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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on my honey....

Hi everyone. Roger is STILL in the hospital...this is early Thursday morning...I'm getting ready to go to bed for a while. He is still suffering with cellulitis in his leg and still running a fever with nausea and major pain. He seems to be having the worst headache ever and getting very nauseated with that. He's on an IV with antibiotics and fluids. They're giving him some pretty strong pain medicines as well.
He DOES show a marked improvement in the huge infection in his leg, however, so that is a praise, isn't it?
It's also wonderful that God loves Roger even more that we do and I love him with all my heart. So God must be allowing him to suffer through this for some greater good...even if it is to give God the glory.
I know that it endearing Roger even more to my heart. Usually it is HIM that has taken care of ME these last few years since we've been married. It is nice to be able to love on him in this way...even though we'd really rather be working on our house or ......just about ANYTHING than to have him laying so sick in the hospital!

Our pastor and youth pastor came by the hospital this morning and this evening after church our Sunday School teacher came by. We are SOOOOO blessed to have such a wonderful church family!!

Tonight Roger claimed he saw our cat Trinket and then later, evidently our other cat Harmony ran under a chair that wasn't there. Then he started talking to someone...it wasn't me...telling him or her goodbye. Last night there was a big noise and he said, "Well, that could wash the dishes!"
I'm not quite sure what that meant, but I hope whatever it was WILL wash the dishes because there seems to be some that needs to be done in this house as I just came home to it!

I think I have some young teenagers who can handle the dishes quite well on their own, don't you think so???????

It did upset me quite a bit when he started imagining things and I went outside the room and had a good cry. But all seemed better just before I left and I think he might have a restful night.

Thanks for your prayers...I DO think he is on the mend.

Blessings to you all,


  1. This is a great site! I like the way you set this up and great content as well!...Daniel

  2. Oh Beth, I wish I could give you a hug. Yesterday morning I got awake at 4:30 and the Lord brought Roger to my mind. I prayed for him then. I thought of you throughout the day yesterday and checked for updates...so thanks for posting this one....I will pray now.

    Praying for Roger's swift recovery and peace of mind for you and the children.

  3. Back to say...I hope you don't mind that I copied some of this post to ask others to pray. I know that both you and Roger need prayer support right now.
    We serve an Awesome God!
    He is right there with you!!

  4. Prayer is being lifted for you and Roger!

    With the hallucinations perhaps it is medication related or a lack of good oxygenation of his blood? It happened to my grandma.

    God is with you!


  5. I'm wondering that too. About the hallucinations. Could it be a side affect from meds? Meds can cause some crazy mind stuff. I will continue to pray. So glad the healing is coming along even if it is taking it's sweet time!!


  6. Oh Beth, how scary. I'm glad you updated, and your humor made me chuckle about the dishes. We're all praying.