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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowy snowy Saturday!

I admit it...this is NOT an award winning dessert...it isn't even very attractive...but it sure tasted good! I have never attempted a baked cheesecake....obviously....but I wanted to make something for our Ladies Missionary Luncheon today. So last night I decided that I would bake a cheesecake. I didn't have all the ingredients on hand to make it so I improvised. (That is my excuse for it being less than lovely...) Anyway, I actually used several tablespoons of my homemade strawberry jam to flavor it and I added some chocolate chips. It's very ugly but very yummy and it was a hit! I didn't even have enough cream cheese so I used some whipped cream cheese for bagels and cream cheese fruit dip that I had left over from a fruit tray as well as a package of cream cheese. Talk about "Yankee Ingenuity", right? It was a fun thing to try and next time maybe I will follow a recipe.......

We woke up early this morning to MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger and Gideon went to a men's prayer breakfast and while they were gone, the Heavens opened wide and dumped lots of snow on us just in time for the Ladies' Missionary Luncheon. (so much that our missionary lady couldn't come....) We had a good time anyway and I talked to ladies that I usually don't sit with so I really got to know some of them better!
Isn't this incredible?? This was taken on my way home from the luncheon...from my car window!

This county road hadn't been plowed and the snow was so deep that I could hear it dragging under the car! I wasn't sure I was going to make it home! In the distance you can just barely make out a truck coming and I was really worried that we were not going to make it past each other without someone driving into the ditch! We were fine, though!

I leaned out the side door of our little church to take this one. Can you believe how high the snow is piled? It came up over the bottom of some of the windows.

This is the old part of our little church. I think it's about 150 years old or so. We had our Luncheon in this old auditorium (which is also where they have their tiny Christian school!)
We probably had about 25 ladies today...all braving about 5 inches of snow that fell this morning and early afternoon!
But isn't it adorable with all the snow? It kind of looks like a little Christmas card! On Sunday mornings one of the young men in our church (a homeschool boy!!) rings the church bell. (Not that we get to hear it very often...we are usually running a bit late......) It's a happy sound, though, when we do hear it and the young man takes his job very seriously! He also helps keep the sidewalks shoveled and salted! (AND he's a farmboy!!) (I keep telling my teenage daughters that HE is a young man to watch...from a distance for a while....but still......)
They just roll their eyes and remind me that I have also told them I wanted them to marry one of the "Duggar" boys (of "19 Kids and Counting")..... Well, A MOMMA CAN DREAM, CAN'T SHE???????? I'm sure that there are a LOT of Mommas and Daddies wanting to fix their children up with one of those kids. They're pretty incredible!!
Well, I suppose I should take advantage of the quiet house right now and get some work done. I'd rather take a nap. However, since I am going to start packing for our move, I want to sort through my scrapbook and photo things. I went through some of my fabric and have reduced it to just one tub!
Have a lovely, blessed day!


  1. Your snow pictures are just beautiful, especially the church. It's Sunday afternoon here and I'm just going in to have a little read and maybe I might get a little nap in as well. It's raining here today after a very very hot week. What a relief!!!

    Blessings Gail

  2. How gorgeous! And I am very impressed with your sorting and reducing. Amazing!