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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Latest "Israel Funny" Or Colts Controversy in Our Household

The last few days have been rough! Israel...for the most part...has been pretty wonderful....but we have accepted an offer...finally...on our "big" house and are trying to get out by tonight. So things are pretty stressful. Things that don't usually bother us tend to get on our nerves. Hopefully we will close tomorrow!!

A few days ago I got out Israel's clothes for the day. I had purchased a LOT of Indianapolis Colts football sweatshirts, tshirts and things like that for him....before he came to us...and before we found out that he is NOT a Colts fan. He is a  New York Giants fan.....When I got out his Colts sweatshirt, he said, "Ok...but can you tell them I'm NOT a Colts fan??"  I told him that he needed to be grateful for what he has....I was not in a very "up" mood. It's not like we are fanatical about the Colts, but we live in the country near Indianapolis and EVERYONE here at least LIKES the Colts!! (I mean, on Sundays when the Colts play, people even wear Colts jerseys to CHURCH!! Not us...we still wear our Sunday best.....) I'm not even going into the Indianapolis Pacers versus the New York Knicks issue......I guess 1 1/2 years of living in New York City took it's toll on him! I'm not sure how long it will take to turn him into an Indiana farm boy.

Yesterday he accidentally knocked pictures off the wall in the hallway...after I told him to settle down several times. I did NOT yell at him or even say anything to him. I just picked up the mess and went on. He came over and apologized and hugged me.

So....evidently he thought he had been behaving badly, even though I didn't say anything about his behavior.
But during his prayer time last night, he prayed....

"Dear God, please help the homeless and the poor and especially the ones with lots of children. And help Holly and Dylan and Brody get home tonight and not hit a deer. And PLEASE DEAR GOD, HELP ME WITH MY BEHAVIOR. AND HELP ME LIKE THE COLTS MORE AND STILL LIKE THE GIANTS. And PLEASE help the homeless and the poor...."   etc.......

Poor little guy....I remember telling him a few days ago that he can like the Giants the most and like the Colts a little bit....but he evidently thought it was just wrong and he said "No, I don't like the Colts at all!" He met one of the retired Colts players who lives in our town a few weeks ago and he wasn't exactly "pleasant" to him.  He is really a Giants fan...

Hopefully, time, love, and patience will heal all things....even little Giants fans......

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  1. Oh my goodness, he cracks me up! Especially the part about not being pleasant to the Colts player. That is TOO FUNNY!