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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Misc. Pictures of our days!!!

Last Sunday was Becca's trumpet recital. (She is the 2nd from the left...) I think this was her 3rd recital and she has been taking lessons for just over 2 years. We are really excited about how much she has improved lately! (Goodness, that sounds critical, doesn't it? I meant, simply, that she has kind of matured in her abilities now. She does a pretty good job for a 7th grader!) She has played in church once and she and one of the other girls, the first girl on the left, who is a friend of hers, are planning to get together with the girl's father and create a little group to play at church. Exciting times! Becca isn't terribly thrilled about playing in public but I told her that she needs to honor God with what He has allowed her to do! Yeah, so she's playing at church.....
Last week, my dear hubby took me out to eat for my birthday...age will go untold...but I am NO spring chicken! ANYWAY, we ate outside and from the little terrace where we at, we could see the little gazebo where Roger asked me to marry him! At that time, he had made me believe that we were going out to eat along this little strip of quaint shops and restaurants and then he asked me to come over to the gazebo. I was really getting pretty hungry and wasn't terribly interested in the gazebo right then but when he dropped on one knee and "popped the question", my hunger somehow dissipated! We never did go to the nearby restaurant that night! Instead, we went to a Japanese restaurant where ALL of our children and one little grand boy was waiting for us! They all started cheering as we went in...evidently they were all in on the big engagement secret! There were 14 of us then and our blessings just keep growing!!

This is the new room for our most recent blessing, Liam, due in a month or so! His mommy and daddy have been working hard to make his nursery so very cute for him! In the middle of the picture, there is a football toy box that had belonged to Danny, Liam's daddy, when he was just a little guy! I think either my parents or I bought it for him for his 3rd birthday!

Erin got this wonderful giraffe at her baby shower! Isn't it incredible??

This young lady is a girl after my own heart! Erin is proudly showing me the pair of designer jeans she was able to purchase at Goodwill for a DOLLAR!!
Jennie, Becca and I went shopping today and I called Erin to ask her if Liam needs anything else. She said that he could use some shorts but that's about it. Soooo...we went to the baby stores in the mall and spent too much money. We really didn't get what we were looking for and on the way home, tired and with aching feet, we stopped at a children's consignment shop. They were having a sale on certain baby items...buy one get one free! We were able to get the shorts Erin needed and upon calling her AGAIN, we decided to buy him some jeans in slightly larger sizes!
I spent less in that store and bought probably 8 or 9 things than I did in ONE of the mall stores! Guess what's going back??? I am keeping one or two things to take to the hospital when he makes his big appearance, but I am much happier with the consignment shop shorts and jeans than with the Gymboree and Children's Place clothing! Good Grief!! What was I thinking????
Well, Becca is trying to be patient with me...her trumpet lesson starts in about 20 minutes so I guess I should take her, right? Tomorrow starts my long hard weekend...these 30 hours are really beginning to take their toll on me. I may decide to look for another job within the hospital I am working for!!
God bless you, my friends! You mean a LOT to me!


  1. Have to love that giraffe! Looks good against the colour of the wall too - a nice change from white or blue nurseries. My baby boy has recently worn his designer jeans that I found at a garage sale brand new - they still had the original price tag on of $50, I think that is about $55 US. Do people actually pay that for baby jeans that the child grows out of in a short space of time? I guess they do as I have been told that some mums go into the designer kids shops and spend thousands at the start of each season. Then at the end of the season they donate the clothes to goodwill stores or have a garage sale and people like me and Erin who are not too proud, go along and snap them up for a fraction. It is the sensible way to shop! I only bought a few outfits at Target on sale and everything else my little boy wears was either a gift or came from garage sales but you would never know it!
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday Beth.

  2. I think the name Liam is pretty great, and that giraffe is awesome. I'm very excited over his arrival. By the way, you asked a while back when my next nephew is due, and he's due towards the end of May. (Sorry it took me so long to remember to answer your question!)