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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What do you do when one of your precious ones begins to doubt/wonder about Christianity? I am here with a heavy heart today.

I feel like such a failure yet I know that many young people need to "find their way" instead of just following the faith of their parents. It is a struggle for me right now...wondering what I did wrong, what could I have done differently, how much of this is my fault, did I push too hard??

Don't get me wrong, this person is still just as wonderful and obedient as ever...just being honest about struggling with faith and it makes me sad and worried.

I remember myself as a young person just wanting God to "leave me alone"....and I am so happy that He didn't. My life could have turned out differently though, if I had heeded His voice all along. I am grateful that He came after me and brought me back to Him.

I know that He has promised that He won't leave a lamb who strays alone. I just hope He holds my little lamb very close.



  1. Praying.....for you and for yours. This is so normal and so necessary. Bathe this young one in prayer and be there to chat if and when they are willing. It is so hard to see our spiritual butterflies struggle to emerge from their cocoons.

  2. Thank you sweetheart....I haven't come up against this yet with any of my other ones...I thought we were completely safe against this stuff!! I will certainly keep praying and loving!!

  3. Oh, Beth! This is hard. If it helps you feel any better, I went through a year or so of wondering doubts in my early 20s. I'm glad like you are that your child is being honest and telling you about their feelings. I'm praying with you!

  4. Thanks Missy. I know a child has to do it on his or her own...I did, too, but I didn't ever really doubt. I just wanted my own way. I hope this is the case with her. I just love her so much!!