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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sledding Days and Snow Daze!

It has been snowing off and on for a few days...just enough to take the kids sledding! When I got up early this morning with Roger, I thought that it would be fun to go but by the time we actually went, the snow had melted a bit and there were lots of kids on the local sledding hill wearing off the snow! This is a barn/working farm at our local park. Across the street is this pretty Methodist church. It is so pretty at night when it is all lit up but I thought it was a neat scene as we walked to the sledding hill.
Gideon put his saucer sled on his back and started singing the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme song! That used to be the bigger boys' favorite show. When Danny who is now 22 was little, about 2, he would take his clothes off and run through the house. When I finally caught him and reprimanded him for being ....ummm....clothesless, he would say in his little baby voice, "But Turtles don't gots no clothes!" Wow, was I happy when "the Turtles" started wearing AT LEAST trenchcoats!

Becca was all bundled up and having a good time. We also brought the dog but she didn't make it into any pictures! She had a blast...she's a German Shepherd mix and looks FEROCIOUS. However, a tiny little Pug scared her and she cowered behind me. SISSY dog!

Back at our house...I love the snow on the hydrangeas and the old wagon wheel!

The "old homestead"...not as decked out for CHRISTmas as it usually is. We didn't do all the lights as Roger normally does. I think he didn't have the energy and he didn't want our electricity bill to go up like it did last year!
We're trying to get some housework done and some cookies made! We MIGHT deliver some cookies and fudge and gifts tonight. We usually go carolling. The kids are beginning to really NOT want to do that but I think we're going to try to persuade them to sing with us!
I've made up some little papers to go along with our cookies that have verses and the plan of salvation on them to deliver to our neighbors. This is a way that we can reach out to the people we don't know very well in love through Christ...who is, after all, the GREATEST GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS!
Love you!

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