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Friday, August 2, 2013

Time to Catch Up

Wow. I had no idea that it has been since May that I have posted anything. My days are incredibly full, it seems....just like everyone's! My garden is doing beautifully and I have been busy canning and dehydrating produce that the Lord has been good to give us.

My chickens are betting big! However, the six expensive and beautiful hens I purchased at the end of April are a story in themselves. I have been babying these hens and they have been following me around all over the place. I've given them good food and all along I was excitedly thinking about the good eggs they would all lay. However, it is difficult....if not impossible....to get eggs from roosters. Yep! Believe it or not, Roosters are NOT good layers. Five of my "hens" started crowing. I keep telling them if they just put their little bird brained mind to it, they could do it!!!! But they refuse and instead, most of them try to peck me. That's gratitude for you.

I have given two of my beautiful "hens" away....they are happily married now to other chickens.

I have one favorite rooster in with my little hens....I am beginning to fear that one of my baby hens may turn on me and become a rooster as well. Turncoat.....
The other two roosters are just beautiful but they are being kept away from the rest of the flock. I don't need to see anymore fights between the roosters! They are looking for new homes but I don't think they are trying very hard....

On a very sad and serious note, the terrible church bus accident was in our city. We live in the country but the accident site is on my husband's way to work. The church that the bus was from is amazing and if I ever decide to put our little Israel into school instead of homeschooling him, that is my first choice....they have a good Christian school. We have extended family members who attend there and I have often wanted to attend there myself. I am amazed at the testimony the pastor and his wife, and his late daughter in law's parents had at their press conference. Our local news channel 8 was equally amazing as they covered it. They talked about faith and Jesus, etc. It is a horrible thing to happen but the Lord is getting a lot of glory through this and if people can come to faith through it, it is a good thing. Our little Israel always tells me "God meant it for good...." anytime something bad happens. Out of the mouth of babes....
I feel so sorry for the family who lost their wife/mother. She had five children and was on the trip to be with her Down's Syndrome child while at camp. Very sad....such a hole left where she was......

Back on fun topics....I have tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, and yellow squash in the canner right now. I think I will use it for vegetable soup this fall or winter. I have never canned that before but I think it will be good! A few days ago I canned salsa and also some green beans. I have figured out that I won't have enough to can for our entire winter's worth of vegetables, but I can make a dent in our budget this way. Hopefully next year I can plant even more. I should have enough tomatoes or tomato juice for the winter though, my 'maters are growing like crazy!!

Well, blessings to you!


  1. Well, bless your heart, what are the chances that 5 of your chickens would be roosters?
    Well, I guess to quote Israel, God meant it for Good! LOL So glad to see you posting again.
    Always love to hear about whats going on with you! Blessings to you, Donna

  2. Hi Beth! You ARE a busy lady. I could not help but laugh about your roosters. I was talking to our daughter in Tulsa yesterday and heard a noise and she said hush, Peter. I asked who in the world Peter was and she said it was their rooster. I thought roosters only crowed early in the morning. Ha!
    The bus accident was sad. People amaze me with their spirits after things like that. I watch people after these storms and fires and they are so grateful and they have lost everything. You have to know Jesus to handle it.
    Love you,