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Thursday, July 1, 2010

NOT sooo Funny.....hmmmm...

EVIDENTLY, it is QUITE a blessing to be the source of incredible humor as I must be to my 17 year old daughter. I have NOT yet fully realized the whole "blessed to be a blessing" thing in my current situation.
Let me explain.
I went to a big garage sale today in which I purchased lots of retro items at just a dime or a quarter. I was able to buy old aprons, a sewing basket, retro fabric, a little dog statue, yarn, and rag balls. I also bought 60+ year old looms for weaving pot holders. I think I spent $6.00.
I brought them home and was arranging them on my couch to take a lovely picture of them to share with YOU....and my daughter walked in and sat down on the floor next to me.
I had them all arranged nicely and was explaining them to her when suddenly, my ear itched a little bit and of course, I scratched it. It still itched but now it was making some really strange crackling sounds! I rubbed it again to no avail. Again I rubbed it and as I brought my hand down, to my HORROR of ALL HORRORS, I realized that I had actually stuck a spider's nest in my ear!!
I was NOT happy. I do not care for spiders. AT ALL. Especially in my ear.

My daughter, Jennie, on the other hand, has been almost rolling on the floor in hilarity at my disgusting situation. She can not speak at this moment because of the "mental image" she keeps getting. She is laughing until she has tears rolling down her face. She has ruined her mascara. Good!!

I do not think it is very funny.

I think I will not feed her supper.

Ok...post script...I fed her supper. That is, 13 year old Becca cooked supper tonight as more practice for her 4H project. We loaded up the hot and spicy Chinese food and picnicked at the local park! I'm not sure why...I think I've had enough "nature" for today!!


  1. Ewwww....that reminds me of an evening we were just sitting watching tv when a spider ran across the floor. That was bad enough but when Warren went and killed it thousands of baby spiders began scattering. It was horrid!!!! We grabbed the sweeper and vacuumed like crazy then got rid of the sweeper bag.

    Did I say it was horrible....but to have them in your ear???? Oh, Beth, I am so sorry.
    No laughing here!

    But then, I am not your daughter...

  2. Oh Beth....I feel for you! That is just nasty to have a spider in your ear! But then to have your beautiful daughter be anything but sympathetic to your "need".....makes it even worse! LOL Just look at it like a memory, a moment....that your grandchildren will be sure to hear about! I don't know about you, but my kids LOVE to hear stories about growing up and such. God Bless YOU!!

  3. Well, I am HOPING it was JUST the empty egg sack that I discovered. I HOPE none actually are living in my ear...oh gross......
    Sounds like I could be the topic of a new horror film!!

  4. Gasp! I'm shuddering just imagining. Now my ear itches...