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Friday, November 13, 2015

A LONG Silence....

Much has happened since I last posted just over a year ago. It has been an extremely difficult year. Our adoption of the precious little girl in China fell through. It was horrible. I honestly don't believe that I have been through heartache as I have this past year. Added to the fact that we have lost this little girl, and this little girl lost a family who already loved her beyond belief, was the fact that someone....a very vindictive someone....went to the adoption agency and told many twisted things about us. Everything was done maliciously and we were not allowed to defend ourselves. They wouldn't even tell us what was said but it was enough to deny us this child.

Heartbreaking. Lies.......oh well.

But, after many many months of deep sorrow, the Lord has given us another little girl, Elizabeth. She is 12 and is precious. She arrived five weeks ago today! She is originally from Ethiopia and went through an interrupted adoption. She is doing pretty well....we are all adjusting. Israel is adjusting to not being the only youngish child in our home. (The others are all grown now, in college, or working!) Two other adoption agencies believed in us enough to realize that the things another person said were not true and in fact, illegal.

I am still incredibly saddened by the loss of this child. Every time I see an Asian little girl, I will think of her, pray for her, wish for her.

But we have our Elizabeth, who is equally precious and in need of loving parents. We love her and she is learning to trust and care for us as well.

God is good. We don't understand why things happen and why He allows them to happen but we still need to trust. God's ways are not our ways. We, most likely, would be happy to give in to His will ALWAYS if we knew what His plans are for us. That's where faith comes in. I must admit that I have had a terrible lack of faith this past year. I have been driven to the bring of depression and despair but He is faithful....and so is my precious husband.

Yet, here we are, with our own little girl. She doesn't look like I thought she would, she looks much like Israel! She is adorable....and I love her and appreciate her!

I will write more about our new little girl in the future...but for now, this is enough!

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