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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all! It is about 5pm on Thanksgiving night and we are waiting for the rest of our kids to arrive to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. I think that around here, most families celebrate earlier in the day but since we have soooo many kids and they all have other families as well, we have decided to have our Thanksgiving in the evening.
Danny, my police officer son, has to work tonight so he and his sweet wife and precious little baby boy, Liam, all came early and had breakfast with us. Danny left around 12:30 and Erin and Liam are staying all day and eating supper with us and the rest of the family. I think this is the first time that Danny wasn't able to be with us on a major holiday but that is the way it is with his job. We are so blessed that his Sergeant has had a change of heart/mind and is allowing him to be off most of the day on Christmas! I am also off most of that day, I'll be working at 11p.m. on Christmas night until 7 am the next morning but that is sooooo much better than working 12 or 15 hours on Christmas and New Years Day like I did last year!! So it sounds like we can all get together for Christmas!

I'm thinking of our little girl we plan to adopt from Lesotho, Africa. I wonder if she is born, if she is being well looked after, if she feels any love at all today. I wish she could know right now how much I love her. I bought a Christmas tree ornament that is an angel and on the skirt of the angel, it says, "Bless and Protect Grace"....Grace being the name I am calling her. She will AT LEAST have the middle name Grace! Isn't that precious??I'm going to keep it out all year long until we bring my girl home!
I want her to know that she has been wanted and prayed for for such a very long time!
We have told the agency that if there are TWO little ones available, by all means, we want them BOTH!! That can only happen if they are siblings...and from what I understand, not very likely. However, God is in control and we want to be open to what He wants for us!! I just can't wait.

Sunday a lady told me that although she knows that I'm not "pregnant", I have that pregnant "glow"...that is pretty wonderful that other people can tell how excited and grateful I am that God is leading us in this way!

We haven't yet heard if the house we are trying to buy on a short sale has been ok'd by the bank. It might be a while before we know. The holiday time probably isn't the best time to try to get things done in a bank. I know that when I worked in banking, things got really really slow...lots of people also took time off and weren't often in the office! God may be trying to teach me patience!!

Well, have a lovely Holiday weekend!

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  1. First off, I love your header! So pretty!

    Second, how special that you are in process to adopt! I pray that all will move fairly quickly - We had friends who adopted 2 girls from China and the second one was very slow...