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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Pictures!

Thirteen year old Rebecca is entering Photography in 4H again this year so last week I took Jennifer and Becca and grand daughter Seraphina to Marian University in Indianapolis to take pictures of the Japanese prayer house. We dressed little 18 month old Seraphina in an Oriental outfit and the older girls snapped lots of pictures.
Isn't this beautiful? They have so many pictures and probably tomorrow we will get them developed and decide which ones are the best! Seraphina was a pretty good sport and she looked so pretty...of course, I'm a bit biased, I must say! By the way, the outfit was only $2.99 at Goodwill!! Becca has been studying China and Japan so she is incorporating that study into some of her projects for 4H! (Kind of a nice "end of the year" display for her, I guess! We used to belong to a homeschool group that had a year end open house to display items the students did but we are no longer living in that area.)

Ok, yeah, the dress was a bit too long for her....but in the farther away pictures, you couldn't tell. We are also intending to print out some 4X6 or larger photos and frame them to use as gifts to Seraphina's Mommy and Daddy AND for Grandpa Roger! Ssshhhh!!!!

Last Wednesday night, my hubby told me we needed to go to bed early. I agreed. However, he had ALREADY told Rebecca to stay up and bake me this cake! "Early"...being about 10pm...and poor Becca had to BEGIN to bake the cake at that hour AND to keep it a secret from me AND clean it all up before she could go to bed! Roger then took the cake to work with him and decorated it for me after 5 p.m. What secrecy that had to take! Aren't they sweet?

Roger bought me this purse for my birthday! He was somewhat disappointed that I didn't recognize the "brand name" on it. ( I love purses and he was sure that I would know this designer...I know a few but usually I buy my purses from #1 Goodwill #2 Salvation Army #2 Walmart #4 Kohl's clearances!!! ) I do like it and I appreciated it that he went shopping for me! He also bought me some earrings. I got flowers from Gideon (who rode his bike to the grocery store to get them!) and a new Beverly Lewis book from Marci!
We've been trying to sift through our junk and get rid of things. We will probably try to get our house on the market in a while...we are planning to do some work on it first updating the appliances and flooring. Kind of worries me a bit, I am sure that we won't get the money back out of the house. But some things just have to be done. After all, people USUALLY expect the stove's burners to work, the refrigerator and freezer to operate correctly and the dishwasher's upper rack to stay in place....Imagine that!! I told Roger that we probably ought to keep the old appliances just in case we are desperate for them when we DO get into another house! (I think I will get rid of the refrigerator, though! It is now 20 years old and wow, do we need another one!
I cleaned it out top to bottom last night and this morning, though! It doesn't RUN any better but it looks and smells nicer!!


  1. The pictures of the garden and sweet little one are so very pretty. I hope they are winners! It would be hard to imagine anything cuter.

    Your family worked hard for your birthday. You are very blessed.

    Becky K.

  2. We have a Japanese garden at our botanical gardens and they are celebrating 'children's day' next weekend. You can fly kites, learn how to make sushi, see calligraphy artists in action. I'm thinking of going if I can work it into our schedule as I know my daughter would love to go. She spotted an oriental dress in an op shop last week but it was too big for her. I think she would love a pink one. We see them quite often. I have a beautiful black one purchased at a garage sale. You were very blessed on your birthday Beth - the bag is very nice. Your husband has good taste!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Those pictures were beautiful; I hope they win a prize. I'm sure the gift receivers will love them! Gorgeous cake from Roger. He's good! Too bad cleaning your fridge didn't make it run better.

  4. I love the pictures and the cake looks delicious! Hope it was a happy birthday!

    Mrs. White