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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little bit of "cohesion"...

Today I was quizzing Rebecca in preparation for her Science test. A word she had to define was "cohesion."
The definition in her book said it is "The phenomenon that occurs when individual molecules are so strongly attracted to each other that they tend to stay together, even when exposed to tension."
"Wow!" I thought. "That sounds just like our marriage!"
I decided that it would be a wonderful object lesson for Becca...and me.

"It's just like Roger and I are the molecules and we love each other so much that we will stay together even when we are exposed to tension."

We have lots of tension sometimes in our home. I'm sure most families do but it is how we handle the tension that determines how well we are "cohesive." (THAT was Roger's word for ME tonight when I told him about our science lesson today. Ummm...I had to look it up after he went upstairs just to make sure I understood what it meant...)

He said, "Now that we have had cohesion we are cohesive." (Well integrated or unified.)

Most of the time we ARE unified. It hasn't been easy with two separate families living in one house. It is easier NOT to be unified because it takes WORK for our marriage to be COHESIVE. (I like that word...I think I'll use it more often...!!!) We could just go on our selfish lazy way and not make the effort it takes to be successful!

The thing that makes us more COHESIVE....if I dare call it a "thing"... is Jesus Christ. We are led and guided by the Holy Spirit and He is the One leading our marriage. God is the Foundation on which our marriage is built. After that is the love, companionship, friendship, and commitment that we share.

This is something that I did not have when I was married before and I am so grateful to have God as the focal point of our marriage...although it isn't perfect, God is, and we strive to better ourselves every day!

Blessings to you all!
Have a lovely day!


  1. A wonderful object lesson. Don't you just love applying lessons learned in our schoolwork to life? Awesome. It is also so good that you recognized yourselves in this word.

    Becky K.