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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun with Homeschooling...making soap!

There's usually not nearly as much time this year as there was in the past years for fun projects in our homeschool day. After all, Becca is now in high school and takes ALL the required classes plus a few more like Logic and art history. She's doing well in Algebra, Biology and Spanish...classes that I would certainly have difficulty handling if she did not go to a "tutorage" two days a week with other Christian families.
Anyway, I drew her away from Literature this morning to help me "make" soap. (This will be little Christmas presents for special people this year.)
It is very easy to do and something I think would be fun for people of all ages!

First, figure out how many ounces you need for your mold and then just cut the purchased base into small pieces. We used Michael's to buy goats milk soap and used a 40% off coupon...of course!! We also bought the oil, molds, color, and seeds there. (Some candle making supplies were on clearance sale...that's a project for another day!!)

The instructions say to use a microwave OR a double boiler...but since we have neither of those right now, we improvised using a big pan and a little pan. (I also use these pans to make "Buckeyes" when I need to melt chocolate and parafin.) A little Yankee ingenuity...also known as ..."Poor folk have poor ways." Yeah, whatever.....

We added color drop by drop until we got a lovely shade of lilac. Becca and I dropped scented oil into the melted mixture until we arrived at the wonderful scent we liked. We used lavender. Then she added lavender seeds to the mixture until she was happy with how it looked.

Three little bars of lovely soap for Christmas gifts...all lined up and waiting to cool!

(I have to go paint woodwork at the house we are going to sell or I would stick around and show you the product out of it's mold...and I'm too anxious to blog about it right now! I know if I waited, it would NOT get posted!!) Hopefully I can finish up some more molds and get a pretty little country stack of soaps to show you later on!

By the way, I am having a terrible time commenting on people's blogs...some of my favorites that I really consider friends. It tells me that I have to log off and log on using another sign on. I use Google. Does anyone know what the problem is?




  1. Beth, I've heard that some people have switched to Google Chrome to be able to leave comments. Apparently Explorer and Blogger don't like each other anymore.

    I love your soap and wish you were closer so you could take a field trip here and I could teach you to make your own soy candles. FUN!


  3. Hi Beth!
    I love your soap making--that is neat!
    Love ya!

  4. Mm, I can smell the loveliness from here!