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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!! I wasn't able to visit my own Dad but I talked to him on the phone and will see him as soon as I get over this nasty cold I seem to be coming down with!

Roger did well with his surgery on Thursday!! He went back to work today.
We had his nieces over this weekend and returned them to their parents on Saturday. They live in Florida and I drove just south of Nashville, Tenn. to meet their parents.
We stayed over night in Nashville because I was driving and just didn't want to drive all the way home to central Indiana at 10 o'clock at night! Roger was able to drive on Sunday which was a very good thing because I had to take cold medicine and I get really "Loopy" on cold medicine!

Kind of a funny/sad thing happened on the way home, though. Roger was driving a car that belonged to his brother in law's sister. We were driving it home to Indiana for her since she had left it in Florida when she picked up the children and had driven the kids' parents' nice van with them back to Indiana. Anyway, so he was driving this older car that we weren't familiar with. Next to us was a whole huge group of motorcycles and suddenly they came upon a semi tractor tire in the interstate highway lane they were driving in. Everyone in that lane (and in all the lanes around them) started slowing down and swerving to protect the motorcyclists. Roger swerved to the left and almost ran off the road. Nothing really happened but our HUGE HUGE diet soft drinks in the cup holders tipped over and plunged to the floor....right into the bag that held his and my dad's Father's Day gifts!! So...Roger wore a slightly stained new shirt to work this morning and I haven't yet tried to get the stains out of my dad's shirt. I think, though, that my Fels Naptha soap should do the trick!

I'm doing pretty well on the weight loss struggle!! I lost 23 pounds in six weeks! My doctor was really happy so it made the office visit with her more pleasant than last time! The past week or so has been more of a challenge to me, though. I think the newness of being a diabetic has worn off a little and now I just want chocolate. In fact, on our trip to Tennessee this weekend, I saw a big Cadillac Escapade that was painted that new creamy pink color. Immediately I thought about Cherry Cordials, wanted some SOOOOOOO badly and low and behold, a gas station we stopped at sold them individually!!! I bought three, had one yesterday, one today and I still have one left. They aren't as good as I once thought they were......I think that sugar is becoming too sweet to me. I GUESS that's a good thing....???????

Well....we have LOTS to do today and it seems that if MOM isn't working and is blogging instead, no one else seems to think that they need to do anything, either. Good grief, you'd think I'd need to set a good example or something!!

Blessings to you all!

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  1. Hi! I couldn't comment on your last post because the comment box had mysteriously disappeared.

    So glad to hear that Roger has come through the surgery just fine! And gasped with you over the spilled drinks.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss! Amazing! Keep going! It's not worth it to begin sampling the old stuff! (I know this from experience.)