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Monday, November 15, 2010

Prayer Requests...And exciting HOUSE news!!

It's been another busy week around here! My dear hunny hubby is sick though, and I'm beginning to worry. I know, worry is sin...but I am concerned about him. He went to the doctor today and they're sending him for tests. They think he may have a problem with his leg and he has had a cough for a while...So...please pray that my best friend/husband will be ok!!

On another note, we put in an offer on another house this weekend! It is, unfortunately for the seller, going to be foreclosed on in a few weeks. We have offered a decent price but one we realize the bank might not be willing to accept. We might now know for sure for a few weeks but I do believe it is in God's hands. If this is not His will, there will be another house!

It is cute...in a 50's style ranch house sort of way...kind of in the country but not with a LOT of land...just 2/3 acre. But HEY!! It's enough for me to have that LONG LUSTED AFTER clothesline AND HIGHLY DESIRED CHICKEN COOP!!
It's a 3 or 4 bedroom blue vinyl sided ranch with a detached garage and trees. It backs up to a beautiful woods...not "ours" but we can pretend! The taxes alone are about 1/3 the amount our current home has! (And the best thing of all...LORD WILLING...it will be paid off!! WOOHOO!!) We will use the current family room/office as our bedroom...if we get the house, that is. The previous owner turned the 1 car attached garage into that room AND added a bathroom in it as well so THERE YOU GO!!! Our "Master Suite"!! (Minus a closet which can always be added at some time, right??)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE IDEA OF LIVING MODERATELY! Now let's just see if my semi-hoarding tendencies can cope with getting rid of a LOT of stuff! We will be decreasing the size of our home by at least 1/2 AND we are planning to add to our family by adoption! Doesn't make much sense, does it? But we both feel that this is what God is asking us to do to be better able to serve HIM...and that's what it's all about, right?? 13 year old Becca has always LOVED stuffed animals and she has decided to donate them to a charity. She has a tremendous amount of "Build a Bears". She worked for a food pantry last Thursday and realized that there is such a need for little children to have Christmas presents! That will lighten our load in her room considerably...enough to accomodate a new little sister...or two....
Eventually we will probably add a family room so that we can have all of our kids, in laws, and our grandkids home at one time! We are up to 19 of us (with baby Gabe expected in January to Abi and Sam AND including "Permanent Fixture" Ben...Marci's boyfriend...) NOT including our little girl who is in Africa! Yeah...we will need a "gathering place" for all of us!
The house needs a "little" work but it seems like an incredible blessing to me! There's nothing that can't be lived with and the only thing that really needs to be done is just "preferences." (Like I would PREFER that the dead mouse currently taking up residence in the kitchen drawer be removed.... Yeah.) It is what we need...and not more than that! I love the yard and can just imagine my chickens pecking the ground and my little girl going out there with a basket to help me gather eggs! There's room for a garden, too!

So, if you think about it, keep my Roger in your prayers, our house offer in your prayers, and our little girl who may or may not be born yet in Africa in your prayers! (I love her already and we are REALLY getting excited about it!! )
Blessings to you all!


  1. Dear Beth,
    Will remember to pray for Roger today - even though we have only 'met' through our blogs isn't it wonderful that we can uphold one another to our Lord who cares so much about our respective families.
    Will this be the house? If it is what God has for you I'm sure everything will fall into place. We have just moved back into our formal living room after a major reno - we literally raised the roof, it had a very low ceiling before. Now has cathedral ceilings and two exposed beams. It is very English country style - rolled arm couches, faded floral curtains etc but my husband doesn't want the room which now feels so spacious and airy crowded with tall bookcases or excess furniture. So I've had to be so selective in choosing what to display - still have to hang pictures. Which ones will I choose?! We are also going to go through every room and declutter and I'm going to have to downsize our library - so many books and home interior mags (my weakness!)
    Hope all your clothesline and chicken dreams come true but most of all look forward to hearing that Roger's health is restored and that a little girl will be joining your family in the not too distant future.
    Blessings to you this week.

  2. I hope all will be well with your hubby. I will pray for him. And good luck with your house. It sounds like a really nice and practical one. Those are my favorite.

  3. Ladies...Your comments to me today have been truly uplifting and blessings to me!
    Love to you both! Beth

  4. Beth, I will remember all your prayer requests! I would love to have a chicken coop! I could not take care of one and we can not have chickens in the city. I enjoy the reading about the "girls" on other blogs. Good luck with down sizing. Our kids are going to have fun getting rid of all our "stuff" one day. Part of the "stuff" belongs to the kids. They want to save it but don't want to take it with them. I ought to have me a sale of Star Wars things and comic books. Ha!
    Love you!

  5. Marie, if you ever do sell those Star Wars things, give me a heads up! My husband collects SW.

    Beth, a cough and a leg? Those don't seem to be related. Do the doctors think so? I'm praying! And you put an offer in!!! WOW. I can't wait to see what God does and to see pictures! :-)