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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Sweet Smell

I'm just sitting at my computer this morning smelling like a guy.
I mean that in a good way.
I found some cologne, "Mustang", at a local drug store on clearance sale for 75% off yesterday!
I can't pass up a bargain and since my DAD is a BIG MUSTANG fan, he HAS to have some for his birthday in September!
He's really fond of the Mustang CAR...I guess I should clear that up.

Anyway, so this morning, I sprayed a little bit on my wrist to show Roger how it smells. It is really pretty nice!
So now I smell like a guy.

I used to spray a little bit of Roger's cologne on my wrist or sweater just so that I could be reminded of him all day long when I was at work. (Not that I really NEEDED to be reminded to think of him...I think of him all day long!)

I love it when I get a "goodbye" hug and kiss from Roger and then I am left smelling of his cologne. I have proof that I have a close "relationship" with my husband.
But that kind of has me thinking today. I don't mind smelling like my father, better yet, smelling like my husband...but how often do I smell of our SAVIOR? Am I left with the sweet smell of just having been around the Lord and having a close relationship with Him?
I mean, can people REALLY tell that I'm a CHRISTIAN when they're near me or do they just think that I'm a relatively nice person?
I have been around people that I just INSTINCTIVELY KNEW that he or she was a Christian!
I want to be THAT kind of a Christian.
I don't mean the kind of pious, judgemental people that we all know. I don't believe that they have the sweet perfume of our Savior about them. I want to be the kind that REALLY lives what they believe and that is the love and GRACE of our Lord.

The world needs something different than they have. They need to be shown what it REALLY means to be a Christian.
I think sometimes we (I) make it look like we THINK we have to go to church 3 times a week, volunteer in the nursery, give LOTS of money to missions, etc., to be OUR kind of a Christian.
I'm sure that the Lord appreciates all those things but our Salvation is not a works salvation...it is a faith Salvation.
We can do all the good things in the world but if we are trusting in ourselves to be saved, it is all in vain.

Unfortunately, I don't think we are getting that message across to people that they don't have to "BE" anything to be a Christian. It just takes faith and the GRACE of God.

"For God so loved the world that He gave is only begotten son that whosoever BELIEVETH in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16.

I'm afraid that we as Christians are putting so many things into Salvation that don't belong there. Church attendance (while wonderful and NEEDED for growth and fellowship) isn't "salvation." Neither is good works or tithing. It's just repentance and faith in the death of our Savior to be all we need.

I don't' need to act pious or self righteous. I just need to try to act like Jesus.
I need to be better in my Bible studying and my prayer life. I need to be spending time with my Lord. I need to get daily "hugs" from Him and to continue to ask for God's guidance and help to be who I am supposed to be...someone who smells like Jesus.


  1. What a great idea. Where a bit of my husband's cologne!! I'll have to try that sometime. When he is gone overnight I usually sleep on his pillows!!!! Strange women that we are!! (smiles)

  2. Very well said.
    I think many of us will relate to this analogy.

    Becky K.

  3. What's that I smell? Mmm, I think it's Jesus! :-)

  4. Maybe we can get a spritz of the Lord by reading his Word in the a.m. and then asking his Spirit to linger on us all day! I love your analogy! I also really like your tea sets in your header! I have a tea pot collection, too. Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspot.com.