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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy Saturday!!

What a busy day we have had! We started out kinda lazy but then realized that Becca's homeschool friend's party was just an hour away and we had to HURRY!
We all jumped into the (still clean!!) car and drove for 45 minutes or so and dropped her off, then dropped off LOTS of stuff at Goodwill (NO, I didn't stop to SHOP there!! Amazing, huh??? It CAN be Done...)
Then off to Costco we went. That has become our fun place to go on Saturdays with just me, Roger, and Israel. Israel loves the trial samples they give out all the time! We only needed a few things but it is still fun to do! While there, I found LOTS of BIG pieces of cardboard in their trash. I didn't actually dumpster dive THIS time...they were in the bin for the boxes you take your items home in. Anyway, They are about 4'X4' and will be perfect for my new gardening project! I'm using them to line the bottom of my raised beds and then adding new soil/much/cow manure on top. That's how some of the gardening sites are recommending it to be done so I thought I'd give it a try!

Israel was teasing me as I was dragging those big cardboard pieces out of the trash and said, "These boxes aren't GOLD, you know!" (He must have judged from my frenzy in getting all those huge pieces of cardboard in our shopping cart that I was pretty dog gone excited about them!!)
I told him that when he tastes all that wonderful produce that our garden puts out this year, he'll think they were better than gold.
He just laughed....I don't think I convinced him very well. After all, there are no "hamburger or steak" seeds that are going to be growing in that garden....the little kid LOVES meat!!

So right now, I'm canning chicken breasts. Yum yum!! I've canned chicken, ground beef, and vegetable soup so far. I found bone in chicken breasts for .88 cents a pound this past week! WOW!!! I also got hamburger on clearance sale and I bought a big ham for something like .63 cents a pound...already cooked. We're gonna be doing a LOT of canning this next week....I'm planning to can soup beans and ham!! I think I'm also going to can chicken broth. We waste so much of the things we buy...like chicken stock once you've cooked the chicken. I've frozen it before but I think canning it will be much better.

I'm having a good time learning different ways to save money. After all, I've got to figure out some way to "save" all that money I spent on my new pressure canner!!

Blessings to you!

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