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Monday, July 9, 2012

More Adoption News!!

We sign the papers on Wednesday....the original adoptive parents sign away their rights and we sign for our rights to adopt Israel. Kind of a bittersweet day, I guess...Great for us...sad for his previous adoptive father who really hates this whole thing.

I talked to our little Israel by phone last week and told him that we were thinking about him ALL the time! He asked, "Why are you thinking about me so much?"

Wow....if he only knew how committed we are to him and are loving him already....I think he just doesn't understand. I don't think he can understand that we love him before he loves us and that we want to be his family and give him all that we can give him....love, security, a home...

I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend. I realize that WE as humans are incapable of understanding the vastness of God's love for us...even before we love HIM....that He would die for us. Amazing. Like Israel, we just don't understand it yet. Hopefully Israel will comprehend our love for him even though we can not fully comprehend God's love for us!

I'll keep you updated...he should be joining us soon!!


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