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Friday, March 25, 2011

Roger's improving!

Another long day at the hospital yesterday but praise the Lord, Roger is getting better! Still having some strange hallucinations...probably from the pain medicines. Trinket once again visited him and then he saw lots of kittens running around the "travertine tile." (I don't know what travertine tile is...but ROGER hallucinates about it!) And what is it about cats all of the sudden????

He had another kind of funny hallucination later on. About suppertime, someone came in asking him if he got his supper tray. The lady left and Roger said to me, "I don't even know who P Diddy is!! I think he is a "Rocker"!"

This morning I came downstairs and had some of our own P Diddy to clean up since someone forgot to take care of our new crazy little dog, Bella. She also got into a whole bowl of dried Asian noodles from the pantry and ate them all! Poor Rebecca will now probably have something other than P Diddy to clean up later on today.

I'm sure that was completely inappropriate...but sometimes you just GOTTA laugh!!

Yesterday morning, I had made up my mind to climb up on the roof of our new little ranch house and fix the ridge cap that had blown off and needed to be reshingled. NO, OF COURSE I HAVE NEVER FIXED A RIDGE CAP....but I was certain I could do it. (First I changed out of my customary denim skirt and into some lovely fitting "yoga" pants. I don't do yoga, either, just in case you wondered.) I had already purchased the little tube of tar and roofing nails I needed. Since I couldn't get the large extension ladder we have at our current house to fit into my little mini van, I hoped that I could make do with the smaller ladder we had at the other house.
Well, when I go there, I realized that it wasn't tall enough! So, I went back into the house a bit discouraged since our Indiana weather is calling for some more nastiness this weekend and Roger is laying in the hospital worrying about the roof leaking.
Not more than five minutes went by and my dear precious dad called and said he had planned to come other that afternoon and fix the roof. My dad is 76 years old...but is in the condition of a man in his early 60s...if that old. I told him NO! I was afraid he would fall off the roof and be really hurt. (He has the tendency to do that kind of thing! He wouldn't be my Dad if he didn't have a cut up hand or leg or whatever all the time!)
Anyway, he won the argument and came over yesterday and fixed the ridge cap and repaired some other missing shingles. He is and always has been my hero. So is Roger...just not in the same way!

Roger's leg was looking much better when I went home late last night. He is going to be so touched by your prayers and thoughts toward him! Thank you!!



  1. You crack me up! At least you were willing to go up on the roof....and tried. I would not have been so brave. Thank goodness for your Dad.

    Poor dog. They do get themselves into trouble sometimes. Poor Chelsea woke up at 4am to Chloe getting sick on her bed. Off came the sheets and Chloe was out of the room. I felt badly for poor Chelsea.

    Still praying for a complete recovery for Roger. You'll have some good laughs later about those hallucinations.

  2. You had me ROLLING with the P Diddy! HAHAHA! But when I started reading your next paragraph about the ridge cap, I guess my eyes got a little crossed or something because somehow, I read that you were going to WALK the ridge cap (like Anne of Green Gables tried to), and I couldn't get the picture of you walking the ridge cap out of my mind in order to read it right for a little while! :-)

    I'm glad to hear that Roger is feeling better today. I've been praying like crazy! (But if he does get all the way better, I'm going to miss his hallucinations. Heehee.)