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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tines UP or DOWN??

The following is a highly fictionalized story that I found posted on front of our dishwasher....

"Once upon a time there was a rambunctious little boy who loved to play. One day "Grammy Beth" was doing the dishes while this little boy was playing outside. He RAN inside really fast to show her the "flowers" that he had picked for her. With his excited little legs running fast, he TRIPPED head first into the silverware compartment of the dishwasher....

I like all my nephews and nieces to have two eyes please.....FORKS AND KNIVES GO DOWN!!!
Thanks, Marci...."

I am not the only person who loads the dishwasher around here...just want to make that clear....

Way before Marci was born, her big brothers were six and two. They were running and playing in the house and Danny, two, was running from his big brother.
"You can't catch me....MOMMY!!!!!!!" he shouted running as fast as he could to me while I was putting the supper dishes into the dishwasher.
I was terrified about what I was going to see when I lifted his screaming little body from the dishwasher.

He had ONE tiny scratch on the side of his face.

It really was absolutely impossible for him not to have been seriously hurt or killed. I SAW HIM FALL AND I SAW HIM FALL ON THE SHARP KNIVES AND FORKS!!! He had to have been hurt!
The Lord must have sent Danny's guardian angels to protect that little boy...now a policeman and a soon to be daddy.

So....in writing this, I want to thank God for his protection and to ask for his further protection of Danny, his wife and unborn baby, and for the rest of our family.

Secondly, please be careful of the silverware in your dishwashers...crazy insane accidents can and do happen but if we are a little more careful, maybe we won't drive our little one's guardian angels crazy by trying to protect them!!

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