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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow! Two posts in one really difficult day!

Have you ever had a difficult day that just wouldn't end? Mine started yesterday.

I have always hated it when someone says "I'm having a BAD day!"
I have this little flip answer in my head that rings out, "Every day that God gives you is a GOOD day! There is NO BAD DAY!"
Then I had yesterday evening....the beginning of my very difficult day.

I was hurrying to get to Michael's (craft store) to get Becca something ELSE she was needing to get her 4H projects done when right behind me appeared Mr. Police Officer. I wasn't speeding, I was obeying all traffic rules in my pious little way....but the red lights flashed anyway

It wasn't a big deal...a bit embarrassing...but I had a brake light out. I knew I had a turn signal out...and I kept asking my husband to get it fixed....ahem.....but I didn't know about the brake light as well.

The very nice officer asked me for license and registration and I promptly handed him my license but I couldn't find the registration. You see, the glove compartment is broken and I put all the important information in a box that somehow disappeared. He said, "Just sit tight and I'll see if I need it..."

I was pretty confident that I was ok....the last time I had been pulled over was probably 20 years ago or so...and just got a warning.

He came back to me and said, "Miss, do you have a DRIVERS LICENSE? This is just a state issued Identification card!"
"OH MY!!" I exclaimed. "THAT'S not even ME!! It's my CLIENT!!" I went on to explain that I work with special needs adults and that evidently I hadn't remembered to put her I.D. back in the file at work. I finally located the proper driver's license!
He laughed...a little...and had me further explain why I would have someone else's i.d.

I got off with a verbal warning and was asked to find the registration! We did so, this morning!

Roger had to take my van this morning to take kids from his company camping. I was left with his little compact car. He won't be back until tomorrow night and Gideon went with him. We were kind of excited to have a ladies' day/night for just me and my girls...you know, possibly shopping, cereal for supper, watching silly movies as long as we wanted to....etc....

This afternoon, we set out for the mall to see Toy Story 3. (VERY CUTE, by the way...made me cry and I had to keep telling myself that this is a CARTOON! The people behind me snickered at me because they knew I kept wiping my tears away! Good Grief!!)
On the way home, we ran out of gas. Thanks to God's provision, we were actually in another parking lot and safely off the road! However, I had to walk about 2 miles in obtaining more gas for the car. It is very hot in Indiana right now. Did I mention it was rush hour? How about the fact that I was walking down one of the busiest streets in a denim skirt and my church shoes? Or that when I finally got to the gas station, they had sold out of gas cans? When I asked where the next closest gas station was, he pointed toward the direction I had just come from.
"It will be a couple of miles, though," he said.
Tears welled up in my eyes and I said "I have to sit down and cool off a little while. I don't think I can do that."
Soon he came back with another employee who was carrying a gas can. Some time ago, a customer bought a gas can to LEAVE at this gas station just in case someone might need one! The station was no longer lending gas cans since they most often are never returned. But someone had thought of someone else and decided to leave the gas can.

Isn't that amazing???


Once again, He provided for me.

When I brought the gas can back after walking back to the parking lot, the employee said how lucky we were that we hadn't run out of gas somewhere else.

I said, "I know, God was looking out for us!"

He said, "Yes, that's true!"

So, I'm RIGHT! Any day that God gives us is a good day. Or better yet, a GOD day! It's kinda nice to end the day being able to praise our God!

Oh, and the PIZZA I just had DELIVERED isn't too bad, either!


  1. That is amazing Beth! Oh this story made me smile and isn't it amazing that God so often chooses to work through people - thank God for that kind person who thought to leave a gas can. How incredibly thoughtful of them.
    Hey, I'm having a 100th post giveaway for my friends in the USA thanks to an offer from an online company. It is a gift card and they have some beautiful home wares to choose from - do pop over and enter. I'm so happy to be able to bless my friends overseas - didn't think it would be possible to do this.

  2. Oh Friend! That is a whopper of a day. Glad it ended with delivered pizza and the thoughtfulness of a stranger!

    Becky K.

  3. I'm glad you had such a God day! :-) But you made me hungry.