in their lineage as Matthew and Luke tell us in their gospels. Jesus was the step son of Joseph who was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus! Mary was in some way related to Joseph though possibly distantly. Some scholars believe that the two genealogies in the Gospels were different because one was Joseph's and one was Mary's. Regardless, Gabriel's prophesy to Mary was that Jesus would be of the house of David which meant that even Mary was descended from these two ladies!

The thing that struck me the most about these ladies is that it was their HEARTS that God used! Ruth loved Naomi and took care of her! Boaz appreciated that in her! Rahab knew that the true God was the God of Israel and she also felt compassion for the Israelite spies she protected! God knows our hearts and can use, above all things, a heart that is compassionate and willing to serve Him!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeschool week in review...

We decided to have some fun with our homeschooling week last week. I had purchased a missionary book about children in other countries that had accepted Christ. At the end of each story, there is a recipe from that country. My mission passion is Ethiopia (where I would LOVE to adopt from!!!) so I started reading a story out loud from there. We also made Injera...a type of Ethiopian bread. I made an egg and sausage dish with mixed vegetables on the side. You don't use utensils with this meal and it is eaten by wrapping the egg and veggies in the bready/pancake thing. I'm not sure how Ethiopian the rest of the meal was but the bread was very similar to what we had eaten in an Ethiopian restaurant. I substituted sausage for beef in our egg dish because that's what I had on hand. It was sooo good and fun to have this meal! The girls enjoyed helping me make it!
Jennie helped with the cooking of the "bread" since we all liked it so well that we ran out during the meal! She graciously volunteered to make some more for everyone!

Earlier in the week, we celebrated the Chinese New Year by going out to a yummy Chinese restaurant. The owner also suggested that we go to the Asian Market on the north side of Indianapolis. Becca bought some of these items there for a research project for homeschooling and for 4H this summer. She is also going to enter her part Siamese cat in the "Cat Project" in 4H. She is going to compete in the "cat cage" contest so she is planning to decorate it with Chinese things.

Becca is being silly at the restaurant. Both Jennie and Becca think it's hilarious that I can't get the hang of chopsticks and encourage me to keep trying. (Amidst their chuckles...) I try it a few times and then get out my fork...
The plan tonight is to continue with some more of the missionary book as we read about China and make fried rice. I will probably make it with mixed veggies and chicken! YUMMY! We love Chinese food! Maybe I can talk Roger into stopping and getting the filling for lettuce wraps at Trader Joes Market on the way home from work to add to the meal!!

By the way, we accepted the Counter-Offer on OUR little piece of property!! Notice I said "OUR"?? I guess it isn't OURS until we close on it but it's one step closer to living our modest dream and to financial freedom! The LORD is TRULY GOOD! I am constantly amazed at His provision for us! I should clarify that, I guess. I know that HE is able to do anything He wants...I just feel so blessed and humbled that He cares for us so much. He is an amazing Father!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been a LONG time since Tuesday night when we made an offer on that little bit of ground out in the country. Every evening and every morning I thought, "We'll find out if the offer has been accepted TODAY!" But no phone call ever game.
The offer ran out today (Friday) at noon.
I was already convinced that they owners weren't going to respond and by noon, they hadn't.
I prayed all the way to work this morning...at 5 a.m....that they WOULD respond but more importantly, that I wouldn't act like a spoiled brat and be grouchy that I didn't get the land.

At around 2:45 this afternoon, Roger called and acted all down in the dumps. THEN, the little stinker, he said that we have a counter offer! I asked him what it was and then said, "Please, please, please take it!!" I have NO idea why it came in so late but I don't care! Maybe God was testing me! Maybe God was trying to prove to ME that I can be nice when I'm grumpy....Hmmm...what a concept....

Tomorrow we sign the counter offer and fax it off to the selling realtor!! WooHoo!!

It's pretty late and I have to get up in 6 hours to go back to work so I need to go to bed.
I just couldn't wait to share our news!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

STILL waiting and Info on School Teaching Sub.

Well, we're still waiting on word about the little piece of ground we put an offer on. I am NOW beginning to worry although I know that worrying is something that I have been commanded by God not to do. I also asked my husband prior to our offer to pray that IF this isn't something that GOD wants us to have, then let it not happen. BUT OH DO I WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!

Today as I was walking out to get our mail, my retired policeman neighbor called over to me. He is the one that I left the information with regarding the substitute teacher that had been in trouble with the police because of his involvement with teenage girls and cheerleader pictures.
He has now been fired from our school.
Part of me feels bad for him but MOST of me doesn't. I keep thinking, "What if he has changed?"
However, if someone knows he or she has a problem with a certain temptation, you should stay away from it. I know that he has not been honest with the school system regarding his past.
I don't want other girls to have to be the victim of his .....well, whatever.

Becca has trumpet lessons in a little bit and we are going to have an Ethiopian meal for supper tonight. Roger and I took Jennie out to eat last year for her birthday to an Ethiopian restaurant on the west side of Indianapolis and we are going to try to duplicate part of that meal. I recently purchased a youth book about missions and this recipe is in it. This book features kids in other countries that have accepted Jesus as their Savior. It then has recipes from each country featured.
We are going to use it from time to time for our family devotions. We need to "spice" up our devotion time because I think we have been going at it too "hard core." We have been dissecting each verse and I think we are losing the kids' interest. I'm not sure what the answer it but we don't want to have our devotion time to be something that they dread.
I think that having Jennie and Becca make the recipe from that country and then learn about the young people in that country will be something that they will enjoy doing as part of their homeschool as well.

Speaking of homeschooling, I think that my older daughter Jennie will go back to public school next year...with me kicking and screaming. I don't like the idea at ALL but we have a "plan."
She can get a Certified Nurses Aid credential through the school. Half the day she will go to a different "career" school and then back for her required courses at the local school. After graduation, she can work for the same hospital that I work for ...part time...and THEY will pay for her nursing degree! Eventually, she wants to be a missionary nurse and hopefully she will be able to go to the mission field (Africa is the target area for now...) debt free.
Anyway, that's our plan... I still want her to stay at home but there is NO way that I could offer her this opportunity.
Have a lovely day!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's getting exciting around here!!

Well, we did it! We stepped out on faith and made an offer on the little piece of heaven north of where we live now. Kinda scary but I think it is the right thing to do. We will have to accept it if it doesn't work out. We both have prayed that if this is NOT God's will, then don't let it happen.

It kind of scares me sometimes when we try to figure out what is God's will for our lives. I don't want to "feel good" about something just because "Beth wants it..." I want it if GOD wants it.
I think that we have good motives in purchasing this little bit of ground. I don't feel like there is a reason that God is showing us NOT to buy it. (except that it is going to be pretty tight financially for a while....but, Been there, Done that!!) There is NOTHING vain about our desires. In fact, MOST people would think "WHY in the world would you want to move from THIS house to that little piece of land out there?" What we have in mind will be fairly modest but sufficient to house our family.

I want to be ABLE to give to missions if the Lord prompts us to do so. I want to be ABLE to meet a need that a family member might have or be able to fill someone's car up with gas if they are in need. We just don't feel like we can do that now.

Trying to pay for this small piece of land while we still have our kind of large house payment is going to be trying for us. We went out for Valentine's day last night (with a coupon AND we drank WATER...) and I imagine that will be our last nice restaurant we eat in for quite a while! That's ok with me...it's not the restaurant we go to, it's WHO I get to spend the time with that matters! (Ummm....my dear hubby....)

We offered a little less than I am comfortable in offering for the property. I am NOT a good real estate investor...at all... so I have to trust Roger's discretion. Oh dear, that trust thing again...
I am praying that they accept this offer or counter offer it within Roger's comfort level.

We have a meeting the first week of March to find out if the little cottage that we found that is slated to be torn down is something that we can get and move. It is sooo adorable! Roger, who is a big fan of old homes, has it figured out that it is a "Sears 1929" kit home!!! It is identical to the picture we found on the Internet and we have a sneak peak of what the inside would have looked like 80 years ago! He is excited about the idea of refurbishing that little home and I am too! I'm very excited about making it "OUR" home...not HIS home or MY home. Blended families can be tough...........
WOW, am I putting the cart before the horse or WHAT?????? Good Grief!
But one of these days, IF IT WORKS OUT, I want to be able to write about God's supernatural provision for our family. WHAT am I saying????? HE always supernaturally provides for His children, doesn't He?? It's just that sometimes it isn't as obvious as this is IF IT IS HIS WILL...

Oh my goodness, I'm getting nervous.

I think I have to go watch my favorite show, 19 Kids and Counting!! (A friend at church let me borrow her book about the Duggars and I have already almost finished it...I got it on Sunday!! REALLY A GOOD BOOK!!! I'm a FAN! Can you tell???)

Blessings to you all, dear friends!

Monday, February 15, 2010

UPDATES and prayer requests....

We MIGHT be putting in an offer on this little piece of property today or tomorrow. We're fairly certain that this is what we need to do to eventually be out of debt. Yeah, and one of those trees could be REALLY good firewood, huh? It is 1.28 acres and is offered at a very good price. It is a narrow piece of ground but goes to the tree line in the back. The trees are just in the front near the road, so we would have some planting to do! We have also come across a little cottage type house (adorable) that is slated to be torn down. It is currently being used as an office for the construction company that is building on it's original land. I haven't seen the inside of it yet but I think it has to be in decent shape! I am praying for God's guidance in this. It might be possible that we can move it to this location, putting it on a basement to accommodate our family. LOTS of things to pray about, right?
This is my gorgeous daughter in law and her little boy, Dylan, at his 6 year old birthday party! She and my son Aaron now have two little boys, Brody was born in January. She looks fantastic after given birth about 4 weeks ago!
HeeHee...we left for some activity last week and I found that this was on my oldest daughter's car. Her very sweet and precious boyfriend, Ben, put it on there as he left the evening before! I understand it to mean, "I love you eternally!" (and he says that the O is representative of a hug...how cute! He's a keeper...and a new Christian. Last night, they had their devotions together! )
Me and my grandybaby Brody! (Superbowl Sunday...those of us who are Colts fans don't want to talk about it....) Becca is in the background...maybe that's Gideon beside me? The birthday party for Dylan was full of Colts jerseys....
As a surprise, I decorated Roger's desk in his office with all this stuff. I filled the red tin with low fat treats. Other than the snacks, I bought all of these items at Goodwill! I think I spent less than $10. The red bull "talks" and says that he is filled with the "heat" of 1000 hot jalapenos! "Spicy!"
Pretty cute...and a big surprise for Roger when he returned from lunch that day!

As far as another prayer request is concerned, I have found that my older step son is harboring some major anger against me. I came across a list of lies that he has written about me online. It is very very hurtful. Wow...I could have been a "supporting actress" in Cinderella according to him. This is a very difficult time for us as he is in the military very far away. We thought that this would be a time that he would mature but it seems that this is more like a time of "festering" for him. I have come to him many times crying and asking for forgiveness for anything that I have ever done that could hurt him, even unintentionally. I think that things are ok and then I find this. Teenage years are difficult even in the best situations but having a step mom and her girls move into your home has had to be rough for both of Roger's boys. I do believe in discipline, especially when someone is sneaking out at night, attacking his father, (consequently having the police called to our home...) being fired from jobs and expelled from school (some of this happened prior to our marriage.) But none of what he has said about me is true and it is very hurtful and destructive to relationships.
It is hard for my husband, as well, and frankly, I didn't handle this new situation as a loving Christian wife should. I really blew up. I am ashamed that I became so angry. Humanly speaking, my anger is understandable...but I did NOT show Christlike behavior. "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" when attacked unfairly??? He just stretched out his arms...and died.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disturbing Meeting...

I was at the local high school today to find out information for my daughter, Jennie. While I was there, I saw someone I thought I recognized. The secretary at the school called him by his whole name. Turns out, I knew him as a customer from the bank I worked in about 20 years ago. I always thought he was VERY strange and I once mentioned him to my (then) fiance'. This man was also a paper deliverer who delivered to our house once I was married. We always kept our children away from him...we didn't trust him.
Several years later, the newspaper ran an article...and I think it was on the news on tv as well, about him, a substitute teacher who had been served a search warrant to search his home after a young teenage girl complained of him harassing her by phone. The police found "hundreds" of cheerleaders' photos taken by him of "up skirt shots". I found a short article in a year 2000 Indianapolis Monthly article online that simply states what I just said. I can't find out any more information about him. I did look him up on facebook and there are lots of women "friends" of his...some shots rather provocative. But there is nothing on the "offenders list" on the Internet.

This guy is now a substitute teacher in the Indianapolis area. He was there at the school to report for work. He is in his 70's.

Perverted, huh?

I took the information to the high school but the office was closed by 3:10 when I arrived. On my way back home, my neighbor, a retired police officer, was outside shoveling show. I showed it to him and he said he will give the information to the police chief in our town. I wonder what, if anything, will be done about it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beth's Blessing and GO COLTS!!!!

Since we have started really trying to cut back on our expenses, I have had to change the way I think about things. I have to decide not to spend my money on things I want but are not necessary. Our house is over crowded and I have really been convicted about spending on unnecessary things.

However, I really have been wanting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's book, "20 And Counting."
Roger even asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I had a fleeting moment of thinking about asking him for that book. However, I said that I would just like a flower, no vase because we have many already!

So today we had a dinner at church and I said something about possibly turning off our satellite connection so that we could conserve on our money. I said that I will miss my favorite show ( the Duggar show, almost the only tv show I watch...) and a friend of mine said, "Hey, would you like to read their book??" Of course I jumped at the chance!
That is so exciting to have someone offer it to lend it to me right after I had decided NOT to ask Roger for it! (She also offered me some baby finches...we'll see if my dear hubby agrees to that...Do you think that I can tell him they're from God??? Would that work?)
Anyway, I just thought I'd share the blessing!
Have a lovely day....
Oh, by the way,.....GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Missionary Story Time!!

Last night was the beginning of our Missions Conference at our little church. I will not be able to attend Friday night's meeting because I have to work but I will enjoy the other meetings...finishing with a Sunday afternoon meal and service. (THEN, Dylan's 6 year old birthday party AND the Super Bowl that night!! GOOOOO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The missionary the pastor asked to speak told a story that I thought was pretty incredible. Part of his "job" several years ago was to get Bibles into countries that weren't open to Christianity. He had asked people to start praying for this trip many many months before the trip. So, people started praying.
The first part of the trip was to go to Poland where they had lots of friends to help them. Please let me back up a little bit and tell you that the missionary's father was also a missionary and on the trip ( I knew him as a customer from a bank I worked and this little precious man was incredible...he spent part of his time in the bank witnessing to ME!!! It was a blessing!) Anyway, he was fluent in a tremendous amount of languages but the place they were going, he did not know the language. It was their plan to meet their "contact" to deliver the Bibles and this businessman would take them with him when he travelled into the final country. When they got to the train terminal, they had NO idea where to go. The man they were to meet did not have a phone and no one ANYWHERE spoke English. They waited for a long time, praying, and finally the terminal started closing down. They needed to leave within 48 hours of arrival or they had to register with the police...something they didn't want to have to do!
Suddenly, a man approached them. "YOU speak English?? I speak English!!" He went on to explain to him that this was the first time he was using his new skill. For "some reason" about nine months prior to this he had an overwhelming desire to learn English. He searched for classes or someone to teach him but no one knew English. He decided to learn on his own. (Hmm...oddly enough, that was about the same time that the missionary asked people to start praying for this every important and dangerous trip....)
This man took them where they needed to go. This was a true blessing because even an experienced cab driver would have spent several hours trying to find this place...there was no street signs in this city.
As they got ready to part, the missionaries wanted to give him a gift. Magazines from the United States are highly treasured because of the pictures of the new cars and the lifestyles from here, obviously no one could read the words but the pictures gave them glimpses of the USA. The man was very pleased with his gift but then he said, "Thank you so much, but do you happen to have anything of a "spiritual" nature with you?"

They had suitcases full of Bibles, but not in his language or in English. The missionary reached into his briefcase and pulled out his own new leather bound Bible. Since he could read English, he could read the Bible!

The missionary opened the Bible to Romans and started sharing the gospel of Salvation and it appeared that the man understood and believed!

Later when the missionaries got back home, they received a letter from the man thanking them for the "precious gift." He dared not say "Bible" just in case his letter was read by some government official.

Isn't it just amazing how God uses things in our lives? I love the story of Esther, especially when her Uncle told her that perhaps it was for "such a time as this" that she was made queen. She was able to use what God fore planned to save her people!

Sometimes I wonder why God previously allowed so many hurtful things to come into my life. I realize that some of those things would not have happened IF I had been doing God's will. But some times things happened that were really no fault of my own...things that would alter the course of my life forever. But I have to realize that "God meant it for good..." as Joseph said to his traitorous brothers in Genesis after being placed in a position that he could help save his nation from starvation.
I have yet to see ALL that God does for good in my life. I may never see all of it...things God does live on after us. But I can be assured that He is in control and that "All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose..."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sign of the Times...

Before I started working on Saturdays, my precious hubby and I would spend wonderful hours during the warm months at garage and yard sales. One Saturday I was worn out from all the sales we went to and opted to wait in the car while Roger "hit" another sale. He came back to the car, got in and paused before driving away. He had found an old handmade wall hanging that he really liked but didn't know if he should buy it or not. (I think it was $5.00.) I told him to get it if he liked it! He came back to the car carrying his treasure and I fell in love with it as well.

Little did I know it was going to be a sign of the times in our household! We're not exactly doing without a LOT of stuff, but we are learning to use what we have, make it do...and sometimes do without.

I was raised with that mentality because I did a lot of my growing up time out in the country. We didn't just "run to the store" if we were out of a particular item. Often we were out of milk and had a cup of hot tea for breakfast. (Maybe that's why I'm so very fond of tea!) We RARELY had orange juice. I remember when my parents would go to a big outlet style grocery store in Indianapolis. It was a long way away from our house but they would go about once a month or so and stock up on all kinds of things. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. It was kind of like feast or famine time in our house!

I think that my YOUNGER children and MOST children today haven't learned about going without very long. I didn't raise my kids to be spoiled brats but they certainly think a major travesty has happened if we don't have milk or cereal for breakfast. They are appreciative, I believe, but sometimes they just don't get it. There were times when their big brother was a baby that we didn't have diapers and I had to fashion a dishtowel into a diaper for his little bottom. THAT'S poor.

I don't regret those days necessarily but I think it probably has contributed to my problem with my "need" of things. I find it hard to get rid of something..."WHAT IF I NEED IT SOMETIME?"

I really do struggle with this. I need to learn to trust God. Philippians 4:19 states that He shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. Not your "wants" or your "I have to haves"...but your needs. I know that He has never failed me AND He has also blessed me with many many of my WANTS as well. It is during those times that I rely on Him to supply our real needs that He blesses me with some item of "Wants", too...and I appreciate it all the more because I know that God has given it to me. I realize more and more that God really loves me and knows the "desires of my heart." (That is one of my favorite little framed thoughts I have hanging in my house...it always reminds me that God has given me my husband Roger. God knew that he was perfect for me before I even knew it...and I think I knew it before ROGER knew it!)

So that's my thought for the day as we continue to go through and weed out some of my sinful, untrusting hoarding of unnecessary STUFF. One of these days I would love to be able to post some pictures of our clean, neat uncluttered home! BUT....that's gonna be a while......

Monday, February 1, 2010

Contest Winner is.....

Thank you to all who commented or who are following my little blog! I have drawn the name and the winner of the apron is.....................................................
Missy! Missy is a sweet young lady introduced to me by my hubby. (Although I have never really met her...just a dear friend via facebook and our blogs!) He used to teach in a Christian school on the east coast and knew her family from there! She has two darling little girls and a big hunk of a husband! Hehehe!! She is currently driving me crazy with her saga of house hunting!
Thanks Missy, first of all for your friendship...and good advice from time to time...and for commenting and following my blog!
We are still contemplating the purchase of "THE LOT"...We are having a difficult time getting information on it. We "walked" it yesterday after church and do know that it is narrow and long. We will probably need to put a house that is much deeper than it is wide on it if the Lord is willing that we should get it. I am getting kind of excited...but reserved. HAHAHA I AM NOT A RESERVED PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not getting my hopes up too high yet, though. I certainly want to do what the dear Lord wants us to do even if it is not what BETH wants! I've tried it my own way too many times and I don't want to do that again! It is fairly close to our church and on good roads for the wintertime. It will be a bit farther to drive but actually it seems like it might be easier to get to a main road from there than it is from here. We are looking at modest homes to build on a basement.
We are kind of looking toward the future when our income will be significantly reduced. I certainly don't have a problem living more moderately. I have been under the conviction of the Lord...and my husband...to curb my spending and to bring less into our home. I have two blog buddies, "Persuaded" and "Candy" who are each influencing me in their own way. Candy is a minimalist. I would love to be able to be that, but without a miracle from God, that is impossible to me. My dearie, Persuaded, on the other hand, is NOT a minimalist. She is, however, a sweetie. She is also a collector of stuff...friends and loved ones would seem to be some of her favorites to collect...but she has started on a journey...a "no buy year" this year. WOW...I'm not sure I can do that! But she is doing a good job. She is only purchasing necessities. I'm so impressed and have been thinking of this and trying to implement it in my life. I have not had much success with it but I am still trying. I haven't been to the Goodwill Store in almost a week! Amazing, huh??
My husband is NOT convinced that I will be happy living in less space with less stuff. I have to make a change in my life for the better for me, for him, for my family and for the LORD! We have too much stuff that crowds our lives and IT ISN'T MAKING US HAPPY! So why do we do it? Why is it necessary to buy and keep stuff when we don't have to have it?
The whole tragedy in Haiti has hit me really hard. I look around our home and see all the stacks of stuff that I don't need and there are those dear people who have nothing. No, they don't need my useless stuff, but I don't need it either. It is hindering me/us from doing things that God wants us to do. We probably have "hospitality" as a gift and we aren't using it now for the Lord because we are always trying to get out from underneath all our stuff. We want to be used!
We are also considering cutting back even more on our finances. Roger spoke to me the other day about getting rid of satellite for our tv for a while. I don't really have a problem with that EXCEPT that I absolutely LOVE the DUGGAR show on TLC...18 Kids and Counting. THIS YEAR it will be 19 Kids and Counting. They have really influenced me in my life and I will miss it tremendously. Oh well, I used to go without tv in our home and only allowed the children to watch videos that I approved of so it will be ok. I can deal with it, I guess....
Right now, my husband and I are watching Masterpiece Theatre on PBS after church on Sunday nights. It is kind of our "date" night since I work late on Fridays and Saturdays now. We will still be able to get that!
Well, I have LOTS of work to get done! I'm going to go to Half Price Books and try to sell some books there this week! I just hope I can get away from there without buying any!!! I MUST HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "What is THAT?" you say?? Yeah, I don't know either, but I have to get some. Maybe I can buy some at the Goodwill Store this week....

By the way...as a sort of post script...Just in case this ever happens to you....
Don't EVER try to snatch a yummy piece of mozzarella cheese from the plate of your teenage daughter thinking that it deliciously oozed from her piece of pizza. Don't ever do that. Sometimes it's discarded gum......Not that I ever did that.......