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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Apron Giveaway Almost Through! (and some news!)

Don't forget to sign up...leave a comment or become a "follower" ...to have a chance to win the apron! (See the post before THIS one!)
Sunday is the last day so.............

This has been a busy week! I was able to hug and squeeze and kiss on Baby Brody on Thursday! We took care of Baby girl granddaughter, Seraphina, twice this week, too! Grandson Dylan had his 6th birthday AND lost a tooth. (He literally LOST it...or swallowed it!!)
Friday was spent at work...(15 hours yawn...)

But the BIGGEST news came on Thursday! My son Danny and his lovely wife, Erin announced that they know if their baby is a boy or a girl!! Danny is also almost certain to have a new job as a policeman!!! That has been his goal for a long time now! He has already gone through the police academy and was on the police force at his college campus but every time he interviewed for a regular police job, he would make it all the way through and be the "#1 man to hire." THEN there would be budget cuts and a hiring freeze. It has been a difficult time for him. Most recently, he was promised to be the first man to hire in a town where we lived several years ago and then there was the silly old hiring freeze (nasty old recession!!). This week, they called him and all looks very good to be OFFICIALLY hired NOW! He met with the Police Chief, Assistant Chief and the Mayor today and everything is a go! He has to go in for his physical and his psychiatric evaluation next week. Oh dear. A psychiatric evaluation?? I hope they don't ask about his MOM!!! hehe!!

Oh...and their baby??? Looks like I am going to be buying lots more BLUE!!! Another BOY!! Little Mr. Liam Daniel is due in the middle of June!

Lots of love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

HERE IT IS!!! My "100th" Post Apron Giveaway!!

Wow...I can't believe I have actually posted 100 times on my little blog! Good grief, what in the world did I feel like I wanted to say? Not much, I realize, but it is fun to talk to you all and read your posts. So, here it is, my homemade APRON!

I am NOT a seamstress so...don't expect perfection. I have had a nice time today finishing it. Becca wants me to get busy making hers, too! (We both bought aprons to make while we were on a field trip to the Amish area in northern Indiana. I decided to make and give mine...I have yet to make hers!! Maybe next week!)

So, here's the rules...if you comment, become a "follower" (sounds ominous, doesn't it???), or if you already follow my blog, you can win my apron. You can comment every day for an extra chance to win.
I'm planning to add some other "fun" stuff to the apron giveaway as I get things made or come up with other fun things as a surprise to the winner.
I wish I had a whole lot of aprons to make and give away...I appreciate so many of the comments and the blogs that I would love to do something nice for everyone!

Love in Christ,


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Woohoo woohoo!! This is my 99th post....soooo....in celebration of my 100th post, I'm going to have my first ever GIVEAWAY!!! I'm busily sewing up a "retro" style apron to give! I bought the panel from which I am making the apron from an Amish store in Shipshewana, Indiana, when my girlies and I went there for a "field trip" day!

I will post the picture of it TOMORROW....hehehe because I don't have it completely done, yet!

(I am also planning to add some extra surprises to the package...just for fun!)

Everyone who is already following my little blog will automatically get an entry...unless you are part of my family and then, too bad!! hehe! If you want another chance, make a comment. If you are NOT following my blog, if you "follow" me, AND make a comment, you will have two chances! (You can comment once a day to have an extra chance!) Tell your friends!

My little contest will last all week, starting today and ending on Sunday, January 31st.

I hope this will be fun, I've never done this before!

As far as the "home front" here, it has been a rainy weekend and the first time that I have worked the extra long days. (For those who don't know, I work two days a week taking care of special needs adults. Normally I work 12 hour days and am now working 15 hour days.) I was sooo tired when I got home Saturday night and had strange heart palpitations and a fierce headache. I took something to help me sleep and sleep I did! Roger told me that I could stay home from church Sunday morning but I was so grateful that the Lord allowed me to feel better, that I felt that I needed to honor His day. I'm glad I went! We are going through the 10 Commandments and the message was over the commandment about "Thou shalt have no other god before me."

I know that I don't EVER worship another god but sometimes I put things before my God. Sometimes it is just being too tired to go to church (rarely that happens but it is something that I do struggle with sometimes.) Or, and this happens more often, I put People in front of God. I find myself doing "godly" things to please my HUSBAND and not being as concerned about pleasing God as I am about pleasing Roger. Also, sometimes I think of Roger so much as being the spiritual leader in our home that when I am upset with him, I find myself upset with God.

That's just crazy, isn't it?

But how many times do we allow ourselves to be hurt by someone in a church, a Bible study, a Christian co worker or friend, and very very often, a pastor (who is also human, by the way) and we decide not to attend church anymore. We are taking our hurt feelings out on God. Hmmm...we also might actually be using that as an excuse not to do something that God wants us to do!

Most often, when I am irritated at Roger, he will ask me to do our Bible study with him before we go to bed or to pray with him. Since my feelings are hurt, I don't want to humble myself to do that so I am really crabby. (I know, it's so very difficult to believe that I should actually ever be....CRABBY!! It's a stretch for me, so unlike my personality...but it's true! HAHAHAHAHA!!)

I was under conviction about that at church on Sunday. I am sometimes putting Roger in the place of God in my life. I am so honored to be Roger's wife and so grateful to God for giving him to me as my husband but here I am, putting the GIFT before the GIVER.

On another note, we are still looking at a little piece of "country" property fairly close to where we currently live. It is very rare to find 1.5 acres (give or take) in the country that you can build on in our county. Most of the time it has to be 5 - 7 acres before you can get a permit. I really don't want that much property...too much work! I just want a little place to have a big garden, some chickens, a goat or two...and our family! I hope we don't wait too long and someone else buys it!

It has just started snowing great big flakes but they are melting once they hit the ground. It is very pretty. I just allowed myself a tea break...English Breakfast Tea is my favorite...and a chance to sit down and read VICTORIA Magazine. I really love that it is now back in print! I'm having a Valentine's Day Adult Sunday School Class Party and I have some pretty ideas thanks to the newest edition!
I redecorated my mantle in ivory colors...It was so pretty and bright during the Christmas season that I wanted to make it pretty but somewhat simpler this season...I love my mantle but I am NOT a big television fan so I'm not so crazy about having the TV built above the mantle. (Roger won that argument...oh well... I'm supposed to have a "screen" or a "painting" that can slide over the TV so I don't have to see it all the time. Hmmm....that hasn't happened yet. I don't think it will now that we are considering selling the house.

My sewing machine is calling me...and so are the kids! TTFN!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Singing Praises to Our God!!!

Sunday night, I went out of my comfort zone and my husband and I sang a special at church. I don't consider myself to be a really good singer so it isn't something that I think I'm particularly good at. I didn't do it for that reason and I certainly didn't do it to show off. I just wanted to praise my Savior and I felt that this was a way that I could do it and testify about His saving Grace!
We sang "Amazing Grace, My Chains are gone..."
I heard it a few years ago performed, I think, by Chris Tomlin and I was just absolutely taken back and reduced to tears.
That's MY song. It is a song that I have claimed.
I've struggled for soooo many years allowing Satan to tell me that I'm not good enough and that I have just sinned too much for God to ever use me. That song speaks to me and assures me that I AM FORGIVEN!! MY CHAINS ARE GONE!

Sunday night, I was scared to death and I just didn't know if I would be able to get through the song without having a heart attack. But I knew it was something that the Lord wanted us to do. I knew without a doubt that this time I was doing this for the right reason and that I could only get through it with His help...as I said, I am NOT a great singer!

It was finally time for us to sing and there were probably about 150 people in our evening service. I looked out there and realized that there really wasn't anything to be so terrified about. I saw all those loving faces of our friends and I knew that God just wanted me to testify for Him. So we did it. I am so happy that I obeyed His voice and went out on a limb for Him.
We had so many people tell us that we really touched them and some were crying. (I am questioning now if they cried because we were really THAT bad???) haha...maybe! I think that they could tell that it was a true testimony from our hearts. It was even a blessing to me to be allowed to do that.

They weren't crying because we were so tremendous. My husband really does have a nice voice but they were crying because of JESUS! Jesus and His amazing Grace. I'm so glad that He used us in this way.
I don't know if we (that is ...I) will ever do this again. I am not even in the choir. Roger is in the choir and the men's group.
But I am so happy to have been used of God in this simple way this week.

I'd like to encourage you to allow God to use you in a different way sometimes. I've never considered singing before but God allowed me to do it. Maybe it is just to give a testimony in church or to write a letter to someone or take a meal to someone. OR MAYBE IT IS TO GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT LEVEL AND SPEAK TO SOMEONE AT CHURCH THAT YOU NORMALLY DON'T TALK TO! (God has also talked to me about THAT! During our "handshake and greeting time", I talk to mainly our friends! I have started trying to get brave and talk to and be welcoming to people I don't know! Scary, huh? But God has laid it on my heart to live for Him on purpose! That is one way that I can do things for Him!)

So I'm going to stop preaching now and go to bed. My hubby is already in bed and I'm sure he thinks I got lost somewhere in the house. Just don't forget that God can use us even in ways we never considered that we could be used. We don't have to wait until we are "perfect" to be used. God not only uses broken vessels, HE USES CRACKED POTS!!! hehehe!! (That's ME!!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is the Day the Lord has made!

We have had a lovely yet very foggy Sunday so far. We got up and went to church where the pastor is starting a new series on the 10 Commandments. It does seem very "elementary" as he said but I am sure that the Lord will give us new insight to our lives and where we are failing Him every day. It is also to be a lesson in Grace...one of my very favorite topics...being blessed with Grace from our Heavenly Father, as all believers are!
(Tonight, my hubby and I are actually SINGING alone in church! SCARY SCARY SCARY!! But it is a song that is so very close to my heart..Amazing Grace (My chains are gone...). I've never ever done anything like this before so..........yikes!!!

We decided to go out to lunch after morning church which is something we don't do very often but it was very enjoyable! The kids acted funny and silly and refreshing to us!
On the way to another town (to find an Arni's restaurant), we decided to drive past another vacant piece of land. There are houses on both sides of it but it is a nice, long plot of ground, perfect for our needs AND it is closer to our church.

I really loved the lot I looked at the other day but it is soooo very far from where we currently live and would probably be an additional 40 minutes to both of our commute time. It already takes us about 40 minutes! I could just live in a little dear farm house and be content but we DO have to work ...so....
I told my dear hubby to please NOT allow me to talk him into anything. (Yeah, I've been known to do that in my earlier life but for some reason, it doesn't seem to work with Roger! At least not yet, and I hope I never do that. Something that God is really speaking to me is the need to be submissive! I'm so glad God gave me a leader for a husband when He gave me the gift of Roger!)

We also drove by a "fixer upper" and after lunch we drove past it again. As much of an imagination as I have, I can't picture a decent home in that house. I think the "bones" of the house aren't good enough to try to do anything with it. I'm very "up" for buying a fixer upper but even Roger said he doesn't think it's for us. I think it would be throwing good money after bad.

We have some things to think and pray about. I feel uplifted to see this other vacant piece of land. I know that God wants the best for us even if it isn't what WE think it is at the moment. I was trying to figure out the other day after having driven out to the far stretches of the universe to see the first property how to convince Roger that IT was the place for us! Then I realized that it was selfish and sinful for me to try to do that if it wasn't ALSO what Roger thought would be good for us...AND what God wants for us!

I would dearly love to have a piece of ground that we could have and start planning for. I'd start getting rid of a LOT of stuff to simplify our home and have just what we need and begin to reduce the amount of stuff we have!

Of course, that would also involve NO MORE GOODWILL SHOPPING....hmmmm....CAN IT BE DONE????

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What to do...what to do...

I went to work early Friday morning for my usual 12 hour shift. My boss was already there and when I got there (on time, by the way! It's a 40 minute trip so sometimes it's a struggle but I have only been counted late once...when the interstate was closed due to a semi carrying gasoline having exploded!)
Anyway, my boss said he wanted to give me 6 more hours on top of my two 12 hour days...making them 15 hour days. He needs to provide 6 more hours on care and I'm the only one working part time so I am the only one who can take them.
I've been praying for some extra money to help us out so maybe this is the way God is planning to help us. I just hope that I can do it. I'm exhausted by Sunday. (God's day!)
I have to think about it...and pray about it...and give him my answer. I'd think about working an extra day but I am already having trouble keeping up with the girls' homeschooling, babysitting the baby granddaughter, and housework.
What to do...what to do...what to do....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hicktown Indiana!!

We spent much of our day today driving...and baby holding!
Baby holding was definitely the better part of the day but the driving part was kinda fun, too...except for the "getting stuck sideways in the road with the back tires in the ditch" part.
We prayed...a LOT. The Lord answered. I wonder how many times He rolls his eyes at my ability to "get stuck in a ditch" and call upon His Name?
Anyway, we started out to go see Baby Brody. I dropped Jennie off to hold him and to help Holly with whatever she needed help with. I'm not sure how much helping actually got done but it was good for both Jennie and Holly and I'm sure that Brody baby didn't mind being held..a lot.
We spent quite a while there and then Becca and I headed out for "parts unknown."
I had it in my mind to find an acre of ground that is for sale a million miles from here. Ok, I guess it isn't REALLY a million miles from here, but it seemed like it was when we couldn't find it! Just in case you ever drive in the country in central Indiana, sometimes the country roads stop and start in random places. Sometimes you have to drive around Farmer John's fields a few miles before it picks up again. Lesson learned.
This plot of ground is pretty close to what I would love to have. It already has a well and septic and a barn...somewhat dilapidated, but usable, AND it has a hen house in the barn!! WOOHOO! I'm sure some Buff Orpingtons, a goat or two, and a miniature horse would LOVE to join our family there! A modest little farm house with a basement is ideal for our family and we can have it built within our budget. (

***My husband has been reading this over my shoulder..."BUFF WHAT???" he asked.
"BUFF ORPINGTONS" I said. "They're chickens."
"Oh...I thought they were some REALLY strong orphans ...or something."

It is, however, a gazillion miles away. (it was originally a million miles away but since I've gotten home, it now seems to be a gazillion miles away.)
I do really like it though, and the price is incredible...$11,500 for an acre, barn, well and septic.
Maybe a gazillion miles isn't THAT far away......

Looking east! "Town" is in the center of the picture. There's a cute little IGA grocery store there.
This is looking west. (My van...I think those farm buildings don't go with the land...at least I hope they don't. I don't know what we would do with them...live in them?? )

Wouldn't a little farmhouse look adorable here?????? (And some chickens....and a goat...and a miniature horse...and me....)
Old barn but it isn't THAT bad. Needs a new roof. And chickens to live inside. Hehe...it wouldn't be Hoosier Basketball Country without a basketball hoop on the BARN!!! Gotta LOVE it!!!!

To the west...nothing but fields....and trees....Isn't this lovely? Imagine what summer days would be like? And sunsets???? And springtime with the tractors in the fields? And fall with the scent of corn...even the corn dust which I actually love...in the air?? Oh yeah........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Favorite Blogs...and Ramblings....

I've just been reading a few of my favorite blogs this morning. I'm not very "savvy" at this whole computer thing or I'd add a link to them. One of the very best blogs and one that encourages me is from "Tomato Soup Cake". This dear lady is wonderful. She has a great sense of humor and insight into MY life it seems! She always has something to say that adds encouragement, possibly a tear or two...or a big laugh.
Today she was talking about doing something "small" for the Lord and sometime she hopes to do something "BIG" for the Lord.
She's already doing that, in the way that she is leading her life...or rather, letting the LORD lead her life...and in the way she is raising her children. She is quite a testimony to me and to the others that she touches daily.
Isn't it like that, though, that we all think we have to do something BIG before we are really doing something for our Lord and Savior? I was thinking the other day about the many people in history and in biblical times that were "failures" or "nothings" to the people around them but we think of them as giant men and women of God. The authors of some of our hymns weren't anything special...just regular men and women of God that wrote what they believed and lived. Many (or MOST) of the Bible characters weren't "big" in the eyes of men.

Another blog that I read this morning is Coffee Tea Books and Me. She's also an awesome blogger. She writes from her heart as well, sometimes being so transparent that I feel like I've lived it too.
She reposted a post today from almost two years ago about finances. This is a good one for me today.
Last night my girls' dad called to tell me that he will be losing his job in a year. This is not good news for us. When Roger and I married, Roger added onto his house to make room for 4 more people. Perhaps it wasn't a wise move, who knows? We got halfway into the building process and discovered that it was actually going to cost much more than we were planning. Isn't that the way it seems to go??? Good Grief!
My husband works for a non profit organization (which seems like it means it's a "non pay" organization as well! hehe!!) He wasn't used to having a mortgage so I took over the mortgage payment with the little that I made and the child support that my girls' dad paid. It is still very very difficult to make those payments.
Now, with the prospect that he is not going to be employed, it is going to be extremely difficult to continue with these payments. He will have retirement but we have no idea how much he will pay in child support. We have a child in college, a child in high school, and two in 7th grade. We also have a son who was having his college loan (fairly small loan since he worked and got scholarships to pay for most of it...) paid by his dad. All these things are weighing heavily on me this morning. I know that I should leave it in God's hands. I try to do so but very often, I snatch it back from God!!
I've been praying that God will work some "miracle" and make it very easy to sell our house. It is going to be difficult since the recession hit. It has been estimated that we will lose close to $100,000 on our house now. That was supposed to have been OUR retirement and allow us to have a smaller house paid off.
I'd love to find a smaller house with a basement. OR maybe a house with an attic that we can make into bedrooms! We will still need to have several! I am hoping and praying that this doesn't change our plans to try to adopt. We will have less money and much less space. (I already have a bedroom all decorated for a small child....)
I've lived at both ends of the spectrum...in a shabby little trailer that I thought was a mansion...to living fairly well off. I think I'm happier with less...living with less, living on less, less expectations and much more appreciation for the things that we have.
This sounds so crazy, because I know how I was raised and how I feel, but I do sort of feel sorry for my kids. The girls are in such a different place in their lives that they REALLY don't want to share a bedroom. I understand...kind of...my sister is 6 years older than I am and she hated hated hated sharing a bedroom with me when we I was in Jr. High and she was in college. I liked it when we shared a room though! I keep thinking about families that have many children that share bedrooms and I think that my kids need a spankng....just kidding....yeah.........
Well, I'm rambling on and on. Sorry! Just thinking about things!
I know, I have to stop worrying and give it to God. (Who can do all things.) I have never looked back on my life and regretted what God had me go through and what He did in my life as a result!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Museum and MORE Baby Brody!!! (of course!)

It just doesn't seem right that the GRAMMY of a newly born perfect baby boy should have to go to work the very next day after his birth, does it? I had to work my normal 12 hour shift and no one even felt sorry for me...except myself, of course!! Well, I made the best of the situation and decided to take one of the special needs adults that I work with to the Art Museum!! What a way to spend part of the day...AND get paid for it! I thought that THIS work of art was gorgeous...but not NEARLY as gorgeous as..........

THIS!!!!!!!! I mean the baby,
not my hubby, but I think he's
pretty nice, too!! God CERTAINLY
made a masterpiece! (Hey, Roger, again,
I meant the BABY!! hehe!!)
And here.........."Good grief, Grammy! All these bright lights
make it really hard for a little feller to focus!!! I was just
born YESTERDAY, you know!!"
Wow...I just realize how much Brody looks like his daddy!
I have newborn pictures just like these of Aaron! How time
ALL TUCKERED OUT!! Do people still use that expression
anymore or is it just a "Hoosier" (Indiana) thing that old
people say?????? (I admit it...I am obviously getting
old! :P )
It's late in the evening...actually, it is early in the morning on Saturday now and I have to be up again in 5 hours to go to work but I just couldn't resist putting this precious boy on my blog!
Blessings to you all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

INTRODUCING.....BABY BRODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here he is, Mr. Gorgeous a.k.a. Broderick (Brody) Cole...born today at about 1:15 p.m. He weighed in at 7lbs. 14 oz. and is 21 inches long! He is WONDERFUL!
Mommy and her Mom holding the precious little bundle! I wish I could have looked as well as Holly did an hour after delivery!! She even had her makeup on!!

My son Aaron and the nurse admiring handsome Brody...almost naked and sunbathing!
He is having a little trouble with his blood sugar right now and he is being monitored for a little while. I was able to hold him for a bit but we weren't really able to spend much time with him yet because of them "working" on him. We think every thing will be ok...he's a little early...
I am so grateful for the blessing that he and his big brother Dylan have been to our family! It is incredible that those little boys are our Grandsons! Of course, we have Seraphina, our one year old little granddaughter, who is equally incredible...and Lord willing, we will have another grandbaby in June!
Proverbs 17:16 Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.
I don't really consider us to be "old" yet...maybe by Biblical standards we could be, but I am certainly understanding the meaning in these verses. What blessings and jewels in our crowns are these children!!

Waiting for Baby and Haircut!

Jennie's homemade baby afghan and Rebecca's "burp"
cloths for the newest arrival! DUE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all anxiously awaiting news from the hospital regarding the birth of baby Brody. Holly was admitted last night and she is being induced this morning. I assume that she has already had that medication as I have not yet heard. I can't reach my son by cellphone so I don't know yet what is going on. I have been assured that they WILL call me as soon as there is any news. It doesn't make it any easier on Grammy, though! I am planning to go to the hospital as soon as labor really starts in full.

Jennie (16) finished her pretty baby afghan for Brody yesterday. I am so proud of her! This is her first blanket. She just watched a video online and started crocheting! I can't do that!

Becca (12) made some burp cloths for Brody out of soft flannel. They are very cute.
WE ARE ALL VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On another note, I got my hair cut yesterday! It was getting very long and while I do love long hair (My girls all have long auburn hair) I just couldn't do anything with it. So yesterday, I got it "styled". That is not something I am used to doing. I usually cut it myself...which might tell you why I couldn't do anything with it! It's not terribly short, but shorter than I am used to. It's about shoulder length and layered. Roger likes it! He isn't used to me having shorter hair but likes it. He keeps teasing me about being a "movie star" and I told my daughter that I couldn't empty the trash can because someone with hair this cute just couldn't empty the trash!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That didn't go over very well. HER hair is gorgeous!!

Now I just need to buy a hairdryer and learn to do what the "stylist" did yesterday! Oh dear.
Well, I have LOTS of work to do before I can go to the hospital and Lord willing, welcome baby Brody. I have to get the girls started on their schoolwork so they can come as well. (We're having quite a snow storm here in central Indiana so I don't really want to leave them here alone...I'm not sure what is better...leave them home alone or take them out in this!!)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day after Christmas Bargains, Harmony Cat, and Diets!!

Harmony is the biggest laziest cat we've ever had. She is really huge. This is one of her favorite places to snooze. She was annoyed at me for taking a picture of her so she rolled over so I didn't get as good a picture as I'd like to have. She usually lays flat on her back and just lets her chubbiness flop around her. I wonder where she learned THAT from? By the way, we've started a diet in our home. Roger and I have joined his company's "The Biggest Loser" contest. Roger and I are BOTH determined to win. We'll win no matter what, just having lost some weight! That is something we (actually Roger) are wanting to do before we proceed with trying to adopt. We want to be healthy! I keep having dreams that I am able to adopt a 4 year old! I would LOVE that but I want to be open to whatever God wants for us. (I also love toddlers!!!)
The day after Christmas, I didn't have to go in to work until 11a.m. so I was able to visit the local Hallmark store and I bought some nativities! The Lord has been working in my heart to be more "Purposeful" in my life. I want to live for Him on PURPOSE! (Not to be confused with The Purpose Driven Life...) I just mean that I don't want to keep just floating on down the river of life...I want to have God in control of my boat. I am concerned about REALLY making a difference in my children's lives and in the lives of those around me. Making CHRIST the REAL center of CHRISTmas is just one way that I am planning to have changed. I really tried hard this past Christmas but I want Him present ALL the time. We need to be purposeful in living for Christ and seek to live for Him ALL the time. (I'm done preaching now...)
So, this is my favorite Nativity scene. It was on sale, of course! Is there any other way to buy? This one is a "Jim Shore" design. (I've never heard of him, I just fell in love with the little quilted parts of the figures!) I'm going to put this one in my curio cabinet all year. I really really like it!

These are three more that I bought on SALE! The big one is quite large! The little one on the right is supposed to look like it's been carved out of wood. The WHITE on on the left was from TARGET! I bought the little Creche' and the animals last year (some of it came from Goodwill, I think...) The Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus figures are new.
I also bought several sets of the figures as gifts for our adult children for next year. I bought them 1/2 price and then decided that I really couldn't afford to buy the Creche' as well. I had HOPED that they would be reduced even more later in the week so maybe I could buy them then! I WAS RIGHT!! I was able to buy them at 75% off!! There weren't any of the animals this year in our local Target, but they aren't absolutely necessary. Now all the married kids (and one other "adult" child will have their own nativity set. I'd like to start Christian "Hope" Chests for the girls that remain at home. I'm thinking about buying things with Godly ideas to help them fill them. Any ideas????
Well, Becca is excitedly waiting for me to help her with a sewing project. She's trying to make burp rags and bibs for baby Brody...who is expected to be born TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what tomorrow's post will be about? Lord willing....
Blessings to you all!

Monday, January 4, 2010


My son Aaron called me this morning and asked me what I was planning for this Thursday...his precious wife Holly will be induced that morning! We are very excited to meet this newest member of our family! They're naming him Broderick...Brody for short! Broderick is an Irish family name in my family so we are happy with the choice!

My other son and his wife are expecting in June! I think that they're considering "Liam" for a boy and "Raegan" for a girl for names...more Irish names, I think! Yep, good, solid BAPTIST names???
Actually, my mother was raised Irish Catholic and most of her family are still practicing the Catholic faith. As a child, I was always intrigued with their belief.
I do like the names, I like the idea that they are "different" than other names. I just realized that my son, Danny, and his wife, Erin, have Irish sounding names as well. Maybe that's why they are choosing those names? Who'd a thunk it? They need to change their last name, though, because it is NOT Irish at all! Maybe they can just add an O' before it???? Nah, still doesn't work.

Anyway, that's my big news for today! I have other things to talk about...such as the diet that my hubby and I are on but I will leave that for another day. I've been out of the house most of the day and am behind in all things!
Lotsa Love!