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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting for Adoption News!!!!

Well...a lot has happened in the last week...Jennie and her English boyfriend, Chris, had a wonderful time together!! I cried when I had to take him to the airport yesterday! (I think Jennie shed her tears privately!) She is anxiously planning to get her passport and hoping to make her own travel plans to England this summer!

Now for the BIG news!!! We have applied to try to adopt a beautiful almost six year old little boy! I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what news we get. We have to be "chosen" once again so it's really out of our hands! God is perfectly capable of planning our futures and the little guy's future...but we do hope we will be together! He is originally from the Congo and has seen much sadness...so we are praying for God to heal his little spirit...and to help us understand him and to love him through all his fears! (Ok...I'll confess to you...because I know you won't tell anyone...I'm already getting a little carried away. I've already done some shopping.......) We do hope we are chosen for him! I think that the next step will be to have a phone interview and if that goes well, we will travel to meet the little cutie!

So, keep us in your prayers, if you think about it! I hope we will let you know good news within a week or two!


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  1. Will keep you in my prayers Beth and know that God has everything in hand. The child that comes to you is going to be so blessed and will find so much love and acceptance in your home.
    Have a most blessed Easter. What part of England (my birthplace!) is Jennie going to be traveling to?