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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Week of Earnest Prayer!!

Many years ago, four or five at least, when I was a little girl....ok, ok, I said four or five years ago AT LEAST!!! Perhaps it was a few more years ago than that. Anyway, when I was a young girl, my brother and sister and I would sometimes take our bicycles and ride several miles on our local country roads to get to "Smith's Service Station" in the closest "town" that there was to us. This was a very old fashioned gas station...it wasn't old fashioned because they thought it quirky or quaint, it was just very very old. There was only one aisle in the little store where you could purchase necessities and CANDY and Mrs. Smith stood behind the counter. Mr. and Mrs. Smith owned the store and I was terrified of her. However, as I became a teenager, I discovered that Mrs. Smith had a very cute grandson who sometimes worked in the little gas station. (Her grandson has nothing to do with this story and had nothing to do with me, by the way.....)
Anyway, that was a wonderful bike ride for summer days. I'm not sure why we would ride miles and miles just to get a coke, guzzle it and return the coke bottle for a few cents, and ride those same long miles back to our house. I think it was just fun to do something all grown up without our parents!
The service station and little store is no longer there but the house we have been looking at is just a hundred yards or so beyond that little corner. The house wasn't there then since it was built after those eventful summer days. There is nothing really in that "town" so I'm not sure why it is a "town". There are two churches but I'm not sure where the congregations come from because there are probably less than 20 houses in that "slow spot in the road." No schools, stores, post office...nothing. But I think it's cute! Hey, it would sure help me to stop spending, right???
We are still asking for God's leading in this decision. I am getting kinda nervous, though, because I am afraid someone else will buy it before we do! My honey wants to spend this week in earnest prayer before we make the decision. I think it is a wonderful idea and we really want to do God's will. We both just don't know yet what His will for us is!
I told Roger last night that if the house sells this week, we will take it that God didn't want us to have the house. Last night as I was taking my turn praying with Roger, I asked for God's leading in this matter...and I almost added..."PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE YOUR WILL!!" I didn't do that, however, partly because God already knows what "I" want...I just don't know what HE wants!
I feel like this is a turning point in our lives. He could be calling us to do something completely different than what I want...or Roger wants...Or He could be calling us to go ahead and buy the house He has provided for us!
I have some good news, however! We have been worrying (I know, worrying is a sin...ok, we've been "concerned"...) about how our finances will change when our children get older and right now we have had some financial answers to prayer. I can't really go into details about it but just know that we have recently been blessed in ways I didn't expect. The Lord is good even when we aren't!
I hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to live. I pray you will get an answer soon.


  2. Praying that the Lord's Will and the desires of your heart come out being exactly the same...whatever house it may be.

    I so totally understand.

    Becky K.