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Friday, November 19, 2010

House News...Roger's Health....

Soooo......a bit of an update.
Roger's doctor was afraid he had phlebitis (or however that's spelled.) but he doesn't. He most likely has cellulitis in his leg and it is pretty swollen and painful. But he's on medication and doing better. Hopefully, he has just had a bug that has been going around and that's why he has a cough. (he's had a tummy issue, too, but the family has been sort of suffering from colds and tummy stuff.)

And now for the house stuff.....we DID put in an offer on this fairly modest little ranch house on 2/3 of an acre. We knew that house was being foreclosed on and that they said it was a possible short sale. So, we offered what we could...with settlement money coming from my divorce from lots of years ago...and had planned to have the little house paid off.

However, for some reason, the seller counter offered it. We are kind of confused as to why he would counter offer us. We know how much he owes and that it is a short sale and the first week of December it will be foreclosed on. So a counter offer is doing him no good...that we know of.
We thought about it over night and did some praying and soul searching. I cried. Mostly because before we can fully jump into the adoption of a little girl from Africa, we have to have an address that we will use the whole time our process takes. That means, if we send our information to the government and to Immigration, we can't change our address unless we want confusion and long delays. We also can't really stay in this house for very much longer. IF the adoption takes 12 to 18 months, we would have to wait to put our house on the market until AFTER she comes home to us. We don't want to do that for two reasons, First, we really need to sell this big 6 bedroom house for financial reasons. Secondly, I don't want to confuse our new little girl by making her move twice once she leaves Africa. I want her to be secure with us and with her new home.

I say all of that to tell you that amid some reservations, my tight wad hubby (and I say that with all respect and love I can possibly have...) agreed to accept the counter offer. We most likely will have a tiny little loan on the home that we can probably pay off in a year or less.

I am hoping that the seller, his attorney, and his realtor have been told what the bank will accept. That's the only thing that makes sense...why he would counter our offer. His realtor told our realtor that the bank would not accept the offer we made so that's why I really wanted to go ahead and do accept the counter offer in hopes that we will have offered enough to satisfy the bank and that we can get our new home! (It really is pretty modest...just an average vinyl sided ranch house...but it would be "easy living" for us financially!)

It might take a while to find out...possibly we can save up some more money?? We could probably pay the house off but then our money for the adoption is gone. Our little girl is more important, don't you agree???? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!! ;)

Of course, then we need to sell this big house...the market isn't the best but then, MY HEAVENLY FATHER HOLDS ALL THINGS IN HIS HANDS AND IF HE WANTS IT TO SELL, THEN IT WILL! Isn't that the best thing to think about? HE loves us more than we could possibly love each other and HE holds the future in HIS hands!

The plan is to get our new house ready to move into and in January/February we can move in and allow one or two of our big kids to stay in our big house until it sells. In the meantime, we are working with our adoption homestudy agency, filling out stacks of paperwork, providing numerous documents and such, waiting for paperwork to come in the mail from our background searches, and filling out just as much for the actual adoption agency. WHEW...it's a bit overwhelming...almost like labor!! Hopefully, when all is done with the house, I will have gathered all the information together, applied for and received passports and all I will have to do is turn things in to the "African"adoption agency...by then the homestudy will be completed!

Gotta go....4:15 A.M. comes pretty early and it's about 10:30 at night. Hopefully one of these days I can say goodbye to these long work hours!


  1. Good thing God is IN every detail. HE will work the best plan for you.
    Hugs while you wait.
    Hope Roger is feeling better soon!

    Becky K.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Roger, but glad that he has some meds. Oh the suspense! I'm glad that I'm behind on reading your blog because that means I don't have to wait for the outcome. (At least, I hope!)