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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sick Puppy

It is amazing how quickly a cute, black, wiggly puppy can get into your heart. We've had our Annie less than two weeks and yet I love that little dog so much.
She is now critically ill. She threw up on Monday night...I thought she was just overly excited because I had been gone most of the day and she was soooo very happy to have me back home. But the next morning, we couldn't get her to get out of her crate...she wouldn't eat and would barely drink. She then got even sicker, intestinally
My sister in law, who is a wonderful  breeder of  champion Australian Shepherds, facebooked us and told us to get her to the vet's right away.
She feared the worst and she was right...Annie has parvo, a deadly virus that attacks the intestines and bone marrow. Since we had only had her a little while, we hadn't gotten her to the clinic to get her shots. It wouldn't have mattered at this point anyway because the incubation period started, most likely, before we even got her.

I had to make the hard decision to either let Annie die or to invest LOTS of money into trying to get her well.
That is something that we really can't afford right now...but I did it anyway.

She is currently in the animal hospital...holding her own...but dreadfully sick.

She is such a good little girl. I have high hopes of her living a long and good life being adored by all of us.
I'm going to go see her as soon as we get done with our homeschooling today. Hopefully she will be a little bit better.

Could you offer a prayer to our God for our little puppy? I know it may sound silly but I do think that the Lord cares about what we care about...and we really care about our puppy...



  1. Not silly at all. Praying for your little Annie!

  2. Praying for that precious pup. That is awful.
    Hopefully she will be happily at home again soon.

  3. Huh, maybe that's why the gas station lady was so eager to get rid of her? She knew Annie had been exposed to parvo?