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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a week! It's been a great week with lots of things happening. We're almost finished with the 4H fair! My husband and I are going to put in some work hours at the fair today. He and Gideon are working the "Lemon Shake-Up" stand for the benefit of the 4H club. Becca, Jennie and I are going to work in the "Bee Hive" which is the kitchen and cafeteria for the Homemakers' clubs (which I belong to.) I worked on Tuesday (12 hours) and Wednesday (just 9 hours thank the good Lord!) and Friday is check in day for the state fair and we are decorating the banquet room for the wedding reception and decorating the church as well. Then we are doing the rehearsal dinner that evening at the church. It would be nice to have it catered or go to a restaurant but that just isn't in our budget for 50 people so we are having a lasagna dinner at the church. We will still have a nice time, I'm sure. It's nice to have such a "reasonable" group of family and friends! (and a new daughter in law!!!!!!! :) ) My daughter Jennie has been doing the babysitting responsibility of the little granddaughter this week since I worked and was busy this week. She's a pretty nice kid...brag, brag, brag, brag.......

There is an open show at the fair and we put some items in it. Gideon reentered his footstool and his picture and got blue ribbons for each of those. Becca reentered a sock monkey and got a blue ribbon and reentered her picture of the baby and got a blue ribbon and the "judges' choice award." She gets a ten dollar prize! I asked her what she was going to do with the money and she said "Buy art supplies." I joked with her and said, "Or maybe start paying your mom back for all the money she spent on supplies for your 4H projects???" She hesitated and said, "OK!" Poor kid...she still doesn't get it when I'm just joking! I relieved her mind and I imagine we will go look for art pencils next week!

I was so encouraged and motivated by "Jennie" at "The Fruit of Her Hands" blog that I preseved some jam! Then I entered my orange marmalade and my strawberry preserves and got blue ribbons! I made homemade bread and biscuits and also got blue ribbons. What really surprised me was that I actually got champion on a wreath that I made. The other things were sooo much harder than that silly wreath. CRAZY!!!! It was fun though and it is encouraged to enter things like that by our homemakers club...who, by the way, sponsors the open class. There were hundreds and hundreds of entries! It was pretty cute to see the look on my kids' faces when they saw my champion ribbon...they found the wreath before I did and they just looked sooo pleased and excited for me! That was so precious of them! Sweet kids!

So things get back to normal next week...hopefully...and maybe I can get some housework done! It is such a mess and I am just ashamed! We also have to get out the girls' new school books that just arrived and look through them for their homeschooling time! I told them that we could not open the boxes of books until the house is clean(er) and last year's books are put away or given away! What a mess.......They are pretty excited about the new year though....(what is wrong with those kids???? )

Well, lots to do today...I have to go find some shoes for the wedding. I hate to buy shoes...I'm more of a "purse" kind of girl!! (and crafts, and teddy bears, and dishes, and teapots, and teacups...see what I mean when I say that I need to learn to be content? Oh I need to learn it quickly!) I did find a really neat purse at the Salvation Army store yesterday. I have a cloth purse that is also a little backpack...nice for hiking, etc. (like I hike so often????)...so I got one that is leather...or looks like leather...because my cloth one is falling apart. Yeah, I know, not a necessity...and now I have "buyer's remorse". But luckily, it was only $3.00 and it wasn't a new car that I regret buying!!

I hate to buy new shoes.......but that's what I need to go do....yuck. I told my future daughter in law that I wasn't going to wear any shoes to the wedding and was that ok with her??? I hope she knows I was teasing. But as soon as "clean up" begins after the party, THOSE NEW SHOES ARE COMING OFF!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day!


Friday, July 24, 2009

4H fair results!!!

Oh wow! I put in a full day's work today...well, actually just 11 hours instead of the usual 12...and then we went to the 4H fair to check on the kids exhibit.
I'm so very pleased to say that the children did very well. I'm happy that they were rewarded for the very hard work that was done. Sometimes they need encouragement...just like all of us...and that's what happened tonight. So....here's the rundown....

First, Gideon received a Reserve Champion on his woodworking, a blue on his photography, and a blue ribbon on his art painting!
Becca took more projects because she had more time to work on them...
She received a Grand Champion on her "self determined" project which included, for some reason, two champion ribbons and the grand champion ribbon as well as a HUGE trophy!
She got a Reserve Grand champion on her salon picture and it will be entered in the state fair!
She got a Reserve Grand Champion on her "Personality" poster.
She got a Blue Ribbon on her Child Development project, Blue on her photography project, blue on her "Foods" (biscuits), Reserve Grand Champion on her Food Preparation, Blue on her Misc. Crafts (Sock Monkeys! whew!!), and Blue on Scrapbooking!!!!
So now the stress is over and we will pick up all their ribbons and projects later on this week.

PRETTY SOON, BACK TO NORMAL LIFE!....well, that is...as soon as the big wedding is over next Saturday!

I certainly don't want to boast and brag on the kids. It's just that they worked very hard on these projects and I am happy that they did well. I wanted them to know and to realize that their hard work really pays off. So, please forgive me...until next year, when we'll all be stressed out AGAIN! :)

Our church is hosting the fair on Sunday and our pastor will be having a Sunday morning service there. I'm really proud of him. When he was asked to do this service, he said he would do it on one condition...that he didn't have to "hold anything back"...He didn't want to water down the gospel of Christ! So we're praying for a good turnout! Last year, he did the same thing and there were a lot of people that showed up! We're praying for God to work in the hearts of people who don't normally attend church so that they can hear about Salvation!

Well it is getting late and I have to be at work at 7am in the morning. It takes me about 40 minutes to get there so I'd better hit the hay. My hubby is already "sawing logs" as we used to say.

Blessings to you all....Beth

Thursday, July 23, 2009

4H Project and Bible School!!

Just an update! Becca got a blue ribbon on her latest 4H exhibit! She made chicken and noodles and oh my goodness, it was so yummy! She's in the running for the champion and reserve champion...but then she is competing with kids up to 19 years old...so.........
Tomorrow after work we will all go to the fair and see how she and Gideon did on all their exhibits. All this excitement!! I'm going to try to post some pictures of their efforts when they are all done!

Tonight is the last night for our Bible school. I have had 2nd graders. Wow...they're a little bit different than I am used to. I've worked with preschoolers and littler ones mostly. But I do like the 2nd graders, too. My girls are helping me in my class as well as Miss Katherine...an older sweet lady...and my husband is telling the Missionary story for the 6th graders. Gideon is working in a play every night. It is really neat to have our whole family (younger ones, that is) involved in this "ministry."

Well, I have lots of things to do and lots of places to go..so I'd better make this blog short today!
Have a lovely and blessed day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Beginning of 4H Results!

To all of those who may be interested...and even if you're NOT interested, we have SOME 4H results! Gideon (12) has had one project judged thus far (that we are allowed to see...others are curtained off until Friday!) The ones we know about were "open" judged. Gideon received a Blue...first place ribbon for his photography project!! Oh...for those who are not very familiar with how 4H goes...there are a lot of first (blue) places, second (red) places and third (white) places in 4H. It just depends on the quality of the project. So lots of kids might get a first place ribbon, which makes it really really nice as a reward for their effort. The very best of the first place ribbons get an "honors" ribbon and then there are the two Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Ribbons...some go to the Indiana State Fair to be judged there, depending on whether or not there is a State Fair Exhibit for that particular project or just a County Exhibit.
So, as I said, Gideon took a first place ribbon for his photos and so did Rebecca! She also got at least a blue ribbon for her "salon" picture. (it was a "creative/experimental" picture of the precious little grand daughter) We will see on Friday night if she got an honors or above. There was a little star on the scoring card that makes us wonder....????
She's been a busy girl...as my posts have indicated...I'm so sorry we have been 4H consumed!
She did receive a First place ribbon in Child Development with a story she wrote, First place in Foods today with wonderful biscuits (at least the JUDGE said they were "wonderful!" But not good enough to get the Honors division because the tops weren't completely uniform.) I WILL BE POSTING HER RECIPE THAT SHE AND I CAME UP WITH...THANKS TO THE BASIC RECIPE FROM MY BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN RECIPE BOOK! I think I might even enter it in the homemakers division this year. Becca can do it again as well, in the open show for kids. We'll see...these projects are time consuming!
So right now she is in the kitchen working on her "homemade chicken and noodles" for her Food Preparation project. She is making a menu based on Little House on the Prairie and then she has to show the menu and the recipe for her food she is bringing. She made homemade egg noodles and called the dish "Ma's Homemade Chicken and Noodles." (after Ma on Little House on the Prairie....)

You know, I think there is a fine line between being proud of the hard work that a person has done and being boastful. I hope I'm not being boastful. I don't mean to be. I also don't want my daughter to be a "proud, haughty, boastful" young lady. If I find that she is being that, I will put a stop to it.

Something that I really love about 4H is that a kid who isn't an athlete, singer, cheerleader, whatever, can really do a good job in 4H if he or she puts her mind AND EFFORT to it. I'm trying to be supportive of both kids and their efforts...so I hope you all will forgive me.

I hope both kids will be happy that they have worked hard on their projects. I hope neither of them are disappointed with the results we see on Friday night. Becca had a hard time with her "sock monkeys" she entered in the crafts department because they kept unravelling as she tried to sew them up. But the idea was for her to LEARN! Her handsewing is sooo much better now than it was in the fall. She also has two gifts...the sock monkeys...to use as Christmas presents this year!

Gideon drew/painted a very nice picture of a barn and he made a small footstool for his little niece...another gift for Christmas! I hope he does well. Since he is not homeschooled, he didn't have nearly the time to put into his projects as Rebecca (who is homeschooled) did. Part of her projects were part of her school work as well.

There is a delicious aroma drifting in here from the office and I am thinking that I should go check out the chicken and noodles! What do YOU think?

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a Note to End the Day!

Just a quick note to end the day...my sweet hubby is already in bed. I just wanted to tell those who occasionally visit me on my blog that I really appreciate THEIR blogs! You guys are so uplifting...Marie, you're awesome! Everyday I can I read everyone's entries and see what's up in your lives. I think of you as my friends and I enjoy reading about what is going on. I think God is really working on my need to be content with less and you are all helping me learn this. I am really ready to simplify my home and my life with less!
I just want to tell you all thanks! There are a few that I have just started following and I want you to know...if you happen to read these words...that as a "busy mom of quite a lot" I don't "follow" a blog unless I feel that it is worthwhile to spend my time there OR unless I feel that God wants me to lift that person up in some way. This is probably pretty selfish of me, but I think I have more people who lift ME up than the other way around!
Thanks again dear friends!
Such a beautiful day! We have just returned from the 4H fair where the two younger kids, Gideon and Rebecca, turned in their Photography projects. We stayed for part of the judging...I imagine it is almost STILL going on! 1/4 of the kids in 4H in our county participate in the Photography project!
Good results for both of them! They each got a blue ribbon on their poster of their 10 best photos! Rebecca got at least a blue ribbon on her "creative/experimental picture of our little granddaughter. We will find out later what she actually was awarded. I was really relieved to have both kids get the same placing! It makes it easier for everyone to get along better...less competition!
Both of Gideon's other projects are turned in and 5 of Rebecca's are turned in. The rest will be turned in by Thursday and the fair actually opens on Friday. I'm going to do my best to see if I can get off work a little early on Friday to go with the family to the fair to see what they really got on their exhibits! Pretty exciting stuff!
I finally finished up the boutineers (19!!) and the corsages (5) as well as the flower girls headpieces and baskets for my son's wedding.
I suddenly can't believe that my little boy...my precious little baby boy...is actually getting married. No, I'm not sad...I'm thrilled to know for certain that he has found the love of his life.
It's just that he's grown. He has been my joy...as have all my kids...but sometimes...and there were many...he has just brought me joy when I was so incredibly sad. My father used to call him "Daniel Joy." NO, I didn't name him "joy"...his middle name is Jordan but he has just been so full of life and fun that he filled our hearts with joy.
So now he is grown, almost married, a home owner and a police officer.
Where did all the time go? I know that I haven't gotten any older, so how could he have? Ha!
I'm certainly gaining a wonderful daughter whom I love with all my heart. We all do. She is so precious to all of us. I thank God for her and I can't wait to be her other "mama" for real. I'll give them some time, of course, but I am pretty sure that they are going to be great parents some time! I ask for God's blessings on their home and their family!
Well...we have just time for one more practice for Becca's biscuits. She's going to work on that now. She will have to get up very early in the morning to make her "good" batch and then it's off again to the fair to turn them in as well as her Child Development project. Her biscuit recipe is wonderful and I will have to post a recipe here soon...hopefully pictures as well...if I can figure out how to put the pictures in my post! I'm not very computer literate!!
Blessings to you all, my new friends...and my old! Have a lovely day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It has been a long day today...and yesterday...since these were my two 12 hour work days for the week. I rushed home today and my hubby and I went to a birthday party for my friend Lynn. I appreciate her and I hope that she knows how much she is loved. She gives of herself to all of us all the time. She's unselfish and I just love her a lot. She made some yummy dishes and then loaded us up with the leftovers! I appreciate THAT a lot too!

I was able to spend a little bit of time with my husband and that is always nice. That is one draw back in working all day on Saturday...I miss my time with him. I guess I didn't know what a blessing it was until I couldn't do that anymore!

Roger was able to take the kids and some of their 4H projects to the fair on Friday. We need to take the rest on various days this coming week. Then we also have Bible school this week and on August 1st is the big wedding of my boy Dan and his precious bride to be Erin! Lots of blessings there!

I don't have much to say now or much time...it's almost midnight and we have church in the morning so it is time to hit the hay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End is in Sight!!

Becca is basically done with her 4H projects! WooHoo!!! She simply has to bake her biscuits next week and the next day she needs to make her homemade chicken and noodles. I am pretty impressed with what she has been able to accomplish. Of course, to be fair, if she were in public school, I don't think she would have been able to get it all done. Not everything is "perfect" but then again, she is 12. I'm a proud mama.

Little Miss Trinket kitten is absolutely adorable! She has crept into everyone's heart and has won over both dogs and even the evil but beautiful cat, Harmony. We wonder if Trinket is part "Tonkinese"...a breed similar to Siamese but more friendly. She is certainly friendly. Both cats, however, act like dogs. They both greet us at the door when we come home and are often seen just sitting at the door looking outside for us. Maybe Harmony isn't as evil as I say she is...she does seem to love me and Roger. She abides Rebecca and just barely puts up with everyone else...unless she is being fed. She is big and fluffy and gorgeous...but possibly bipolar??

I was able to have a lunch date with my "hunka hunka burning love"...aka my husband today.
Yeah, I know, that's kind of gross but I do love him a lot! We met at Arby's near his office. Today was "buy any size drink and get a regular Roast Beef sandwich free" day. Gotta love that! So that's what we had. We're trying to have less expensive dates these days.

Speaking of dates, one of my all time favorite things to do is to go on a picnic. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! When my children were smaller, we would often grab my Longaberger picnic basket, make up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and head to the park. That Longaberger basket is the only Longaberger basket that I own that was actually worth the money...sorry to other Longaberger collectors...I do like them but they are no longer in my price range or in my range of desires. I guess I have more important things to worry about buying...like gas and groceries!
That's ok, I just wish I could now sell them for at least what I bought them for 15 years ago or so! If I knew then what I know now, I'd have put that money in a savings account! All except that one Longaberger picnic basket. It is so worn and old now! I still love it and I have certainly gotten the use out of it...after all, I did buy it for half price all those years ago!

I'm planning to take my dh on a romantic picnic one of these days. I tried to last year near his birthday. We were heading to a quaint town on the Indiana side of the Ohio River next to Louisville. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Anyway, on the way down there, it was my plan to find a nice place to picnic. I thought I was being frugal in bringing a picnic but it seems like I end up spending MORE money on neat picnic food than if we just went to Burger King or somewhere! So we finally found a nice little park and there was a picnic table in the one shelter house that wasn't occupied. Pretty soon we found out WHY it wasn't occupied. There was something nasty and dead in the trash can just on the other side of the shelter house and it was surrounded by flies! Oh WOW...we made it a hurried lunch.
Another time I tried to have a romantic picnic one Saturday with just my hubby, we had to go to his office first. As it happened, there was a picnic table outside the back door of the office building and THAT'S WHERE WE HAD OUR PICNIC!! Of course, many of you don't know where my husband works. He works for a non profit organization in not the best part of town.
It was kind of funny in a way. I guess it just shows you how the male mind works. I had in mind a lovely shady spot near a pond or lake with ducks floating by. I was picturing a pretty quilt spread on the ground, not a picnic table on gravel next to an office building just off a busy city road. He had in mind: picnic =picnic table=lunch=off to the next scheduled activity!
He just read this over my shoulder and he agrees. He did add, however, that the table was outside the FRONT door not the back and that he did suggest that we go to a nearby city park. However, since they had just had a drive by shooting earlier that week, he thought it would be best to just eat there at his office and forgo any need for firearms...
As it was, we ate a hurried lunch and then made our rounds to the nearby Goodwill Stores...gotta love that man...he sure knows how to treat his lady!!! He really does a good job almost all of the time. We have a lot in common and share a rather strange sense of humor...and the love of a good bargain!
So, that's my silly blog of the day...I must be tired...it's almost midnight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I just took a backyard walk to see how my little garden is doing and it is such a beautiful day here in Indiana! Perfect temperature! My tomato plants are looking nice and I have a few zucchinis, squash and peppers coming along as well! One of my raised bed garden of beans are beautiful but the other one just didn't do well at all. It must have been the seeds that I planted. They simply didn't come up. I think I counted 24 plants where there should be about 80. Oh well...this is our first year to do this so maybe this is not such a bad thing. I've been pretty busy and I don't want to waste the produce so I'm trying to look on the bright side of things...maybe I wouldn't have gotten them all canned if I'd had more than what I have! I have nearly 100 plants in the other bed so I think I'll be ok this year! :)

The two younger kids' (both 12) 4H projects are coming along pretty nicely. Becca is finishing up her crafts project. She made two sock monkeys...she's kinda silly. When she heard about my trip with my husband to the Caribbean, she decided to make a sock monkey with dreadlocks. He's pretty cute...a bit different...but cute. The other one is a green monkey that she is trying to make look like a leprechaun! They were harder than they looked...she has certainly worked hard on them and that is what I was after. They aren't perfect but she tried so hard!
She is finished with her scrapbook project, two photography projects, her personality project, Child Development, and her "self determined" project. (This is one that she can make up herself...she did it on Pioneer Pastimes.) She just has to make her food for "Foods" and "Food Preparation."
She just made some incredible biscuits for practice for her "Food" project. Last night she rolled out home made noodles for "Food Preparation." I had no idea that it was going to be so time consuming for her...and for me!!
Gideon is working on finishing up his woodworking project...which looks very pretty...his fine arts project, and his photography project. He's able to spend some additional time with his dad so that's a good thing in itself! I know and understand how hard it must be for him to share his dad with all of us girls since we've only been married for two years. It is hard on my girls as well to share me so we try to spend time with our children alone as much as we can. Then of course, we try to fit in our "dates" as well!
I hope they do well at the 4H fair since they've worked so hard on their projects! We've tried not to let them compete against each other but did allow them each to do a photography project. My thinking about the competition side of it is that we don't need any reason for additional conflict in our blended family!
So today is filled with finishing up 4H, babysitting both grandkiddos (this includes a trip to a nearby sprinkler park and picnic!), trumpet lesson and all the rest of the normal dailies!
Next week is Bible School...I'm teaching 2nd grade, the following week starts the 4H fair and the next weekend is my son's wedding! I think that the stress that I've been feeling...and exhibiting...will be better once the wedding is over with. I can't wait but I have a lot to do! This may not have been the best time to have started my part time job! I've got to finish the boutineers and coursages for the wedding SOON...I've finished the flower girls' baskets and their little head wreaths. God will give me the ability to get through it all...He is GOOD!! (I'm not...but HE is!!)
I think I need a break...a cup of Earl Grey tea on my back porch would be nice...but the kids and grand kids are calling...so I think the cup of tea will have to wait! I think we are 'OFF TO THE WATERPARK!'
Have a lovely day, everyone!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's been goin' on!!

Wow...what a time of year. I had NO idea just how busy we would be with 4H...and the kids aren't even taking any animals or agriculture! The projects are coming together...as our house is falling apart! Poor Roger came home yesterday after work and cleaned the kitchen and swept the floors. I feel really bad that he had to do that. I don't know where the day goes. It certainly has gotten away from us lately. I don't sit and watch tv or read or whatever and I haven't even blogged much lately. I think that these crazy 4H projects have taken over our world.

Hey...my zucchini plants that the bunnies ate actually have some zucchini on them! Hurray! Also Roger's squash has some....squash! That's exciting because I was sure the rabbits would eat them, too! We have 17 tomato plants!! Crazy amount, huh? There is a reason we have so many. The first four that I bought I thought had died so I bought some more. THEN a good friend had some "volunteer" plants that she gave to me. NONE of the plants died and I am sure that I will be overwhelmed with tomatoes before too long! I actually had planned that my garden not really come into full harvest until after my son's wedding on August 1st. I hope to have more time after that to freeze and can our produce.

My future daughter in law, by the way, is one of the sweetest young ladies that I have ever met and I am so blessed to have her in my life...and in my son's life! They have recently bought a little house and he sleeps there and my almost daughter in law sleeps at my parents' house! I am very proud of them...they have cared for each other since they were just kids and actually kind of started letting it be known when they were freshmen in high school but neither of them were allowed to date at that time. It has been 7 years, I think, since then. God has seen them through some terrible things and made their relationship so strong and godly. She was just 16 when her mother died as a victim of domestic abuse. She is safely home with her heavenly Father but we miss her just the same. The wedding is going to be a difficult day...they chose her mama's birthday to honor her as the day of their wedding.

I'm off to have a luncheon date with my sweet husband and have left Becca to clean up SOME of her 4H mess! Then we have to really clean when I get back! Have a lovely day, everyone!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ponderings...Prayer Request

Happy Late 4th of July! Our town's 4th celebration was rained out so we had a 4th celebration on the 5th after evening church! It was still very nice and we got to visit with some good friends.

One terribly sad note, though, our friend Evelyn was there, her long hair now gone because of yet another round of chemo...most likely her last...I walked up to her and she started crying. "I have brain cancer..." she said with great difficulty and much emotion. I tried to be strong but didn't do a very good job. She's been through so much and I know that the Lord is going to take her home to be with Him very soon. Pray for her if you get a chance...she's been a strong little lady with a huge heart.

It's been kind of an emotional weekend for me. It is hard for me to work with the disabled adults that I help on Fridays and Saturdays. I cried on Saturday and then I felt better!
I know that God places us where He wants us and I am glad that I am there...it's just hard both mentally and physically.

I have been talking to one of the individuals there at the home about the Lord. She understands a lot, having more physical problems than mental. She has mild/moderate mental retardation as well as being delusional upon occasion. However, she knows about Jesus and talks about God making people the way they are, that storms are "done by His hands" and that God kept her boyfriend alive after an accident and saved him for her. So we were talking about Jesus and the cross and I asked her if she realized that Jesus KNEW that He was going to die on the cross for us BEFORE He came to earth. She was just amazed at that concept. I told her that since He is God that He knew everything before it happened. Part of the conversation that I had with her was for another man's benefit. He has had severe brain trama and he was listening to every word we spoke. He is quite capable of getting up and walking around and loves to help me with dishes or whatever I am doing. Most of the time, he really understands what we talk about. I keep thinking about the old saying that I grew up with "You might be the only Bible someone might read." That is really true in this situation...they only have what we bring to them...those that work with them, that is. They really don't have a lot of choices and their life is limited to what they are allowed to do. Maybe God has placed me there for a reason...even if it is hard for me to see it while I clean up unmentionable messes and deal with violent and emotional outbursts. I always thought that God wanted me to go to the mission field but I never thought it would be like this. God has a sense of humor...

There is something that I realized in Sunday School a few weeks ago. I've been in church since I was 7 and was saved sooo many years ago. I don't know why this impacted me like it did.But I didn't realize that God knew BEFORE He made mankind that we would fail Him and choose sin over holiness. He knew that there had to be a plan for us which meant that He would have to die for us Himself...yet He decided to create us anyway!! What kind of love is that? What kind of God is that? Just absolutely amazing that He would love us before He made us even though He knew what we would be...He knew what I would be. I'm glad I'm not God...I don't think mankind would have existed...I have love, but I don't think I have THAT kind of love. I'm sure I don't have that kind of love.

This has been a heavy kind of a topic this time...so often when I sit down, I want to write about my canning fun, gardening, crafts and sewing...and all this stuff comes pouring out....maybe I need two blogs...one just for fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4H Projects and a Wedding Cake

Wow...today was really a busy one and tomorrow seems like its going to be even busier!
Will someone please remind me next year not to let Rebecca take 8 projects in the 4H fair?
Gideon, my stepson is taking three...and at this point, that seems too much!

Rebecca is almost done with several of her projects and one is totally done and looks pretty nice. Since she is home schooled I thought it would be a really good way to round out her education and make her do something that was according to someone else's rules instead of just mine.
I do love 4H but since this is really her first year (at age 12, but she could have been in it for several years now) it seems like it is a lot for her to handle. Next year we will know better!

So Thursday I am making batch after batch of wedding cake icing as well as making the actual cakes. We're also planning a morning out with my girls...possibly grabbing an inexpensive breakfast and then off to Half Price Books per Jennie's request. THEN, we babysit little Miss Wonderful (aka granddaughter). I am also planning to assist Becca with more 4H projects, fixing supper and then taking her to trumpet lessons. Friday and Saturday are my "work away from home days" starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. each day. On Saturday there is the wedding that my DH is preparing the wedding cake for. Unfortunately I will have to miss the wedding since I have to work. Then there is the 4th of July Celebration at our town park. Whew!!!! I think I'm exhausted before I start!
I do think its kind of fun to have a lot to do...I feel like I've really accomplished something when I am done. I go home from my two day job feeling really tired...but its a good kind of tired knowing that I have been helping the special needs individuals that really need my help.
Most of my days are NOT filled like these few days are. Most of the time I have time to enjoy being in my home, taking care of precious grandchildren and enjoying my family. I usually have time to enjoy my cup of tea and relax for a few minutes on my back porch. I have it pretty good, I know, and I am so incredibly pleased to be my husband's help meet and to be able to ease his burden a little bit. There's another plus to me working those long days away from my home...it makes me appreciate my family, my husband and the home he has provided for us even more!