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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures of our "Little House in the Country!"

This picture is of Becca's bedroom.....all ready for a little girl to join our family sometime this year! "Grace" (as we call her since we don't yet know her African name...) will have the bed full of pandas. Becca was very happy to share her room but still wanted to have an "Asian" theme. The rest of the room is very Asian inspired....I just don't have that part in this picture!! :(

I have some more pictures to show you of our little house in the country!! Since I am not very good at any thing having to do with a computer, I have these pictures in the wrong order!! I wanted to show you the before pictures and then the after pictures, but I ended up doing it the wrong way. So.....this is our kitchen with the white painted cabinets. We have opted to keep the pine walls and even the ceiling for now. Eventually we intend to add a family room and change the kitchen somewhat.

To anyone who may remember...there is a little quaint corner hutch to the right of our little kitchen table. It is still there and I LOVE it! (I just don't have a picture of it right now!!)

This is our living room. It is pretty tiny compared to what we are used to having but it is an incredible feeling to know that it is truly ours...(and God's) and that we don't owe anything on it to the bank! That idea makes up for a LOT of shortfalls!!! :)

This was the before of the living room.

And....the before of the kitchen........WOW....it took weeks to paint all those cabinets white!!

Here it is.....home sweet home!! Eventually, we plan to add a covered front porch and change the siding on the front to a wood look shingle. We are also planning to get rid of the "patio" door on the left of the house and add windows like the ones on the right of the house. Roger also has plans for a new window for our living room. (Yeah...we have LOTS of plans....very little money....but LOTS of plans!!) I'm not crazy about the patio door (it leads to our bedroom...) but I am pretty content with it.

The woods behind our house, while not "ours" is lovely to look at and you wouldn't believe the birds singing in the mornings!! We haven't seen a deer there yet but we do hear foxes "screaming" at night sometimes!

Hopefully, I can keep pictures coming as we work on the house. We don't plan to do anything to the new house until we sell the "big" house.

I know it seems strange to people that we have purchased a house 1/3 the size of our bigger one. But when you feel it is what God wants you to do, it doesn't seem strange at all. It seems very comfortable. A year or two ago, we went to a missions conference and my husband asked me what I thought about him writing a check to go to missions. I thought it was fine but realized that it would really hurt our budget. We now feel that we want to be able to do that anytime God asks us to do it. (Not that we will ever have THAT much money...) Not having a big house payment can help us do what God has for us. (Especially if that has to do with our little girl waiting for us in Africa!!! We're still working on the adoption!!)

Have a LOVELY day...I'm supposed to be painting and cleaning the "big" house....and here I am, BLOGGING!!!




  1. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My favorite is the living room, but the difference in the kitchen is just amazing!