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Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a "ROOZYFUL" day!

Trinket Kitty...doesn't SHE look cozy? She is pretty excited, however, that she can hear birds outside our windows!
Ice cycles on the side of our house!!

A work of art!

The view from our front door! The sunlight has been blinding! This is ICE...not snow!!!!

"Too much effort to look at the birds..." she thought.

The sun is shining silver on the frozen yards, streets, fields, and houses here in central Indiana this morning and I am thinking it seems like a ROOZYFUL day!
Becca and I are about to head out to a "Tom Sawyer" play in an hour or so! It is a production for public schools but they are allowing some of us who homeschool to attend as well! "Tom Sawyer" is a book that the kids in Becca's age group are reading, studying, and disecting this term so when the chance came up to go to this play, we eagerly took it! We haven't been on a "field trip" all year so this is wonderful!
Are you wondering what "Roozyful" means?? I don't know either...It's NOT really a word but it seems like a cute, pleasant kind of a thought to me! (I discovered it when I had to "type in the letters that appear" when I commented on someone's blog and there it was! Roozyful!)
It reminds me of Mary Englebreit's drawings...wimsical, cozy, etc...like drinking a nice hot cup of tea with my cat, a quilt and the latest copy of Victoria Magazine!
When the sun is shining and melting the frozen tundra, it just seems like "Roozyful" is a fitting kind of word for how I'm feeling!
Have a lovely, roozyful kind of day!


  1. My middle school music class did that play. I remember the auditions were kind of intense although I did not audition myself.

    Enjoy your day...careful with all of that ice. It looks a lot like that here too.

  2. Ooh, I love Tom Sawyer. And roozyful, what a lovely word! I'm glad you sort of made it up.