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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adoption Update....

Wow...it seems like we are bouncing around like a ping pong ball!
Saturday we attended our first foster care workshop. I found it very interesting...somewhat sad in certain aspects, but very educational.

However.......DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........................

Our original plan....adopting from Lesotho, Africa.....is on GO!!!!

Our adoption agency contacted us last week and said that our dossier is ready to be hand delivered to the government agency in Lesotho in two weeks or so!!!!!!

We MAY BE matched up with a child or children within just a few months!!!!

We are going to continue to go forward with the foster care classes. They are very educational for all aspects of adoption and depending on how many little ones we are matched with in Africa, we may want to adopt from foster care in the future. We know that we would like to have two children in our home! (besides the teenage children that we already have...)

This is an incredibly exciting time in our lives and also VERY busy...so it is pretty likely that our waiting time won't seem quite so long for us!

Marci and Ben are getting married in late April. (Marci is my oldest daughter, soon to be 22.) We are doing all her food for her reception, pasta, salad, bread, wedding cake, candy, cookies....etc....

Jennie will be graduating from high school AND will have earned her CNA license by May! We've got to figure out how we are going to do her graduation party! She will actually be receiving her diploma from OUR homeschool since the high school she is currently attending wants her to retake all of THEIR final exams for her year she was homeschooled. We are not going to make her do that since she will be tested on things that she didn't study for through her Abeka homeschooling classes. Besides that, in order for her to make room in her school day to take her classes for her CNA license, she had to take other classes outside of her school day...more homeschooling classes. So we are just going to give her a diploma through us...a registered home school through Indiana.

Niece Jessica will be getting married in June...and we are doing her cake and flowers!

Our church most likely will be allowing us to have a fund raiser dinner for adoption in the spring!

Daughter in law ERIN is expecting baby number 2 in the late summer!!! Woohoo!!! Another little person like 1 1/2 year old Liam to keep up with! No wonder she is a skinny Mommy! (I know, Erin, all those miles running and exercising has nothing to do with it, right???)

Hopefully the "big" house will sell soon and we can start adding on a family room to this little house we live in. We do love it...it's just kinda tight quarters.....

So...lots to think about and to plan for!


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  1. Wow! Things are hopping at your place! I'm glad to hear about it all!