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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Saturday evening, Roger, Israel and I came home after our usual afternoon of  our Costco "Date."
Israel....and Roger.....think it is just the best thing to get to sample different food there...AND from a "recovering" orphan's point of view, after all those early years of starvation, anywhere they give you FREE samples of yummy food HAS to be good! I'm not sure what Roger and my excuse is....
ANYWAY, when I got home, I got on the computer to check my email. Most of the time, I don't open general email newsletters from the original adoption agency we had first started with. But this time I did.

After the usual requests for donations for their African Children's Homes, there was a list of waiting children.
In that list.....a year later.....remains the little girl we were referred at the same time was said YES to Israel's adoption. It was one of the hardest things ever to know that in accepting Israel, we were denying this little girl a chance to have a home with Christian parents who would love her. It would have been nearly impossible at the time to have taken her...as much as we wanted to. We still had that big house to sell that had that equally big mortgage and upkeep on it. We didn't have the money. We would also NOT have gotten Israel....one of the best little people in the world! (To his Mommy, anyway!) We knew it was God's will...we had to pray that God would show us what to do. We are happy/thrilled that we have Israel but that little girl has remained in my thoughts EVERY day for a year now. I kept telling myself that someone had adopted her...she was happily placed in a loving home...but sadly, that has not been the case.

She had been abandoned at the home of a Ugandan official and nothing is really known about her. She is approximately 4 years old now...and "chubby." JUST THINK OF IT!! ISRAEL WAS 4 WHEN HE CAME TO THE UNITED STATES AND ONLY WEIGHED 22 POUNDS! This little girl is being passed over now because she is 4 and CHUBBY! What a blessing that she is being cared for and has had plenty to eat! Her little brain has all the needed fats to develop properly! She is considered "too old" as well. I think a four year old little girl is just perfect. (I'm too old for a little baby. I like my sleep.........) Besides, I'M CHUBBY!!! I DO CHUBBY REALLY WELL!!

So anyway, we are in the process of figuring out just what needs to be done to get her. I have contacted the agency who is in charge of her and have called the agency who did our homestudy to adopt Israel. We do need to start from the beginning for parts of the paperwork.
I'm going to start working on grants and loans and looking into fundraisers. Israel's adoption was really fairly inexpensive since he was already in the United States by the time we "found" him.

We have absolutely no way of paying for this and we realize that IF God wants us to get her, it has to be done by Him. He is pretty "weird" sometimes, by our perspective. (And I say that in the utmost respect...but really, He works things out in strange and weird ways sometimes, doesn't He?)
I think we are going to move forward on this. We have no guarantees that we can adopt her and it is possible that someone may adopt her before we do...which would still be wonderful for her, except that I want her to learn about Jesus from her family. If God wants this, He will make a way. We just have to have some faith. Oh.....did I tell you??? Her name is .... Faith.



  1. Just wanted to stop by & say that I am VERY encouraged by your blog. I have been following your posts for a while now... Following the highs & lows of Israel's adoption process. I have been praying for y'all & REJOICED with you when he came home!!! God is Faithful! :)

    I am VERY excited that you have said YES to God in the area of adopting another little one! I believe that the Church is to care for the widows & orphans, per James 1:27 & others...

    Anyway, the reason I was commenting is that I wanted to say that my fiance's parents have adopted TWENTY-THREE children. One from Ethiopia, one from Vietnam & a lot from the USA. They take the kids who had troubled/ hard backgrounds and/ or medical problems... They love the kids & teach them about the Lord. The difference in the kids' lives is AMAZING!!! If you want to read their story, follow this link: http://www.cornerstonefarms.net/our-story/.

    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you in this... Adopting can be HARD sometimes, but it is WORTH it!!! Think of what you are gaining! :) And... Someday, some BLESSED girl might be looking forward to marrying your Israel & together they might be anticipating adopting some little ones of their own (like I am, with Mark), just because you had the faith to say YES to God!!! :)

    I'm praying for you! Be blessed! God is Faithful!

  2. Amazing! This reminds me of our story in some ways...bear with me. When we were newlyweds I wanted to have children. Warren wasn't ready yet. So, I prayed for him to share my desire for a baby. He dreamed that there was a little girl looking up at him. Then we had two boys and we thought there would be no more. We were so sure that we dropped our maternity insurance. But we always wondered about that little girl in his dream. One day we were surprised to find out that I was expecting....there she was. The little girl in his dream. lol
    Just imagine, if Faith is meant to be your daughter she WILL be. It will happen. I don't know if my story makes sense to you in this context....but it made a perfect connection in my head. lol
    How cool it would be for Israel to have a little sister.
    If I can help with candle fundraisers just let me know.

  3. What an example you are to me. Thank you for your big heart. May the Lord show you the way to go, each step. My prayer is that Faith can come home to your house. She would be blessed indeed.

  4. OH!!! BETH!!! I am praying SO HARD for Faith. I never told you this, but even after Israel's adoption was finalized, I've continued praying for your little "Grace." What is Faith's middle name? Is it Grace?

  5. I don't think she has a middle name. She was abandoned so I don't know if they knew what her name is...they may have given her a name.
    I have had a little girl in my mind and in my heart all this time....as if a set weren't quite complete...and I have thought of this particular little girl every day!
    I will keep everyone informed!!