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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aaron's Witness...To God Be the Glory...

All of my "Christian" life I have been told that people watch us as Christians and are affected by how we live our lives. We've been told that sometimes we have a silent witness and that when people are hurting or are in trouble, they will come to us.

That is exactly what happened to my "big" boy, Aaron. I say "Big" boy because he is my oldest child, oldest of our 8 combined children.
Last week, his boss called him into her office and told him to close the door. He thought, "Goodbye job..." and did as she asked.

"You're a Christian, right?" she asked.
Then she broke down. She told him things that he didn't divulge to me and I didn't ask him.

He told me that it was difficult for him because the things she told him were big, heavy things.
So later that weekend, he sat down and composed a large email and sent it to her personal email.

Then he waited while she didn't respond or even talk to him about it at work.
Today she called him over again and thanked him for his words. She said she had to have read it 200 times over the weekend.

I asked him what he told her and without going into details about this woman's struggles, he said he told her about his faith, plain and simply. I'm sure the Holy Spirit gave him the words to write.
She said she is searching.

I hope she finds Him.

There are some days that make me so very very proud to be a Momma. Today is one of those days.


  1. Goose.bumps!
    God is so good.....and He is working through your dear son.

  2. Oooooh! I'm praying! Praying for this lady, and oh how happy you must be for your son to have such a testimony!!!! OH, GOD! YOU ARE SO GOOD TO US!!!