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Friday, August 17, 2012


I love my sleep...I really do. I know what the Bible says about being lazy...but I do value some good sleep.
Lately little Mr. Israel has been waking us up with "I can't sleep..."
Hmmm...funny...WE WERE!

Early this morning Roger put him back to bed with another song and a sip of water while I checked my phone to see what time it was. I had a new message from baby girl Marci who has JUST moved from Indiana all the way across the world (well...it seems like it....) to Seattle. She has downloaded literally HUNDREDS of pictures to facebook....so of course, I just had to click my way through them...in the middle of the night...or early morning. But it is a comfort to see their things all settled in their little apartment....

The next thing I heard again...was, "I can't sleep..."
Poor Roger...he said, "Pray that God will let you get some rest...."  (I am sure that my Roger was praying that EXACT prayer.....")  I think that we will need to start turning off the hall light which shines right into Israel's eyes. We'll need to get a nightlight for the hallway, I think....either that or earplugs for us.

On a different subject...we have a few really odd animals. At least their personalities are pretty strange.
"Harmony" is the schizophrenic cat. She can be sweet and loving one minute and attack your ankles when you walk by the next minute.
She also has a really odd way of eating and drinking. She will literally pick up her food with her paws and eat from her "hand." She does the very same thing with water! She will scoop it up and lap it from her paw. Seriously.
Sometimes I think I'M in charge around here and I'm finding out I am wrong. It's kind of scary. Harmony loves to drink out of the bathtub. Well...not when it is full, but she likes to have the stopper in place and then have you just put a little bit of water in it for her. I don't have the foggiest idea how we knew what she wanted, we just do...
Sometimes I will walk into the bathroom and there she sits, IN the bathtub LOOKING at the faucet and the stopper....WILLING it to fill up just a little bit with water...she stares, unwavering with great expectation and confidence of what will come...willing...willing.....willing.....

Somehow, oddly, I am drawn to the bathtub and I push in stopper and turn on the faucet...just a little. She rises and drinks.......she KNEW it would come...

And I thought I was in charge around here.......


  1. Oh Beth, I am laughing as I understand this sooooo well. Our animals train us!
    Sorry about the sleep deprivation. Glad that your daughter is getting settled in Seattle. That is a dream of Chelsea's ...to move to Seattle. Maybe if she ever gets to do it we will ask for advice.

  2. Beth, Thanks for your visit and kind words. I pray that Israel will get settled into a sleep routine soon. Not getting a good night's sleep can be rough--take it from an "old" woman.
    My husband and I celebrated our 51 wedding anniversary today. I can't believe I have lived with this man that long. Ha! Just kidding--couldn't live without him.
    Love you!

  3. Oh Beth, I'm going through the same sleepless stage with Mercy right now. It's not fun.