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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

50 DOZEN Cookies???????

Two weeks ago, my dear husband asked me if I would be willing to help him create "Thank You" gifts for people in the company he works for. I said, "Sure! Because then I can be your "Helpmeet!" (I just love that name and the idea behind it!) He wanted me to bake cookies for him.

Oh dear, I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into! Usually at Christmas, we make gifts for 10 or so people in his office.

I didn't realize that it was for his entire company....He works for a non profit organization that offers before and after school care for children. He wants to thank the workers with a small bag of cookies each.

We're talking 50 dozen cookies!!!!

I have until Monday. I work 12 hours each on Friday and Saturday.

Oh dear.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Week

What a busy week we had at our little country church! It was Harvest Week and we had many events to invite people to. We wanted to get the gospel message to as many people as we could. Last Sunday was the beginning of the events and yesterday was the last of the events. On Tuesday evening we had a teenage party and we had a good turnout. Becca was able to invite a young lady she knew from school when she attended the public school. They had a great time!
On Thursday we had a children's carnival in the church's gym. We had games and prizes and lots of fun. We had 300 people attend! (Our average Sunday attendance is about 200) Roger and I "manned" the "Tossing Jonah" game. The kids had beanbag Jonahs to throw through the big Fish's mouth for a prize. We had a big bonfire and a pumpkin patch for the kids along with hayrides!
Friday night (for us...unrelated to our church activities) included me working from 7am to 7pm and then attending a long awaited wedding for a couple of our friends. It was beautiful and fall themed...right up my alley!! One of the best parts was that they said that they borrowed from Roger and my wedding and had "God Bless the Broken Road" sung for theirs as well. They said that they hoped it brought back good memories for us! It DID!!
Saturday, I worked again and then went bowling with our Sunday School class. It was fun but I am an AWFUL bowler! We had those little bumper things put in our lane and I still just barely got 70! Roger, Gideon and Becca did much better. The older girls didn't go...they either worked or were sickie...again.
Sunday was a big Sunday for us. We had a special speaker in church and then an after church dinner. We brought macaroni and cheese and a "punchbowl cake." It was still the harvest theme at church and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. But the food that the ladies brought was amazing! These are country Baptist farm ladies!! OH WE WERE SO BLESSED!!!! hehehehe! Our gym was still decorated with soooo many bales of straw! We also had animals in the grassy part of the grounds...a horse, a calf, chickens and chicks, several goats, and FREE KITTENS! No, we didn't take one home...much to Becca's distress. My cat allergies just can't handle any more...two are about to do me in!!!!
Then we had our evening service in the afternoon. Becca and I worked in the nursery. We were all done and home by 2:30!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free at last...Free at last!!!

Today I made an "executive" decision!!

I decided to withdraw my girlies from the video program that they have been doing for school.

Don't get me wrong, it is an AWESOME program IF you want that kind of thing.

We didn't.

We are going to continue with the books and lesson plans but we are going to do it "on our own" for the year. I had already decided NOT to do it next year and then I thought, "Why wait?" I only have this time with my kids and I can't go back and redo this year so I just decided to discontinue it now.

We found that it took too much time for them to sit in front of their computer and listen to a teacher lecture. It was too much like "going to school."

We now have the freedom to experience school as we want to! We are so excited and it seems as though a burden has been lifted! Next week we will have the time and freedom to go to the Art Museum, Lord willing!

At supper tonight, Becca (12) expressed an interest in American Embassies. We explained it in as much detail as we could and then I suggested she research it for part of her school next week! Last year, she came across the name "War of the Roses" and researched it and wrote a paper about it JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS INTERESTED!!! Now, THAT'S learning!!

I don't intend to let them just "glide by" in doing their schoolwork but I don't want them to be tied down to the computer all the time either. I haven't been able to do any of the things we have planned to do this year in the way we were going-very little cooking, no sewing or homemaking skills were being taught.

Jennie, a sophomore, had suggested in the summertime that they take a country, research it, create a cultural meal from that country and present it to our family. That sounds wonderful and extremely educational for both girls. (I hope it will also bring them closer together...something that just being home together and being homeschooled is doing for them already! When big sister (19) has a day off from college, it is pretty silly around here!)

We took one day for a special outing this year but last year we took weekly trips somewhere, even if it was just to have school at the park and enjoy the day that God gave us. We didn't have that freedom trying to follow the video school outline.

I'm excited again to be homeschooling this way!

By the way, if any of you have any advice how to keep accurate records and transcripts for high school, I'd love to hear from you! I HAVE already talked to two local colleges (one that is connected to Indiana University) to see what they would need from us if Jennie decides to attend a secular college. I've also read information from the HSLD regarding us awarding a high school diploma. It doesn't seem too difficult in Indiana, however, I intend to attend the homeschool conference this year and see what we really need to do!

Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we STILL have the freedom to homeschool if we desire to?
By the way, did you notice the Goodwill price stickers on some of the items on the picture of Trinket kitty and SOME of our school materials? I can't believe some of the deals I have gotten on foreign language sets! Becca figured out that I've paid approximately 5% of the original price!
Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas presents, Date Night and Swine Flu!!

Today I'm planning to get a lot of things done at home. I have cookies to bake for a special youth event at church going on tonight and my hubby needs me to make....20 dozen cookies for his work!! That's a lot of cookies!! Roger's cookies don't need to be done today!

I have cleaning to do and I would LOVE to be able to sew up a new apron that I have been planning to do. However, with little grandbaby coming over today, the apron might not get done!

I actually wrapped lots of Christmas presents yesterday!! Is that crazy or what? I have been purchasing things through the year and now they're stacked all over our bedroom so I thought I might as well get them wrapped and stacked neatly. I just hope I don't forget what is in the presents! (Just in case, I'm putting a post it note on each on of them. I hope they don't fall off!) I have made use of resale stores and the Goodwill Store and Salvation Army this year. I've been able to buy new items that still have their tags on them! I feel a little guilty about doing that but this year money is pretty tight. I have gone to half price books as well and really did well there.

I have had sick kids today so we may end up going to the doctor.
Jennie and Marci are convinced they have swine flu and have photoshopped their pictures on their facebook page! They both now have snouts. It's hilarious!!! Not really a laughing matter with the flu being so bad but they look pretty funny!
I don't think they really have the swine flu...I think they have a bad cold but we might just go to see Dr. Smith just in case! Little grand daughter is sick as well so it's not like we're contaminating her!

My hubby and I had a date night last night. We went to the "Heartland Film Festival". He was given free tickets so that was nice. Heartland Film Festival is done annually and features independent film makers. We saw a movie called "Like Dandelion Dust" which was adapted from a Karen Kingsbury novel. It was really good and should come out in theatres next year. However, since Karen Kingsbury is a Christian writer, I had hoped that it would have had more emphasis on Christ and Salvation. It was a well done movie but lacked that part of it. I cried a lot in it though.
After our late night movie (we RARELY go to movies because of the lack of moral movies to go see...besides that, the cost is incredible!!!) we went to ... of all places...White Castle. Are there White Castles everywhere?? I don't know if it is just a midwest/Indiana thing or not. If you don't know what they are, they're little hamburgers also nicknamed Belly Bombs and sliders. They're unique in their taste and sometimes you just crave them. I usually only crave them when I'm expecting. I'm NOT expecting. Anyway, it was kind of fun. Roger and I have never been to a White Castle together. It was a cheap and late night place to go. I think the little hamburgers were 67cents each.
Roger was then sick most of the night. Thus the name "Belly Bombs."

Well, housework calls so I'd better get started!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aunt Mic's Funeral-Some Tears and Some Laughter!

I got the sad news this past Thursday that my Aunt Mic had passed away.
She was getting old and had health problems so it was expected that she would not live much longer.
I haven't seen her as much in recent years as I used to. She moved farther from us and closer to her daughter. But she still meant a great deal to me.
She had spoken to her great nephew on HER side of the family (she was my aunt my marriage) and had asked him to speak at her funeral. She had a few requests that she wanted honored.
One was that she didn't want it to be sad, with no one crying (but we all were anyway). She wanted people who felt like it to say a few words about her. I didn't have the courage to do so...I probably would have except that I didn't want to embarrass my parents!
What I remember the most about my aunt Mic is that she always really seemed to like me. Genuinely. I don't really have an example of WHY I felt that way, but she seemed to enjoy it when I came around and I felt LOVED by her.
One time, when I was no more than 4, I was alone with her at her house...my mother must have had something to do for it was rare that I was left anywhere! But my Aunt Mic decided that we would make a chocolate cake. She stood me on a chair and started me out with the electric mixer mixing up the batter. She had to leave the kitchen for a moment but gave me a very stern warning..."DON'T LIFT THE MIXER OUT OF THE MIXING BOWL OR THE CHOCOLATE BATTER WILL SPLATTER EVERYWHERE!!"

Don't ever tell a preschooler that....

She came back a minute or so later. "You lifted the mixer, didn't you???"

I wasn't in too much trouble, but I still remember that even after all these years.

A few years or so went by and evidently she had forgiven me because Christmas presents continued to come. When I was about 12 she bought my 18 year old sister and I matching pajamas. They came with funny matching "footie" slippers.

"I told the sales clerk that there is no way those slippers would fit their feet!" I heard her tell my mom. "They're so BIG! But that's the way they're supposed to be, I was told!" she exclaimed.

Well, Aunt Mic, I never told YOU, but those slippers fit me just fine!! They probably were too big for my "big" sister, but my feet were just the right size, unfortunately!!

In accordance to her wishes, her great nephew told her that he would try to make her funeral a "happy" occasion. But he knew that there was only one way that he could do so. He told her that there was only one way that "death" could be considered something to rejoice about and that would be the death of a saint. He had to know if she had accepted Jesus as her Savior.

My aunt was not a "church going" lady. I'm sure she went sometimes but MY immediate family was ALWAYS at church...or so I'm sure it seemed to be to the rest of our family. But you know, or I hope you know, that "going to church" doesn't save you. It is what you have done with our Savior's gift of his death on the cross that matters. Tears streamed down my face as this young man explained that to the many many people gathered there. Tears of JOY were cried when he told us that she assured him that she did, indeed, know our Savior! I've wondered that since I was told of her death. It was something that I was afraid to think about. I'd talked to her before about the Lord but I didn't want to be "preachy" and to be thought of as "offensive." What a shame if she didn't know the Lord and none of us had risked telling her about Him.
My dad was sometimes like a little bulldog when it came to his faith. He seems timid at times but he did talk to his family about Salvation. I know that he spoke to his loved ones about this great Gift and that simply believing and accepting Jesus' payment for our sins was enough!

At her funeral we sang some songs and listened to some pre-recorded ones. I think one song was entitled "When I get Where I'm Going." Of course, I've heard it before but in this instance, it meant even more since I was thinking about my Aunt Mic.

Finally, after the words were all said, the prayers were prayed and the last songs were sung, she had one last request that the young man wanted to fulfil.

He said, "Now don't laugh, but this last song isn't a song that is usually played at funerals but Aunt Mic requested it!"

In just a few seconds, we heard the happy voices of children singing, "It's a Small World After All..." We couldn't help but laugh. It was just perfect, kind of "comic relief!"

I wonder if she knew that we WOULD all laugh? It was really cute and helped us how we were feeling after losing our loved one.
Thank you, Aunt Mic, for your love. Thank you for the opportunity for the rest of our family to hear about your faith and to possibly accept it as their own.

Oh...and thank you for forgiving me for the chocolate cake batter splattered all over your kitchen! You were right, it DOES make a MESS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cold Camping, Covered Bridge Festival and MORE AMISH!!

We (dear hubby and I) had a wonderful time together camping! Every year we try to take a night to celebrate his birthday and get away. Since we just spent money buying our little family camper, we decided that we needed to use it instead of trying to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast. It was rather cold....brrrrr......and we had a hard time keeping our gas furnace on!!! We later found out that there might have been air bubbles in the gas line since it started working very well at some time during the night! But until then, we had SIX blankets to keep us warm! I think that the temperatures were in the 40's!!!!
I just love the Amish and I had totally forgotten how close the western Indiana Amish settlement was to Turkey Run State Park and the Covered Bridge Festival! (We camped at the park and spent our time at the festival.) Anyway, we were driving through the area and came upon this little Amish schoolhouse. There were so many adorable little kids playing in the schoolyard! I didn't take pictures of the actual children because I wouldn't have wanted to have strangers take pictures of me...or my children! So I just took a picture of the school.
Across the country road there was a huge farm where they sold cheese! We bought two blocks of cheese and we are going to have it as part of supper tonight. We also went to several Amish stores...out in the middle of "no where". We bought a few items and chatted for a while. One place was a "bulk" foods store and we bought a lot of different items. I have been trying to find "washing soda" for a homemade laundry detergent recipe and I was blessed to have found it at one of the stores! I bought lots of things at the grocery there. I wish I lived closer...it was a real bargain lovers' paradise! I bought dry mixes to make "dips" for parties and get togethers. I really had wanted my husband to buy little packets to make "dips" when we went to some of the vendors at the festival but they were really expensive and only made one dish. At this place, we bought it for much less and will made probably 15 dishes! I can't wait to try it!

This is the covered bridge in "Bridgeton," Indiana. My hubby is the cute one....the guy in the white shirt in the middle! (Holding stuff I bought......!!!)

Another bridge outside of Bridgeton. We were on this tiny road and my dh took a picture as we drove. Notice the long line of traffic behind us? (In the mirror....) My husband did an AWESOME job maneuvering the big van and camper! I couldn't have done it...at least not without tears! I don't think he cried even once!! Isn't it great how God made us (men and women) different?

We had a wonderful time! I love my husband so much and I'm so happy that God gave him to me! I'm really trying to do my best to be the right kind of wife to him. (I'm not always!!!!)
He's a real gentleman...something I'm not used to! He takes my hand, makes sure I'm walking on the inside of the sidewalk, not near the road, holds my hand if we're walking down a hill...all that chivalrous kind of stuff! I used to think, "I can do it myself!!!" and then I decided to give in and let him be my protector. WOW is it wonderful to allow him to show me love in this way that he knows to!!!! I feel so special! It really makes me feel like I WANT to be the kind of wife he thinks I am! (He doesn't always know the grouchy feelings that I feel....ummmm....sometimes he does! )
Well, I have a long list of things that I need to get done today. I made the list last night so I'd better get started! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Cookout Get Together

Don't you just love the sound of "Get Togethers"? Just the very thought it invokes is lovely to me especially when it includes my dear family and precious friends.

I have mentioned many times before that I work two long days on Fridays and Saturdays, allowing me to be blessed by being able to stay home the other five days of the week. Every Saturday for the last six weeks we have had a party to go to! Not exactly my plan to have a party to go to after working 12 hours the day before and 12 hours on that day. (Not to mention the 40 minute drive to work and back...) Well, anyway, it has been really strange to have so many "get togethers" to be invited to. One of my co workers asked me last week if they were really "partying" kinds of parties...I answered a definite NO!!! No drinking, smoking, whatever else goes on at "parties"...

Tonight, my son called my hubby and asked us to go to his house for an impromptu bon fire! It was so nice to see them and visit with our family! I got to get lots of hugs and "holding on my laptime" with my five year old grandboy, Dylan. WHAT A GRAND LITTLE BOY HE IS!!! I adore that little guy!

Tomorrow (Sunday) my hubby and I are planning to go camping! It is downright cold here in Indiana now. I think it was 41 degrees when I left for work this morning....brrrr....I am so glad that we have a little heater in our camper! We are planning to go to "The Covered Bridge Festival" in Western Indiana. We are camping at Turkey Run State Park and then enjoying the festival. People drive from states away just to come to this festival. It is like a big craft fair covering several towns. It has been several years since I've been able to go. Last year we thought we were going and when we got there, we found out that we were a week early!! Haha! It was pretty funny. We wondered where all the traffic was. Sometimes the cars are backed up for MILES! Pretty strange for these little small country towns to have so much traffic and so many people for a few weeks a year!
We are also planning to go to flea markets and garage sales while we are in the area...like we need more stuff, right??????

On a different note...I think I'm trying to get up enough nerve to get my hair cut and permed. It has been years since I've done that. Right now, it is just long and straight. I think I'm ready for a change...but not a drastic one! I think maybe just below my shoulders and layered. My hair is so straight that I need a perm just to give it some body. I'm kind of nervous. I'm into having long hair. I would love to be able to put my hair up in a pretty bun...that way I could keep it long and still make it look pretty. HOWEVER, I have the world's largest ears. Do you remember that song "Do your ears hang long, do they wobble to and fro...can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?"...yeah, that's me. So I don't do buns. But I love them. Marci, my 19 year old, has beautiful long red hair and tiny little cute ears to go with it. All my girls have long hair and cute ears. They can all wear their hair up. Not me. I look like Dumbo.

My dear daughter in law just graduated from beauty school and I think I'm going to have her do my hair for me. When I get up the nerve....

I'm so excited about Josh and Anna Duggar's new little baby girl!! If you don't know who they are, they are the son and daughter in law of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of "18 Kids and Counting." I have two shows that I watch each week. One is "Monk" and the other one is "18 Kids and Counting." I am so inspired by that family!!
I love them. I want to be them when I grow up. Except that I'm slightly older than them. I still want to be them.

It's late, I've breathed in too much bonfire smoke, I'm tired and I'm extremely goofy so I need to go to bed.
Blessings to you all! Love, Beth

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big News and Rainy Day Garage Sales!

Wow! Did we have big big news this week! I was sworn to secrecy until last night but now I am free to tell! My son and his beautiful bride of 10 weeks are 4 1/2 weeks expecting! Yay! I am a little surprised but not much! I told them that if they keep this going, they're going to beat out the Duggars! I know that Josh Duggar and his wife are already expecting and they've been married less than a year. I am so excited to have Danny and Erin already blessed. They dated for at least six years and have been through so much together. (I am a big fan of the Duggars, by the way! I wish I had had more of my own children! What blessings they are!!)
Erin hasn't been to her doctor yet...she has her first appointment in November. Danny has been calling it "tadpole" but Erin has put a stop to that! So, Jennie, my 16 year old, renamed it "Minnow..." not much better than tadpole, huh?
So, Holly and Aaron will be adding to our family, Lord willing, in January with a little boy. Her sister is expecting to deliver just two or three days earlier! (another boy) Of course, she isn't REALLY in our family but we have been close to her since she is my daughter in law's sister so...she counts, too! Danny and Erin will, Lord willing, have their little one in early summer.
Our oldest grandchild, Dylan, Aaron and Holly's little boy, will turn 6 in January, and Seraphina who is Roger's daughter, Abi and her husband Sam's precious little girl. She will be one in November!
BABIES BABIES BABIES!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, we are going to start the process of becoming licensed foster parents with the idea of possibly adopting a young sibling group through foster care. We're expecting God's leading in this part of our lives. I'm not really sure about regular foster care because it would break my heart to give them back.

It is pretty miserable in Indiana today. Temperatures are around 54 or so with rain, rain, rain. So, what else should you do on a cold, miserable, rainy day than go to garage sales! Crazy, huh?
There were 4 or 5 sales in the neighborhood next to us...in the "mini mansion" district so I took advantage of the sales and bought lots of baby toys and a few clothes. I am disinfecting the toys right now. I can't wait to see our little tiny girl when she gets here! She is going to love them! I even bought some new, never out of the package toys to keep back for Christmas!

I bought a little VCR combo TV as well since my son took off with mine. Hmmm strange how that happens sometimes. I think it was broken by the time he married, though. I bought a set of VHS tapes for Pride and Prejudice that I can't wait to watch! Love those movies!

Well, my girls have our lunch ready and I need to relinquish the computer to school work so I need to go!
Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homeschool Trip to Indiana's Amish Community!!

My girlies and I took a "field trip"...or one might call it a "road trip" yesterday. For months I've been wanting to revisit the Amish areas of Northern Indiana so I decided yesterday would be the day! We didn't get as early a start as I would have liked to have but we still had a wonderful day and beautiful weather.
Jennie worked on her crocheting project as we drove several hours and Becca read her latest novel until we got there. (I also was able to stop and look at two fairly modest model homes that we are considering having built. We'd love to get back to the country at some point! But we're trying to leave it for God's direction in our lives.)

So, anyway, we drove to Shipshewana, Indiana. There is a large community of Amish in Northern Indiana stretching throughout many many towns and countryside. We weren't able to spend a tremendous amount of time this trip. Used to be, my daughters and I would spend part of spring break there each year but since Roger and I have been married, he has opted to go to Florida...

In Nappanee, Indiana, there is a place called Amish Acres that shows you how the Amish live/lived throughout the years. It is kind of pricey, though, and we chose not to do it this time.

In Shipshewana, there is a large building shaped like a big red barn that you can go through and it takes you back to the beginning of the the separation of the Amish. That is a really interesting place to go and if you are ever in that part of Indiana, I would highly recommend it. It makes a very educational homeschool trip! There is also a huge flea market there...I believe on Mondays?? I have never gone but I understand it is incredible.

Wouldn't you just love to take a ride in this buggy? Well, not on the highway...the semis were going by so fast and my girls kept saying "Don't those semi drivers know that they could just blow those buggies off the road?"

We always go to "WanaCup" restaurant in Shipshewana and to the Yoder's department store across the street. We bought fabric and I bought a denim split skirt for me! I plan to use it to make a pattern from as well. The restaurant is a nice diner for the Amish and "English" alike. We were served by a very pleasant young Amish lady named Lisa.

We drove throughout the countryside appreciating their lovely well kept farms and gardens and waved at the Amish as they drove by in their buggies or rode by us on their bikes. Of course, out of respect for their beliefs, we did not take any pictures of the people themselves. They were very friendly and smiled and waved back at us.

My favorite little town is Emma. It is so tiny and just full of Amish and Mennonite houses. There is a little corner store there that I would have loved to have stopped in. However, it was getting late, I had many hours to drive home AND I had already spent too much money! We will have to keep that for another trip! Can you tell that it was near evening...with the long shadows on the road? I had to hurry back home!!

If I could live anywhere I wanted, I would certainly choose northern Indiana. It is just beautiful...full of neat farms, horses, gardens, horses, country roads, horses, did I mention Horses????
It would be pretty far to visit our married children and our tiny grandkids. Not TERRIBLY far...but far enough to really have to plan a trip to visit. I really believe that especially in this day and age, it is important to be active in grandchildren's lives so it is unlikely that we will ever live there. But I am grateful to be able to be able to visit every once in a while!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit to the Pumpkin farm and Roger's Paisley Cake!

We recently went to a farmer's vegetable stand where we have purchased many vegetables this past summer. This time he has 5 acres of pumpkins! His prices were very reasonable so the two younger kids picked out their pumpkins. Our church is having a harvest celebration in the middle of October so we are buying pumpkins to give away to the kids that come as well!

At "The Country Market", we bought gourds to decorate our home. This Cornucopia was a Goodwill Find! It matches our kitchen and family room color scheme so it looks nice on our table! I love those finds!

Gideon loves his big pumpkin! He thinks he should carve it out, add a face and wear it on his head to scare the little kids who come to our door on Halloween. I'm going to try to talk him out of that...yuck.

Becca is looking for that "perfect" pumpkin! I bought several to cut up and make pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread. Can you believe it? I've never ever made a pumpkin pie before! I promised Becca that we would "learn together..." sometime very soon!I had a very busy Saturday! I worked from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. and then we had a surprise party for my sweet and pretty daughter in law, Holly. She just graduated from cosmetology school after faithfully attending for around two years. She has been wanting to do that for quite a while and I am so proud of her (and her hubby, Aaron, and their little guy Dylan.) She is also going to be the proud mama of a little boy expected to be born in January!

There were close to 40 people waiting to surprise her at a local restaurant and of course, she cried when we all cried, "Surprise, Congratulations!" She was taken back and she said, "But what did I do??!!"

My son, Aaron, asked that we...mostly Roger...create a "paisley" cake for her and I must brag just a bit on his artistic ability! I think it was just beautiful!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beth's "Egg"citing Baking Abilities.......And then some....

Well, I've had "one of those days" today. Not really a bad one, just a full one. Things haven't gone on schedule...much of it because I have failed to plan very well OR to prioritize!
So tonight, at supper time, I was working hard and fast trying to get a large cake in the oven for a very important event. We are baking and decorating this cake....I'm baking and making the frosting and my dear hubby is the "cake decorator extraordinaire." (Thank goodness for spellcheck...I hardly even use that word, much less know how to spell it....)
Anyway, I was using our fairly new Kitchenaid Mixer and was having it mix slowly as I was adding the eggs. I had already mixed up most of the cake (three boxes) and was finishing with the eggs when I broke one and accidently DROPPED IT IN THE BATTER! I hollered (that's Hoosier for "yelled") and hurried to stop the mixer. Well, I turned it on FASTER instead of slowing it to a stop.
Becca, my right hand girl in the kitchen, just giggled.
I tried to scoop out the pieces and we thought we were pretty successful until we tried to put it back together again. Remember Humpty Dumpty????
We figured out that we were missing part of him. I couldn't find the missing limb or whatever it was with the large spoon so I had no choice but to go looking for him myself. I thoroughly washed my hands with antibacterial soap and dove in. I found it all, I think.
I am going to swear you all to secrecy...I don't really want anyone else to know that I've messed around in the batter.....
The house smells really yummy right now. The cake is almost done and I have stir fry in our wok. (This is the first time I've used the wok and according to Roger, who owned it before he "owned" me said it has never been used to his knowledge.) I thought woks weren't supposed to burn....I need to stop blogging while I cook.

Tonight will be our 4th straight "family devotions time" at the dinner table. I hope this is a good trend. We seem to be better at it at supper time since we are all together then anyway. We've been reading Proverbs but I hope to talk to my precious hubby about reading something different with the kids. Proverbs is wonderful but I think the younger kids are a bit bored. I don't want them to think of it as drudgery or constant preaching "at" them.

Any ideas? I'm sure my husband is quite capable...having been a youth pastor for many years in previous years. You didn't know that, did you? I don't think I've blogged about that...I wasn't in his life then...although we knew each other from high school. I feel kind of bad that most likely that part of his life is over since he married a "divorced" person. Our particular denomination would frown upon him being a youth pastor again because of that. My husband, on the other hand, was a widower.
I imagine that God has plans for us that we just don't know about regarding our service to Him. We had kind of served together in a "singles" group before we married but now that we are married to each other, they kind of "booted us out"...in a nice way, though.
Well, everyone is gathered to eat and I am not in there!
Gotta go...Blessings!