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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Haven't Died.....

Good Grief...it seems like forever since I've written anything here! I think our little guy is taking more time than I thought he would....but it is all wonderful.  So, no, I haven't died. I've just been busy.

Everything is going well for us and Israel. We had a post placement visit from our social worker and she was such a sweet and kind lady! She said everything looked great and it looks as if Israel is bonding quite well. He is...and so are we!

Yesterday Israel and I helped out at Rebecca's homeschool classes. We each have to volunteer six times a year. Usually I choose nursery. This time, I decided to move up! We were in the kindergarten area with lot of little kids. Although he is six, he seemed to fit right in with the younger children and enjoyed himself.
The letter of the day was "C" and the teachers had everything all set for learning the "c" sounds. We even had
cream (c) which came from cows (c) that we made into butter and put it on crackers (another c).
He was amazed that butter came from milk/cream! Since the children didn't really have the opportunity to make the butter themselves, Rebecca, Israel and I are going to take a trip to the local "creamery"... a big farm that has its own store and restaurant. We are going to make butter this afternoon when grandsons Dylan and Brody come over. Then we're going to make muffins and sample our hard work!

We're going to do some experiments with a science set Israel has as well.

I just had an idea. (sometimes it happens!! Not often....) Every night we put Israel to bed with prayers and songs, a "fun" story and a Bible story. I think I'm going to start reading the Little House series at night! I think he would enjoy the books! I recently "dug" out my oldest children's Playmobil Pioneers and Indians. Israel thinks they are the greatest things EVER! So I'd love to read Laura's adventures and bring his toys to life a little bit!

Well, it's off to the Creamery/Dairy! I'll let you know how it turns out....maybe with pictures!!


Post Script.......Who'd a THUNK it??? Our fancy, expensive, organic, local "creamery" doesn't sell CREAM!! So, after driving all the way there, getting mildly lost, we finally went to the local, not fancy, grocery store and purchased cream.
Hopefully, we will soon have butter!
I'll keep you posted!


  1. Beth, it sounds like you have a wonderful (large!) family! I love your idea of reading the Little House series and Bible stories each evening. We made butter when my sons were little... very fun! I hope yours was yummy!

  2. Oooh! The girls and I have been reading the Little House series every evening for several months now. Liberty absolutely LOVES it, but Mercy is bored. We just last night finished On The Shores Of Silver Lake, and I don't plan to read any more to them because Laura is a teenager now, and she's starting to talk about marriage and feelings. We're not ready for that yet. But I plan to finish reading the series to myself after the girls go to bed at night! I'm thinking about moving on to the Boxcar Children series. I've never read it, but it has been recommended over and over. I'm a little concerned about the no parents thing and the kids living on their own. I might want to wait a few years before putting that idea into their heads! If I don't do the Boxcar Children, I'm not sure what else to start. We've already read Charlotte's Web and Winnie The Pooh. Any ideas for me?