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Friday, September 7, 2012

An "Israel Funny"....

Yesterday I was teaching at 6 year old Israel's Homeschooling Co-op. Our class was "Building Basics" and it was MY turn to teach measuring and simple fractions.
I drew a "pizza" on the board and asked what I would do if I was going to give it to four people.
"Cut it in four pieces..." was the answer several little boys came up with.
"Ok..." I said and "cut" the pizza in fourths.
"Now, what if 4 MORE people came to the door?" I asked again.
"Cut all the pieces in half AGAIN." was the answer a smart little guy said.
All was going well so I thought I'd try it one more try...
"What if eight MORE people came to the door?" I asked.
Little Israel raised his hand. "Ok...Israel?" I said..
With all sincerity and concern he loudly answered....


  1. Absolutely correct! No one wants tiny pieces of pizza. lol....thanks for sharing.