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Saturday, June 30, 2012

We've Been Approved!!!

FINALLY....the biggest hurdle that we have had to jump is over! The last adoption agency that we have had to deal with has said YES to us! It has been a really strange situation since we have been approved by everyone else a long time ago but because of the unusual situation with our little boy, the original placing adoption agency had to say ok as well! And they just did so....now it is in the hands of the attorneys who will hand it over to the courts and then they will tell us when to sign the papers and go get our little guy!

I took a picture of his room and sent it to his foster mom. He didn't say much about it at first. He is really apprehensive about everything as I certainly understand that he would be that way! Poor little guy....all these different homes and different rules...different "moms and dads"....

He asked me once if I was going to take care of him for his life....imagine having to worry about that! Most of us have never been concerned about that as a six year old child. My life as a little six year old was filled with love, laughter, baby dolls and farm life...not starvation, abuse, neglect, major illnesses, and rejection.

There will be a time of adjustment for our little guy. He will have to learn to trust us and eventually understand love. We know it is going to be a struggle for all of us from time to time. We can't expect everything to go smoothly all the time but God is with us. He is the One Who set our feet on this path. He is the One Who knew Israel before he was even born. He is the One Who brought him out of the Congo and set his course to coincide with ours. He is the only One who can make things ok for all of us. He is the One Who loved Israel enough to take care of him when Israel was dying in Africa and prepared the way for him. He is an amazing God! He is the only God! He is the omniscient, omnipotent loving Father to us all....


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  1. That is great, Beth! praising the LORD with you. Blessings, Glenys