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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Living with Boys....

Sometimes I just don't understand the opposite sex-especially when they get together to gang up on a certain female. It makes an otherwise fairly normal 40 something man turn into a 12 year old.
I'd been having a fairly difficult weekend. My black van's gas gauge doesn't work so I have to constantly guess at how much gas I have. Makes for interesting outings.
I ran out of gas a few miles from my house on Thursday and Roger had to come and rescue me.

We have been working sooo hard finishing up the house and I'd ripped up vinyl, carpet, tack strips and staples for days. I will wake up and my hands still hurt.

I'm not asking for any sympathy here...sometimes hard work is a good thing and the accomplishment can be a wonderful feeling. I'm just tryin' to lay the ground work to TRY to explain the dumb boys I live with.

Saturday dear husband Roger killed a snake and draped it on my car side mirror. Nasty.
Sunday I wrecked the car.
Sunday I ran out of gas. Again.
Sunday-immediately after running out of gas, finally driving to the other house to meet said boys (a.k.a. hubby and step son...) WHO, by the way, are fully aware of the kind of day I have been having....and getting back into my van to head to church, I find a NASTY DEAD DRIED OUT SKULL OF SOME LONG DEMISED CRITTER on the dashboard of my van.

WHAT MAKES BOYS/MEN THINK IT'S A FUNNY THING TO DO???? I do believe that they are missing some key ingredients in their DNA and that's why God created women.

I picked up the nasty skull with my bare hands and handed it through the window to my 14 year old step son who was standing there grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. (Yes, I actually picked the dead thing up, examined it, and handed it back. I WAS NOT GOING TO GIVE THEM THE PLEASURE OF SEEING ME FREAK OUT!!)

"Yuck." I said rather calmly...and might I add...I was rather proud of myself for my composure...

Icky Boys. I am sure they have cooties.


  1. Oh, they definitely have cooties. But sometimes they can be sweet enough to make up for it! Yours must love you soooo much to tease (torment) you so!

  2. My boys weren't much different. I never ever let them know how I really felt. But then I was always a nature lover myself so there wasn't much they could do to me anyway. :) Have a nice day.