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Thursday, July 22, 2010

And So It Begins!

Wow...the preparation for our county fair has started with the kids turning in their projects! Friday is the "official" opening of the fair. So far Gideon and Rebecca have turned in their photography projects and have received blue ribbons. Rebecca has also done a "Self Determined" project which is a project that is the child's choice as long as it can't fit into another category. She did a study about China and has done many mini projects on that theme. She has so far gotten a Blue Ribbon/Honors on that one.
Today she is competing in the Food Preparation project and is taking a Chinese dish. (Keeping with the China theme and her homeschool studies....) It is really a delicious meal and quite pretty! She has been working hard on it so I hope she does well. It was kind of a difficult thing getting up and fixing Chinese food at 6:30 a.m.!
She has to be at the judging session at 9:30 a.m. along with the many other children and then have a "pitch-in" with the other children's exhibits!

Sunday is her "Cat Show" with Miss Trinket. She is also an "Asian" project since she is part Siamese. She was actually the inspiration for Becca's theme she kept with this year.
Becca also drew the Great Wall of China for her Fine Arts project. Our church is having our church service at the 4H fairgrounds on Sunday morning again this year as an outreach ministry to the community. (we are still having church services at our church as well for those who aren't going to the fairgrounds service...)

I really like 4H for the kids but I am always happy when their projects are over with! I think Becca took 8 or 9 projects this year. She wouldn't be taking so many if we didn't incorporate them into her home schooling year. This way, she has to be responsible to someone other than just me and learn to do things "by the book." She also has a nice "reward" for work well done since she doesn't really have a reward system in our home schooling. That may be something we change this year, I am looking for ways to encourage her but not to have her showing off with her good grades or projects. I think that is a fine line to walk, sometimes....

Hopefully we can go and see Baby Liam today. It has been a few weeks since I've visited with them and I miss them all! (Daddy, Mommy and Baby Liam!) We spent the day with Dylan and Brody yesterday and I was blessed to see Seraphina on Sunday! Grandbabies are awesome!!

Blessings to you all!


  1. Chelsea is excited to enter baked goods at the Fair this year. I think she will do well. We did 4-H one year. It was fun...but we just didn't do it after that.

    Your projects sound involved and interesting!

    Becky K.

  2. Hi Beth! Yes, 4-H is good. Our daughter was in it along with a friend. Tina raised a lamb one year and won honors with it. We did not keep it here but she went to the county barn to take care of it. She also did sewing one summer and made a dress. I thought it looked pretty good.
    Beth, I do love quilts and wish I was able to make them. The big ones I have done, were done before I had my back surgery. I can handle small projects. The yo yo's and Cathedral Window squares were easy to do because I could make them sitting in my chair or carry them where ever we went. The hard problem was when it came time to putting them all together--the quilts are kinda heavy.
    Grandchildren are wonderful and I wish ours were not so far away. 1100 miles is a long trip and we are not able to do it any more. I have not seen the kids in 2 years and 2 of them are teenagers already. Boy! How time flies.
    Love ya!

  3. Your country fair, 4-H projects made me smile. How heart-warming that kids are still participating in wholesome activities. And how wise of you to transfer some of the responsibility from your shoulders onto someone else. Thanks for stopping by my blog. May your day...and your daughter's day be filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment for jobs well-done.