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Friday, January 18, 2013


I can't believe that it has been six months since we drove to Wisconsin (5 miles from Canada) to pick up our little Israel. HALF A YEAR! Wow...so much has changed in six months. So much has changed in a year! One year ago this month, he left his prior adoption placement to live in a foster home. We first heard about him a month or two later. I was in the depths of despair, really thinking that maybe God was leading me on and that we would never find THE CHILD that we were supposed to adopt. Then God made it clear that Israel was our little boy.

Later, when we said YES to the adoption agency...and they said YES to us....our attorney told us..."No."

He told us that most likely we would never be able to adopt him legally due to some issues between the two states involved. Again we were saddened but we KNEW that God was giving us the go ahead....and we pressed on. "THIS IS OUR CHILD!" I emphatically told our attorney. I was getting the impression that he was asking us to just find another orphan but ISRAEL was THE ONE....I knew it!! It was all figured out...it never turns out the way we think it is going to but it turned out pretty well! (Probably better than if it had turned out the way I had it planned to!)

All in all...after the months of uncertainty (is ANY adoption really an easy thing, after all??) he finally came home. I was scared, I'm sure Roger was, and little Israel had to be the most nervous of all.

We've had some rough times, surrounded by some marvelous moments and days...and it has been wonderful!

To see the changes in this little boy is amazing....to watch his uncertainty and his fears disappear little by little...to notice his "play" time becoming more and more mild and "sweet"....to WATCH THIS KID EAT AND OUTGROW his clothes!!! Good Grief!! We need to go buy some more jeans...I just bought him some two months ago....

God is good. I am amazed at this marvelous journey that our even MORE marvelous God has started us on. I am humbled and thrilled that...with all my perfections (and I have PLENTY)...He has chosen ME to be the Mother of this little special boy.....

Blessings to you and your home,
Beth...by Grace.....

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