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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Incredible Answer to Homeschooling Prayer

Wow...it seems like forever since I've been in blogland! The 4H fair has taken up most of our time. The kids did well in it. Becca was able to get blue ribbons, Honor ribbons, two reserve champion ribbons and a champion ribbon along with it's trophy! Trinket kitty was awarded one of the reserve champions in her "short haired cat" class in the cat show. Becca got a champion trophy for the "most beautiful cage" contest. You would NOT believe the effort these kids and parents put into the cat cages! (Every cage has to be totally covered except the front to keep the cats from fighting.) There was a "Chalet", a "Haunted House", a "70's" house just to name a few. There were probably 60 or more cages entered. Becca's was an Asian themed one.

Now for the really cool thing that has recently happened in our homeschool! Becca has been listening to her friends from church and her older siblings telling her that she needs to return to regular public school. (This conversation has not made the momma of the house very happy...)
Anyway, we had a long talk (Becca and I) and I promised her I would keep an open mind about it and we would pray about it. I told her that I wanted to explore some other options in getting her out with people more often. This is MOSTLY what she has wanted. She has stayed home almost every day and has only recently made a couple of good friends. (Who are nice girls and a blessing! But they go to public school and Becca wanted to go to school with them...One is her age but the other one is several grades ahead of her!)
I called a local church that I heard had a large amount of homeschooled children in it and a woman I talked to told me about a program/school run out of the church. It is a ONE day a week school (with tuition, dress codes, etc...) but they spend the other 4 days of the week at home doing their homeschooling! Her particular class (8th grade) would have about 14 kids in it.
Math would be done on our own time at home as well as a foreign language. They teach History, Art History, Language and Literature, Science, Speech and Drama, Bible and Philosophy, Latin, Choir...possibly some other things I have forgotten.
They have a "mission day" each month outside of school with a lecture, lunch and then a "servant's heart ministry." Isn't that just the neatest thing??
She is so very excited about it and I have heard no other talk about her going back to Public School! This seems to be the very thing I was hoping for!
I know that there are other "co op" kinds of homeschool activities but the one that is fairly close to us has been "cancelled" every time we have tried to be involved. I want it to be a well run program that we can count on. I just can't believe that God has shown this to me just when we really needed it. He's awfully wonderful, isn't He?

I understand that it is a pretty difficult curriculum with reading and studying based in history. She's pretty excited about learning Latin! (Strange kid...)

Yeah, she's pretty excited...we had to go out and buy a backpack.

I'm excited about it, too, because even I might get to know some other like minded people. We live in an extremely "upper crust" town and there are not many homeschoolers here. I don't even know of one other homeschooling family although I am sure there are some. We're not "upper crust"...we buy most of our belongings from Goodwill. (Just thought I'd make that clear...)

That reminds me...a few months ago I was just finished working out at a local gym and I was standing there blow drying my hair and I overheard a conversation nearby. A woman was talking about her husband who was the Head of Surgery...or some such title...at a local hospital. The ladies were all dressed in their finest work out clothes and looking expensive and skinny. I looked down and noticed that I was using my hair drying that I was so thrilled to have purchased....at the local Goodwill Store...and it still had it's big black and white price tag on it.... ( $2.99 GOODWILL)...
I wonder what those ladies thought!! Probably wondering how they let me in there!! Haha!!


  1. This is wonderful news. I am so happy for both of you. Praying for a great year with new friends and support. Yay!!!!!

    Becky K.

  2. Ha-ha! Love the price tag story!

    When ever I move to a new area, I find the local home schoolers. Even if I don't spend time with them, at least I know they are there and I won't feel so all alone. ♥

  3. We had been involved in a homeschool group for about 14-15 years. Last year we weren't and did we miss it. Hannah missed the time with other children her age and I missed the fellowship of other mothers. This year we are starting back with a different group (the one we atttended only goes up to 9th grade and the high school group associated with them is alittle cost prohibitive right now). We are praying that Hannah finds new friends.

    Glad you found a solution to the Public School debate (we have had that one here also).

    funny story about the goodwill price tag.