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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I drove to Chicago yesterday and picked up my Jennie....she had spent 7 lovely weeks in England with her boyfriend's parents. (well...he was there, too...) She had a wonderful time and is kind of sad to be back.  However, she is happy to meet new nephew Parker and get to know her new little brother Israel a little bit better...or a whole lot better!! She did admit to having missed all of us...a little bit!! haha

So this Momma's heart was really happy yesterday when I saw her for the first time in nearly two months. She couldn't understand why I was crying!!

Now that sad news...my oldest daughter, Marci, and her husband Ben, are leaving for Seattle tomorrow. No, it's not just for a visit...they're moving there. Weep, sob, kick and scream on the floor....

I know it's part of the growing up thing...with her going off to do her own thing and live her own life...but it's sad. I will miss her intensely! Seattle is a long long long way from Indiana....

We're having a going away party for them tonight and I know there will be a LOT of tears on my part.

I'm happy for her....kinda....


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