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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A LITTLE BIT OF QUIET TIME (and a little bit of chicken zombies)

I was quietly working in the garden yesterday when Israel sweetly asked, "Hey Mom....do you want me to help you pick the beans?"
"No, that's ok....sometimes I just like to work alone and think."
"Ohhh....are you MAD?" he worried.
"Nope." I said, "Sometimes I just like to think...and I like to have some quiet time. But thank you anyway." I smiled.
"Ok...you just want some quiet time?"
"And just some time to yourself?"
"Oh...Hey Mom?" he started again. "Can we go to my big brother Aaron's house 'cause I have never been there."
"Now Israel....that just isn't the truth. You have been there a lot of times." I scolded.
"Oh. Well, I was teasing." he excused himself.
I looked up from my "quiet" task. "Do you know that sometimes teasing can sound like a fib? Do you know about the Ten Commandments?"
"Yep! That's when the Apostle Paul went up to the mountain and God wrote the Ten Commandments."
"Well..." I corrected. "That was Moses."
"Oh yeah....Paul was the one who couldn't go to the Promised Land."
"Nope, that was Moses, too." I said, throwing another handful of beans into the basket.
"Oh...Hey Mom....Do you know that our chickens are Zombies and I'm shooting them?" He changed the subject.
The chickens were running loose in the yard and I quickly glanced around and saw that he had an empty Nerf gun in his hand. I was relieved when I realized that the gun has NEVER had any "bullets" since we had just purchased it from Goodwill.
"WOW! Chicken Zombies!" I laughed.
"Hey Mom? Are you sure you don't need some help? I hate for you to be working all ALONE!"
"Nope," I sighed. "SOMETIMES being alone is kinda nice...."
At that point, Israel's G.I.Joe...who..."in this episode" was playing the part of Indiana Jones, started "singing" to  an unknown and unseen love interest (possibly the zombie chickens?) "HEY BABY....BABY, HEY BABY...BABY...."
"HEY MOM?" Israel, not Indiana Jones, asked.
"Did you know that Moses spent 40 days on the mountain and when he came down he wanted to kill all the people because of the idol and then he broke all the Ten Commandments?"
"Wwwell....he broke the stone tablet that the Commandments were written on." I explained.
"Yeah....that's why he couldn't go to the Promised Land, 'cause he broke the Ten Commandments."
"No..." I started to explain. "It was because he HIT the big rock God was going to have water come from. God had told him to just speak to the rock."
He looked at the stick he held in his OTHER hand...the one without G.I.Joe/Indiana Jones.
"Oooohhh....HEY MOM?"
"Yep?" I said once more.
"Where did he sleep?" Israel wondered.
"Wwwhat?" At this point I was getting a bit confused.
"When Paul....I mean MOSES was on the mountain for 40 days....where did he sleep?"
"I don't know...." I started hesitatingly..."I don't think the Bible says. Maybe God made him not have to sleep. After all, he was WITH God. God is pretty miraculous!!"
Another question...."What does Miraculous mean? Amazing?"
"It means that God can do anything...He can work miracles."
"Oh." At this point, he, Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones' friends, the big stick AND the zombie gun jumped down from the seat near the garden and ran to the picnic table where the fight between good and evil continued.
"Where's your daddy?" I wondered....
"Ummm...ummm...he's ummmm....he's in the house, straightening the clothes....and making them HOT."
"That's unusual...I wonder exactly what THAT means.." I thought to myself. I had several scenarios run through my head before I realized what Israel must have meant.
"Is he IRONING his clothes for church?" I deduced.
"YES!!!" Israel grinned. "THAT'S IT!"
I was done picking beans. My "quiet time" was over for the day.
"Israel?" I called.
"Yes, Mom?"
"Are the chickens still zombies?" I feigned fear.
"No...I shot them and made them not zombies anymore."
"Oh good." I said, as I opened the garden gate.
"But don't let one of them peck you....'cause if you do, you're in TROUBLE!"
Evidently they still had a LITTLE bit of zombiness left.

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  1. HAHAHA! Sounds like the "quiet time" around my house! I loved this episode. :-)