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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adoption Process Starting!!!!

I received an email from an adoption agency and in that email was all the application information we will need to get our adoption started. Believe it or not, it is POSSIBLE that we could have our adoption completed within a year. (Other information states less than that by far but I am NOT going to get my hopes up!!) It's kind of a scary process...I've been thinking, dreaming, hoping, praying and planning for this for a LONG time and for some reason, all of the sudden, I'M SCARED!! Part of it is that I will have to travel to Africa...possibly alone...for two weeks. I HATE TO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one of us needs to go and it seems best for ME to go since I will be MOMMY and since I'm used to having the bonding time while pregnant, I insist that I go! Studies have shown that adopted children do much better when the new parent travels to get him/her and has several days to let the child get to know you and trust you and realize that you are Momma!! That makes perfect sense! Can you imagine being a young African child, not able to speak our language "dropped off" at the airport with a family of strangers and then those strangers take you to their strange American house?? I'm VERY fearful of taking the trip but I think it probably IS the best thing in the long run!!
Besides that, Roger has to work and I might need some time for him to be home with us when we get home!!

Most likely our child is in Lesotho or Uganda. We're not sure which country God is directing us to. We were going to go to Ethiopia but our particular adoption agency has closed that location due to concerns about child trafficking and such.

This is a serious decision. This is for life! A commitment to someone you don't know...but that I already love! Seems strange to feel this way! I keep imagining a little child...I never see a face...and then I think what his/her (usually HER) life would be like if we DIDN'T do this! So many people don't understand WHY we would want to do this when we are in our 40's and have all those precious grandchildren! I absolutely ADORE our grandbabies. But they aren't REALLY ours! I keep having to give them back to their parents! Selfish parents!! LOL.... I usually don't tell people that they aren't REALLY ours when I have one of them with me at the store or somewhere! But then one of those precious little kids calls me "Grammy" and they ruin my illusion!

There are a LOT of hoops we will have to jump through and I'm worried that the biggest hurdle will be the fact that I'm overweight. Yeah, believe it or not, it does come into consideration! In fact, we are BOTH ineligible to adopt from China because of our weight. Even if I were to lose LOTS of weight and got down to a healthy weight, my actual body weight is too high. I'm not sure if they take into consideration my huge farm girl muscles or not....... But the GOOD NEWS IS....drum roll, please......I've lost 6 pounds this week without even trying. I've just cut back some and ate less!! I think that my weekend job is disastrous on my diet and so was my hysterectomy I had two years ago! The weight has kind of piled on lately! But it's going to come off! I have some major motivation now...I can't imagine traveling to Africa for two weeks this much overweight!! Don't ever expect me to be skinny....that's NOT going to happen. I'm shooting for 60 pounds. "Pleasantly plump."

So there you go. Keep us in your prayers...for lots of things AND for us to be able to finance this very expensive venture! I am full of faith that God will supply!

Blessings to you!
p.s....if the child is young and we can change her name, I'm thinking about Johannah Grace. Or Lydia Grace. I always think of a girl...but possibly a boy. I love the name Nathanial Allen. Roger's middle name is Allen. Most likely we will keep the African name and add an English name so all this is just my silly waste of time...when I should be doing push ups or jogging or SOMETHING!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daughter Jennie with her nephew Baby Brody (above) and her nephew Little Liam (below)

Monday was Becca's first official day at her "one day a week" school. (It isn't technically a "school"- it is a tutelage but it is run just like a school. I think they can't call it a school because of licensing and the days they meet.) She LOVED it! She has been so very busy doing her Latin, Literature, History, Choir, Science, Speech, and her Math. (Math is done at home only...Switched on Schoolhouse...) It is really good for us. She gets out one day a week without her "Mom" and it keeps us on track with her school work. I have been WAY too much fun the last two years...running around, etc. However, as long as she works hard most days, we CAN take a day to take field trips and bake and craft occaisionally! Pretty cool! She gets all her assignments (except math) from them. I also have all the answers online so I can grade them. She can also start earning high school credits this year while in 8th grade. I'm not quite sure how that works yet. I have to investigate it! Sounds really good though, right? It would be really neat if she could graduate a semester early and then do something else (Mission trip, volunteering, etc.) before she starts college. I'm sure she would prefer to do something with dogs. Can she be a missionary to dogs?? I have SUCH high aspirations for my children.....yeah.......

Last week her school polo shirts arrived and she felt "official!" Then her Latin kit and her Science and history books arrived and she felt a bit overloaded!

I've been busy taking care of little grandy kids, cleaning house and baking. Roger is going on a men's retreat Thursday through Saturday and he has requested that I bake the men LOTS of cookies. I think he wants to be popular....hehe! By the way, if the recipe CALLS for shortening, don't decide that margarine will be better. When making chocolate chip cookies, if the chocolate chips are taller than the actual cookie, you know you have done something wrong. Not that that ever happens to me...
I made more this morning. With Crisco.

I worked on cleaning the "baby" room yesterday and I have sorted through lots and lots of toys that are not really necessary to a child's happiness so I have so many to put in a garage sale...if that ever happens! I would love to earn enough money at the garage sale to help with Christmas this year!~

That's about all that is happening right now at our house!

However, last night Roger and I had a date! (I figured that if he could go on a men's retreat on a HOUSEBOAT in Kentucky for several days, he can take me on a date! RIGHT?) We had a nice time with candlelight and the whole thing. Italian, of course. It was delicious!

Sunday was Grandparents' Day and we (Roger, Beth, Jennie, Becca and Gideon) went out with my Mom and Dad. Dad's birthday was Friday so we celebrated his birthday as well. THEN we went to my son and daughter in law's house...mommy and daddy to Dylan and Brody...aka WONDERBOYS! They were joined by WONDERGIRL Seraphina and equally wonderful....WONDERINFANT Liam. They were....WONDERFUL!

Oh, their parents were there, too. (Yeah, they were wonderful, too.)

It was a delightful day made especially delightful since we are seldom together all at one time. Actually, daughter Marci and her boyfriend/sidekick couldn't be there due to work schedules but all the rest were there!

It was hysterical watching Roger and almost everyone else trying to get 4 little kids to smile for the camera (or at least LOOK at the camera) at the same time. They all looked like rodeo clowns trying to get their attention. THAT would have been the picture to take!! Good Grief! I can't figure out how to get those pictures on here today...I guess I will have to wait until Jennie gets home later. All I could find was pictures I took of her and the baby boys! But they are pretty cute pictures so it's ok!
By the way, it looks like the brick ranch house with a full finished basement on 1.23 acres sold the day we decided to go ahead with it. Sigh. Oh well. I guess God has something else planned and one of these days we'll be grateful. (I'm not sure I feel terribly grateful right this minute. Isn't that awful??? I think I am just disappointed and I hate this feeling of not knowing what we're doing. Oh dear, there's that "TRUST" word again.)
Have a lovely day...lots to do and little Seraphina will be here in about an hour! She will want her grammy to play with her. Rats....what an awful job I have!! HEHEHEHE!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Romance...especially for Missy......

I suppose I should EXPLAIN that title...More romance...especially for Missy...the name does NOT imply that I think Missy should have more romance. Nor do WE necessarily need more romance...except that Rog has been sick all week!! Does kinda put a halt to all the kissing and hugging, doesn't it?

Anyway, my blogger and facebook friend Missy has requested that she be told all about our romance! And since she has known Roger for many many years but has never TECHNICALLY met me, I thought it was only right that I fill her in on all the GOSSIP!

Actually, dear Missy, Roger and I met when we were 14 years old at Bethesda Christian School. Neither of us were impressed with each other and it remained that way while we attended school together. I thought he was stuffy and he thought I was a bit on the wild side. Neither was true...he is very quiet and I am simply WAY MORE OUTGOING than I need to be! (I always wanted to be a quiet little petite girl and I am NONE of those things...except I am a girl....) He is not very tall and I didn't think that he and I would go together very well so I didn't really consider him. I don't even remember talking to him and we did not have a very large class...maybe about 60 or so in our class?? I DO remember him giving me some of his "Roger Looks"...as if to say, "Ok, that's enough now..." (I still get those looks, by the way....)

Anyway, we both grew up went our separate ways and years went by. We briefly saw each other at a class reunion and I did talk to his wife on the phone. I actually knew her from elementary school and we rode the same bus to school. She even drew my name for our 5th grade Christmas gift exchange! We all attended the same Christian school in high school.

A year or so went by and I was called about her death. I was going through a divorce at the time but I remember thinking how sorry I was and that we had children about the same age. Another year went by and I had decided to move closer to my parents and I enrolled my children in the same Christian school that I had attended...not knowing that Roger had done the same thing with his children.

My daughter Becca and his son Gideon became fast friends...best of friends or worst of enemies!! They wound up in the Principal's office once or twice. (They were only six years old...)

We (Roger and I) were thrown together throughout the next two years since we both attended the same meetings and field trips. (I must admit that eventually I found out if he were going on the field trip before I volunteered....sneaky, huh??)

He eventually asked me if I thought I was ready to go to some singles events because he attended a church that had a large active adult singles group. I was going to some events at my church but I thought it would be fun to meet some other people too. I started attending a Bible study that Roger was leading....(Oh dear, he was QUICKLY becoming MY KIND of GUY!) and then other studies and more singles activities. EVERYONE thought we were dating but we weren't! We were just becoming very good friends.

Roger's older son told my older sister...who happened to be one of his teacher's...that HIS DAD was going to marry HER SISTER and she promptly told ME! I assured her that we were NOT dating and the boy was just "wishful thinking."

I told Roger that I needed to tell him that and he told me that he already knew because his son had told HIM as well.

We kept talking via email (the highlight of my day!!) and eventually I got a few phone calls from him before Roger said that we "needed to meet." It scared the life out of me and I was just positive that Roger wanted to tell me that he was NOT interested in me. I told him that we didn't need to "meet" and that I was fine, no problem.

Well, he insisted and we agreed to meet at Applebee's. We stayed for three hours while we talked and he discussed the "pros and cons" of dating...ME! I was halfway offended and halfway pretty excited. I understood that I had five children...he had three...and that we didn't make a lot of money. He also told me that there were "OTHER" women that he was interested in.


The next evening we hosted a singles' outing together to watch a Christmas program given by my church. HE showed up with another woman and sat there next to her. I was pretty upset but there happened to be a tall good looking man who asked ME to sit next to HIM sooo.......

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right????

Roger turned around and motioned for me to move down there and sit next to HIM!! I got a rather smug look on my face and shook my head "no."

(I later found out that the lady he brought was NOT a date...they rode together and were just good buddies and had known each other for years and years...Whatever....)

We all went to a pizza place and the guy sat on one side of me and poor Roger sat across from me. (I was having a ball!!! That's not very nice to say, is it??)

So then came Christmas and Roger showed up at my house with Christmas cookies and his children and niece all carolling us. I was so impressed that he remembered that my daughter had severe allergies to nuts and that we couldn't have any walnuts or pecans in the house. My own family has a hard time remembering that sometimes so I was really impressed!

Over the next few months we kind of dated...secretly...and I wasn't completely sure he was the one. Sometimes he aggravated me and I didn't always answer his emails. I guess I didn't understand his sense of humor and his lack of commitment. One of our friends decided that we all needed a party so we had a "Groundhog Day Party."

Roger didn't go to the party but his best friend said to me, "I want to know why you haven't answered my friend Roger's emails for two weeks."

I was pretty happy that it evidently BOTHERED Roger enough to tell his friend that he hadn't heard from me in two weeks....so I said, "I want to know why YOU know that I haven't answered his emails in two weeks."

He just kind of got an awkward smile on his face and dropped the subject.

Before long, spring break came and we had been seeing each other a little bit. He went to Florida with his children to see his sister and I...being the poor person that I am...vacationed in Michigan for a few days. (I mean, who in their right mind leaves cold Indiana for even colder Michigan for spring break??) One evening, I got a long distance phone call IN THE HOTEL from him! Then it happened again the next night! He asked if he could see me the following Saturday!

When we finally saw each other...we met halfway since we lived a pretty good distance apart...I got in his van and he actually asked me if he could kiss me!! (I said no and slapped his face....NOT REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him I was wondering if he was ever going to get around to doing that!!!! By that time we had "kind of" dated for 6 months!!)

Before that, he hadn't even held hands with me. What a gentleman!

So we started dating seriously but his friends were telling him that he should be seeing other women besides me. We had a discussion about that and I asked him if he were going to KISS other women? He promptly said NO!!! Well, I figured that we were well past that stage in our relationship...if he were kissing ME he shouldn't be seeing other ladies!! After all, I had waited for 6 months before I got a kiss and I wasn't sharing him with anyone else. I told him that we had a limited amount of time to "date/court" and I wanted to spend the time with him. I also asked him if he thought that God had brought us together. He said, "YES."
So....why question God, right????

He didn't date anyone else.

We dated for 2 years before he popped the question but he first asked ALL my family...his kids, my kids AND my parents...permission to marry me!!
He and I were supposedly walking to a restaurant in his town and we walked through the gazebo that we had recently had his daughter's wedding in and I turned around and there he was on his knees! His hands were shaking and he asked me if I would wear his ring! Of course, I said YES!

THEN we went to a different restaurant where all of our kids were waiting for us! (There were 12 of us for supper that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So, that's the story. (For the most part. I did leave out the part about walking in our town park after dark and getting cold. We decided to get into my full sized van and talk. He smooched me and just THEN, we were SURROUNDED by two police cars who had us cornered! Roger said, "Let's get out of here!" I couldn't move the van and I'm SURE the police preferred we stay where we were.... Anyway, I showed my license and registration and after explaining that we had been walking and got cold, they let us go....evidently the park was closed! I'm glad it didn't make the papers...."Youth Pastor and the Divorcee Caught in Lion's Park"....oh dear....)

We've had our ups and downs...the difficulties of a blended family of mostly teenagers are always with us. We are currently trying to get "OUR" house so that neither of us feel uncomfortable here. I thought it was a good idea to move into Roger's house and not uproot his boys. It wasn't a wise decision but hopefully one we can rectify someday soon.

But while I wish some things hadn't happened in blending our families, I wouldn't trade Roger for the world. He is one of my greatest gifts from God and the best friend I have ever had. I love spending time with him just doing silly things. (we do a lot of silly things....)

We are also really considering adoption. It is my greatest wish to raise a little child with this man of my dreams. I love him with all of my heart!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, well, it's not really. It's beginning to look a lot like September. I've tried to hang a fall wreath on my front door but the hangy thing fell off the door. So it looks like I need to get dear hubby to fix it or buy one of those over the door hangers.
I have, however, been THINKING about Christmas. More correctly, I've been thinking about Christmas COOKIES!!
It has been our tradition in recent years to deliver Christmas cookies to our friends, neighbors and families. (In fact, lots of years ago, Roger delivering Christmas cookies to my house AND remembering that Jennie has a severe allergy to nuts was what STARTED me off falling in love with the guy. That, and I thought he was really a cutie pie. Truth be told, I already had a crush on him but when he made sure he didn't use any nuts in our cookies because of Jennie, I was QUITE impressed!!)
So I was wondering, does anyone REALLY know how long cookie dough can safely be frozen and stored in the freezer? I was thinking about spending part of September mixing up batches of chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin and those kinds of cookies and freezing them in balls. Of course, I will double wrap them in plastic and put them in freezer bags in the freezer.
I tried to look it up on the Internet and found that some people say they last a month, three months or six months.
Anybody have any ideas???