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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little bit more house hunting...

We looked at a house on Tuesday evening and I fell in love. (With the house-not the realtor...I am still in love with my husband as well...)

It is NOT what I thought we were looking for but it is what we NEED. (I think we have given up on the old farmhouses...lots of work and money!!)
It is a fairly modest 2 bedroom brick ranch. It was advertised as a 4 bedroom ranch but two of the "bedrooms" are in the basement. We can't use them until we add windows for a way to escape a possible fire. So it CAN be a 4 bedroom house but it needs some work to make it so.
I LOVE the upstairs and it is what we have come to realize that we really want in a home. Small enough upstairs to afford but it has a basement to have all the grown kids and THEIR kids come home to for holidays and celebrations.
It is in our price range. We wanted to be able to have a tiny mortgage and this will accomplish that! It is in a tiny tiny town without a stoplight or a store or anything like that. It does have two churches...one of which is right next door.
Roger isn't thrilled with the location...I'm not THRILLED with it but I am content with it. Since it is in the little town, the speed limit is, I think, 20 miles per hour but it is on a highway. However, it is still considered "rural" and we can have CHICKENS, GOATS, and MY HIGHLY COVETED CLOTHESLINE!!! The church is a nice sized one and Roger is worried about the traffic. It is also a Baptist church, though, and I told him that anytime there is traffic at THAT church, we will be at our OWN Baptist church so we won't even be affected! We would be 15 minutes from my parents, Roger's daughter Abi, my son Aaron and his family, my college student, Marci and 20 minutes CLOSER to policeman Danny and his family!
The kitchen is wonderful...kind of small but open and has lovely new maple cabinets and new appliances and counter tops! Oh my! There is a pretty living room with a fireplace and new laminate floors. All on 1.24 tree lined acres with the churches' rolling field behind it.
I asked Roger what he thought about all of it and he said, "I would be very content with the house!" It has a partial goldfish pond and fountain with a little path around it and I can just imagine him "piddling" around with that while I'm out with my chickens and other critters!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I know that there are a LOT of hoops to jump through and it might be that the bank will decide that it is going to be too much for us to handle until we get our house sold. We're going to pray for God's leading and would appreciate any prayers you might go to God with on our behalf.

I know that God has everything work together for good for us and if this doesn't work out, something else will come along. I am learning to TRY not to out plan or over plan God's will for our lives. I'm a control freak.......I can't control God. I need to try it the other way around.

Have a lovely day!

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