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Thursday, December 3, 2009

One of my favorite blogs (Coffee, Tea, Books and Me) today asks the question, "What small action can we perform today to show the enemy of our souls that he is not going to win?"
That has made an impact on me today. This has been a rough couple of weeks for us at our house. We've been battling a terrible virus. Even more then that, every time I feel like we have made some major strides in our home and in our walk with the Lord, something happens. I know that I have failed our Lord over and over again. I'm tired of it. I don't want to FAIL, I don't want the enemy to win.

I keep thinking of the story of Job in the Bible. Satan kept running back and forth to God trying to find a way to make Job fall in his walk with God. However, he was always faithful.
I wonder how many times Satan has "won" when I fall in my walk. I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back. I keep giving myself "excuses" for why I failed but really, there is no excuse to fail God. He gives us the strength, the resources and the GRACE to be able to accomplish our task EVEN when things get thrown in our way that mess us up.

Two weeks ago something happened that I was afraid of. I allowed past experiences to cloud my judgment and I DIDN'T allow the "PEACE of God to rule in my heart." I'm sure I hurt people with my fear, my words and my reactions when nothing was meant to harm my family or myself. I know it is difficult to "get over" certain experiences but God doesn't want us to live in fear, either. I know that I am talking in riddles and am not very clear about anything. Let me just say that my family has been a victim of domestic violence in the past and those memories raise their ugly heads sometimes. My dear husband ROGER is NOT the person I was afraid of. He is the most gentle, precious man in the world and I have NOTHING to fear from him. This came from somewhere else and I over reacted.

My dear dear daughter in law lost her mother, also, due to domestic violence and this adds yet another layer onto my fears.

I've faced an unreasonable fear that I have had. I failed God at first but hopefully, I "finished the race" this time ok.

So, back to my topic, what little thing can I do today to show the enemy of my soul that he is NOT going to win?
First, I'm going to brew yet ANOTHER cup of English tea, sit in my pretty living room with the white lights on our Christmas tree, and Pray. I'm going to REALLY PRAY like I haven't prayed in a few months.
Then, I'm going to read my Bible and listen to God's words.
Then, if God directs me to, I'm going to say something really nice and HEARTFELT to the person I over reacted to...by email.
Then....I'm going to make some fudge!!!!


  1. Yes! Fudge makes EVERYTHING better. Oh, yeah, prayer helps a little, too.

    I mean, "Strike that. Reverse it." (Can you guess where that quote is from?)

  2. Loved the family thanksgiving pic :) beautiful family!

    This is an excellent post and I too need to let go of fear.
    I have been feeling super dizzy lately and almost fell in the shower and at a store a few times. Its been a week Ive been dealing with this. Yesterday I got so anxious over it that it may have caused my already high blood pressure to sky rocket sending me to see my doctor. Long story sorta short, I have to keep testing my BP every day to see if my meds need to be upped. I realized that I have been in bondage to weight for so long and finally need to take it serious and get it off so that hopefully my BP will go down. I also need to relax and stop worrying. I have had serious health issues before and while I do take the precautions, I still need to let go of the fear I have about health issues so that the issues can go away as fast as they appeared. I have trust God with my health. It is so hard for me. satan wants me to be scared but I cant let him win.