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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cooking lessons.....

Jennie and I went shopping for a new cookbook for her late last week. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked at Joanne Fabrics and spent WAY too much time there. We got to Half Price Books with only five minutes to shop...so we went elsewhere to look for a new cookbook. (Jennie was a very good sport......bad bad momma.....)

At HomeGoods, we found a wonderful book for her! It called "The Easy to Use Beginner's First Cookbook." That sounds so juvenile but wow it is really a good one! (and not at all for children!)

It takes her through some fundamentals but then it has her really use those basics in some pretty involved recipes.

Today she made Chili Con Carne. (with steak (!!!) and red wine.) I felt really awkward buying a tiny bottle of wine...we are non drinkers. Goodness, the house smelled like a distillery when she started using it to make the cooked sauce! I think next time we MIGHT use juice instead.

Luckily, my two teenage daughters are CONVINCED that wine is the nastiest smelling thing and they don't ever think they will drink it!

I'm very proud of her efforts...it is a long recipe and she did it all alone!

Blessings, Beth


  1. Awesome. I love cook books. I will check my library for that one! Thanks for sharing.