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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I BUILT A CLOTHESLINE!!!! (with a little help...)

There it is, amongst the raindrops, in all it's glory stands my long awaited clothesline! Once I set my mind to it, it wasn't very hard to build at all!

I made this "T" thingy with brackets.......

added an adorable and willing toddler....(Not necessary for the completion of this project but it makes it a WHOLE lot more fun....but it just MIGHT take you a little longer to finish....just sayin'....)

and used this handy dandy electric drill/screwdriver....don't try it without it....with those wonderful bracket thingies and some eye screws......

on top of these really MUCH too long posts..........

Throw in a willing husband and step son to dig the holes.....

And there it is....DONE!!!!


And today....it rains.......


  1. It would just have to go and rain on you. Your clothesline looks great Beth. Hope you enjoy your new line, seeing the clothes flap in the breeze and the sun bleach and sanitize your linens - oh and enjoy the savings you are bound to make from not using a dryer!

  2. HAHA! Your last line made me laugh out loud.

  3. That is a beautiful clothesline! I find that my clothesline is better therapy than any psychologist can give :)